Easy Ways To Achieve A Feng Shui Living Room

It isn’t hard to achieve a feng shui living room. Regardless of your living room space, you can achieve a positive energy flow. When applying feng shui to your living room, pay attention to the room’s layout, furniture, and vibe.

Feng Shui Living Room

Feng shui works on a conscious and subconscious level. The living room is a social space for residents and guests. Living room feng shui is about recognizing the room’s importance.

The Asian design practice transforms the flow of qi from chaotic, fast, stagnant, or stale to a steady, calm flow.

How To Create A Feng Shui Living Room

Applying feng shui to your living room space is easy. All you have to do is follow the Asian design principles for your space to feel right and achieve a level of peace and harmony.

Arranging Furniture

How to Apply Feng Shui to Your Living Room

When including feng shui elements and other objects in your living room, placement is essential. You want to create a living area that exudes good vibes.

An easy way to do this would be to include the number 8 in your decor as it’s the most auspicious number in Chinese culture.

Living Room Location

Feng Shui Living Room Location

Living room location plays an important role with influencing the comfort level and positive flow of energy.

Exterior Walls

A feng shui living room will be located in a room

A feng shui living room should have a minimum of two exterior walls. The location will activate feng shui elements in the space to create a healthful, restorative space. It will also help you entertain visitors by making them feel more relaxed.


A feng shui living room should not be located in the center of a home

A ceiling cannot be altered, but that doesn’t mean feng shui can’t be applied. Low ceilings are hard for people to gather under and will make your space feel cramped. 

Along with the guidelines for two exterior walls in the living room, this rule is to maintain an optimal, healthy chi flow. 

Natural Light 

Decorating with flowers and mirrors

A living room, due to its connection to external walls, should be well-lit. The space will ideally receive plenty of sunlight.

The room will be well-ventilated because the windows provide fresh air when they’re open. This also works on a subconscious level and makes the living room a more comfortable place.


No Direct Facing Doors

It’s bad feng shui for doors to open into other doors. If you have a lot of people coming and going, this would jam the flow of qi.

It creates a tunnel effect for positive energy, and the rest of the space will fail to benefit from flowing qi. The room should be accessible, and each entry should remain uncluttered. 


Decorating with flowers and mirrors

The living room layout will have exterior walls and a door or two, but it should be noted the ideal location for the living room avoids too many windows and more than two doors.

Too many doors and windows will create a chaotic qi current, which is unsettling and damaging to natural energy.

Living Room Layout

location for your feng shui living room decor

Once you’ve determined the best location for your living room decor, the first step would be to design the room’s layout.

Furniture Placement

Decorating with flowers and mirrors

Keep in mind that you can rearrange your furniture accordingly. The size of your living room, but it should never be too small to accommodate your family. The space should also hold additional guests with ease. With larger living rooms, a positive chi can flow through the room, delivering a life force energy.

Feng Shui Room Tips

Here we’ll show you the best feng shui tips for a harmonious living room.

Chair Placement

The living room is a comfortable space.

The living room is a comfortable space. It has less to do with the room’s footprint and everything to do with the layout of the furnishings and natural light.

Reduce Negative Energy

Decorating with flowers and mirrors

Natural pathways will be maintained by smart furniture placement. A chair that sticks out is a safety hazard.

The same chair’s blockage thwarts energy flow. A perfect way to achieve a clear energy flow is to keep your pathways open.

Living Room Fireplace

Decorating with flowers and mirrors

Install your living room fireplace strategically. And your fireplace mantel should feature the right decor.

You can use the qualities from this map to enhance your living room’s feng shui, which can easily be achieved by adding color to that part of your room. 

Living Room Landscape

Decorating with flowers and mirrors

A living room benefits from a beautiful view and natural light. Format the furniture so the view can be appreciated from all angles of the living room.

Consider hanging a mirror so it reflects the landscape for those who, seated, may not appreciate the view.

TV Placement

Decorating with flowers and mirrors

A TV on the north side of the living room is auspicious; this layout is said to attract good luck in one’s career.

A TV positioned in the south part of the living room enhances the opportunity for fame and respect. Because of the active (yang) energy of televisions, they will activate the living room.

Feng Shui Living Room: Furniture

With your layout and energy map in mind, determine what furniture will bring out the best living room feng shui.

Round Pieces

Decorating with flowers and mirrors

In feng shui, corners and hard angles are a significant deterrent to the restfulness of a space. The angles create what are called “poison arrows,” which point negative energy at a single point.

To avoid this in feng shui living rooms, consider incorporating furniture with rounded edges. 

Living Room Sofa

Decorating with flowers and mirrors

The feng shui living room’s sofa is discussed in detail on how to feng shui your sofa. The sofa should be positioned against a solid wall to lend stability and security to whoever sits on it. 

Loveseat And Single Chair

Decorating with flowers and mirrors

Along with the living room sofa, if your living room is large, adding a loveseat and at least one single chair would be a good idea. The sofa, loveseat, and chair combination allow for a coffee table in the feng shui living room.

Square Coffee Table

Decorating with flowers and mirrors

While rounded edges are often preferred in a feng shui space, the coffee table might be one exception with sharp corners or rectangular furniture, which is more auspicious. Round shapes are preferred. It also depends on how the coffee table functions. 


Decorating with flowers and mirrors

Positive Qi-Activating Lighting – Lighting in the feng shui living room is an important factor. Along with natural light, other lighting options will help to complete the desired function and ambiance. Table lamps and wall sconces provide upward-flowing light. 

Feng Shui Living Room Vibe

Feng shui principles are more than a set of rules. The philosophy is about spatial arrangements that enhance the room’s overall look and feel to capture the right vibe and create a balanced space.

Decorating with flowers and mirrors

In a feng shui living room, remove clutter to achieve a positive chi. Messiness, clutter, and other untidy distractions thwart the flow of chi and bring about a sense of discomfort.

While clearing your space of clutter, you want to remove negative energy. People like to clear their space by diffusing essential oils, smudging, or ringing bells. A small diffuser can be added to a living space for positive energy.

Wood Element

Decorating with flowers and mirrors

Furniture pieces help remove negative energy and reduce clutter, but you don’t want too much furniture. Each piece adds to your living space and can remove stale energy.

Wall Art

Decorating with flowers and mirrors

You could incorporate artwork, photos, or other images that are pleasant and positive. Smiling faces, pretty parts of nature, and other optimistic pieces are preferred over pieces depicting sadness, crime, struggle, or storm. Avoid art that gives off negative energy.

Art Pieces

Decorating with flowers and mirrors

In those instances where your artwork depicts water or boats, be sure the overall vibe is calming and that the movement of the artwork is toward the room. 

Positive Energy

Decorating with flowers and mirrors

If you choose to incorporate a mirror into your living room feng shui, there are guidelines to follow.

Hanging mirrors shouldn’t reflect negative energy because it will flow into your home. Second, the mirror should avoid reflecting people when they stand at your door.

TV Cabinets

Decorating with flowers and mirrors
Decorating with flowers and mirrors

TVs reflect vibrant, invigorating energy, but in other cases, they enhance negativity, discomforting chi. The TV is one place that should serve as a TV, and not a mirror. 

Flowing Water

Decorating with flowers and mirrors

You can’t go wrong with a fish tank with living room feng shui. Aquariums represent the five feng shui elements. If you have a spot on the north side of your living room, then that’s where it should go.

Fire Elements

Decorating with flowers and mirrors

Candles are positive among living room feng shui ideas. When balanced with other things like a fireplace mantel.

You should place the décor in the south area next to the fireplace. The elements offer good health and well-being, and include items representing each element in your home.

Water can be added by blue colors and curvy furniture or decorations.

Wood Element

Decorating with flowers and mirrors

Feng shui living rooms have a variety of wood items. Large furniture pieces without sharp corners to small décor details. Tiny and mid-sized wood pieces, such as photo frames work well in the east and southeast corners.

Add green plants, which are cheap, but don’t neglect them. Dead plants are bad energy. The health of your home’s plants indicates the luck within your household.


Decorating with flowers and mirrors

Living room feng shui decor includes metal bowls, trays, candlesticks, and photo frames. These are beneficial when placed in the west and northwest areas of your living room.

If you’re looking for something to hang a family photo with, use a metal frame and hang it on your living room’s west wall for good luck.


Decorating with flowers and mirrors

You can’t miss poison arrows from right-angled pieces or wall corners. One technique for reducing negativity is to hang a multi-faceted crystal from the ceiling. It’s believed this will safeguard against the negative flow of chi.

Personalize Decor

Is Abstract Painting Good For Living Room Feng Shui?

Your living room should be a comfortable place. Feng shui, as an art form, isn’t strictly about Chinese furniture and gold painted rocks. Rather, it is a feeling in a space. 

Living Room Colors

Which Way Should My House Face For Feng Shui?

In a feng shui living room, red is king. It is the highest color on the feng shui color wheel. Red symbolizes royalty or abundance.

Another positive color is purple, the symbol of wealth and prosperity. You don’t have to paint your room, but you can add furniture, accessories, or artwork for a splash of color. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)FAQ

Which Way Should My House Face For Feng Shui?

A house facing east would be much better than one that is facing west. The east according to the feng shui bagua map is a sector of the house that influences health in the household you enjoy spending time in.

What Is Black Hat Sect?

The modern Western morphing of feng shui is “Black Hat Sect” or “Black Hat Tantric Buddhism Feng Shui “(BTB). BTB emerged in the West by Tibetan monk Lin Yun in the early 70s. Feng shui experts do not recognize BTB.  

Is Abstract Painting Good For Living Room Feng Shui?

Abstract paintings are positive artwork with feng shui. Colors represent one of the elements, and each offers a unique benefit. Art made with curves adds life force energy.

What Is A Good Feng Shui Living Room Painting 

Landscape paintings are the best feng shui art for your living room walls. Nature, mountains, streams, and green vegetation represent family elements like stability, while water gushing represents serenity and is a mark of success.

Phoenix paintings also provide good energy for your living room. The Phoenix represents transformation in life as well as professional progress. This is a popular style as it draws the viewer’s attention and can add life force energy.

What Feng Shui Paintings Are For An Office?

Waterfall paintings or fountain images provide wealth. Install waterfall paintings in the doorway that connects to your office to encourage a stream of financial resources and good energy to the company.

Which Direction Should A Living Couch Face?

If you have a big couch, it should face westward in your living room.

How Should You Arrange Living Room Furniture To Achieve Positive Energy?

Couches and chairs should be arranged in a U-shaped fashion. This design will enable conversation among those seated in a living room. This layout ensures everyone will face each other, so nobody will feel excluded.

Which Color Brings Good Luck In A Feng Shui Home?

The luckiest color in feng shui is red. There is not a higher color in the feng shui palette. It is considered auspicious and also used to protect a home’s inhabitants.  

What Kind Of Wall Art Should Be Hung In A Feng Shui Living Room?

Paintings that feature nature themes are recommended. Also, the paintings should feature colors like red, orange, green, and purple. 

Which Paintings Are Not Good For Home?

Paintings featuring snakes, vultures, crows, sharks, and hyenas symbolize death and misfortune. If you’re not sure when looking at a painting, does it invoke positive or negative feelings?

Feng Shui Living Room Conclusion

If you don’t know much about feng shui, that shouldn’t prevent you from practicing it. Feng shui offers uplifting energy. Good feng shui can bring positive energy into your home. Even little things like a fish tank or potted plant would adhere to feng shui principles.

One thing you may have noticed about those who practice feng shui is how they don’t complain bout it or regret their decision. If you need wall decor and want to try something you haven’t and remove some negative chi from your household, then I believe you’ve found an answer. It’s all about calm thinking and well-being, which aren’t common traits among American family members.

Regardless of the size of your home or apartment, take the time to ensure you create a good flow of energy to avoid feelings of chaos. By following the tips listed above, your layout, location, and furniture can create a life force energy map without much effort