50 Ways To Create A Fall Color Scheme And Plenty Of Coziness In Your Home

Once the cooler weather sets in, we’re ready to get cozy and make some home decor changes that use a fall color scheme and lots of seasonal elements.

Fall Color Scheme

Sure, you can plop some mums and pumpkins on the front step and call it a day, but there are lots of ways to add a fall color scheme to every room of the home. We’ve rounded up 50 ways that you can add fall colors to your decor and make the most of this fun season.

Create a fall color scheme with these 50 creative ideas

Pumpkin-Colored Paint

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For a bigger splash of warm autumn color, paint a wall — or even a whole room — in a pleasing shade of pumpkin. This particular room trends toward a more golden shade, but there are pumpkins of all varieties, so if a bright orange isn’t for you, a slightly different solid fall color can still do the trick.

Orange Accents

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For temporary seasonal pop, try adding orange accents to a room to create a fall color scheme. You can choose as many or few as you like and they can be any type of item — not necessarily something autumnal. You may already own some pieces like vases, bowls or other decorative items that can add just the right flair. This is a great option for modern interior decor.

Moody Jewel Tones

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Image from Assemble-Install.com by KGK Designs

Moody jewel tones may not be the first colors you think of when considering fall colors for decor, but they strike the right tone for the chillier, transitional months of the year. This bedroom is a great example because it has a dark and moody blue wall, but in combination with the maroon and brown elements, it creates a warm and cozy space.

Rustic Elements

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No matter what style of home you have, once the autumn rolls around, it screams for a touch of the rustic. You don’t need a rustic home to add some live-edge wood elements, strategically placed baskets or a piece of a stump as a stool or side table. Be creative and you’ll find that a rustic element will quickly bring a space right into the cozy season.

Fall Leaf Colors

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One of the easiest ways to add a fall color scheme to a room is to follow the hues that you find among fall leaves. From earthy brown and rich maroon to vibrant red and yellow, these solid fall colors — paired with a touch of green — evoke the feeling of an autumn forest at its peak.

Seasonal Branches and Flowers

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There’s no need to pay for fancy flowers when Mother Nature puts a wealth of decor elements right in your backyard. Collect and display branches with colored leaves, or if the peak of color has passed, bare branches or dried stems of outdoor plants and grasses are other options. These natural materials are ideal for creating a fall feel.

Natural Wreaths Indoors

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Most people put a seasonal wreath on the front door to help create a welcoming front entry, but wreathe made from natural materials are another way to add fall color and texture to a room. Hang an autumn wreath on a mirror, above the fireplace or on a window to add some seasonal flair. The best thing is that these types of wreaths can be used all through the autumn up to the time that you break out the Christmas decor!

Seasonal Entryway

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Image from The Bethany Group Inc.

If you’re going to add a fall color scheme to only one spot in your home, let it be the entryway. This gives a great seasonal welcome to anyone who enters your home and it sets a fall tine even if you don’t have too many other fall touches. This example uses a regular vase and pairs it with autumnal branches, silver pumpkins and some natural elements.


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Image from Lakeside Living Design, LLC

Nothing says “Cozy” like warmly colored plaid, so this is the time of year to break out any plaid blankets or throws that you have. You can also cover chair cushions or an ottoman with a seasonal plaid to carry through the fall color scheme and warm and fuzzy feeling. 


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Showcasing quilts that have fall colors are another way to make decor feel more seasonal. In general, textiles and a warm feel and another level of texture. In this large living room, the quilts on the sofas add to the vibe, but hanging a quilt over the stone fireplace immediate warms up the large expands of stone from a visual standpoint

Pumpkins and Gourds

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While you’re decorating your front porch, bring some of the pumpkins and gourds inside to add some fall color and spice to any room. If you don’t want to go with the stereotypical pumpkin color and shape that you usually carve, opt for one of the many other varieties  — as well as gourds — that are available in white, green, yellow or multiple colors. You can even use acorn and other varieties of squash as seasonal accents.

Earthy Accessories

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Fall is the time of year to display any accessories you own that convey an earthy feel. Think linens and throws that are in solid fall colors, handmade tableware and serving pieces, decor items in natural materials — anything that evokes a sense of nature and the changing season outdoors will do the trick.

Cozied-Up Bedrooms

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Image from here.

The aim of bedroom decor is always to be a calm retreat but in the colder weather, you want it to feel cozy too! You might be lucky enough to have a fireplace in the bedroom, but if not, try adding thick textural throws and extra fluffy cushions.  Bring in a puffy duvet, substitute throw pillows in a fall color, add a sheepskin here and there and you’re well on your way to a bedroom with a higher coziness factor.

Sheepskin Throws

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Speaking of sheepskins throws, these may not necessarily have an autumn color, but they certainly bring on the autumn feeling with their cozy warmth. These can be used in any room and because they are generally in a white or natural color, you can incorporate them with any other fall color scheme you might have in a room.

Change Out Your Art

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We’re firm believers that you should buy art because it speaks to you, not just because it matches the decor. That said, you can still swap out or rearrange your art to bring in a seasonal fall color scheme when you want one. Maybe that red painting in your guest room would look great over the fireplace for the season and can add just the right touch of fall color. Don’t be afraid to shop your own home for pieces you can move or repurpose.

Slip Covers

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Image from Gonyea Custom Homes

You might love your statement sofa, but its pattern and colors might clash with those that are typical of autumn.  If your upholstered pieces have a light, bright or summery feeling, there’s no need to budget for new furniture that fits with a fall color scheme. Slipcovers can be used to transform a dining room or a living room into a color palette that is neutral or fall-inspired.  

Add Texture

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Texture is important for decor in any season but it is especially critical for autumn and winter. The visual variation you get from texture will amplify the solid fall colors you incorporate. Adding some highly textured decor pieces — colored or neutral like these wall pieces — provides a lot of depth and feeling.

Comfy Ottomans

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The space where you spend time relaxing — be it in the family room by the television or in a reading nook — must be relaxing. Choosing an ottoman in a rich hue like this opulent red plays on the colors of fall and adds softness at the same time. Given that you’ll likely be spending more time indoors starting in the fall, a comfy ottoman in a seasonal color is a fabulous choice.

Add Heavier Textiles

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Image from CASA|WASY interior design, inc.

Because you’ll be adding cozy blankets and throws to your living spaces you’ll want to choose heavier textiles in solid fall colors. These will provide both the color and snug feelings that are just right for autumn. If possible, this should apply to your window treatments too. Breezy sheers may be good for the spring and summer, but heavier drapes 

Have Fun With Fringe

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It’s got texture and it can have color — moreover, it’s fun: Fringe is a great accent, especially for autumn decor if it’s in any one of the great solid fall colors. You can find it on pillows, throws and even lamps. You could even add a fringed wall hanging to your space.

Restyle Open Shelving

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Image from David Heide Design Studio

Open shelving is super popular and it’s a great spot for adding a fall color scheme. Showcasing glassware, dishes and other items you have that happen to be in autumn colors makes a great base. All you have to add is a vessel or two with seasonal branches or flowers and you have wonderful seasonal vibes.

Focus on Wood

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Natural wood is a fabulous material for connecting with nature, so whenever possible, make your seasonal decor focus on the wood. Highlight the wood elements you already have or add a wood accent. You can go big, like this accent wall of reclaimed wood, or you can add a small rustic wood side table or larger wooden decor accent.

Lots of Candles

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Image from Caroline Sharpnack

Candlelight has always had great appeal because of the way it provides ambiance. It’s also perfect for fall decor because of the warm glow that it imparts to a space, softening everything it touches. Ramp up the number of candles you use in a particular area and use different sizes and shapes to make a real statement. White candles like these work fine, but if you can find them in a fall color scheme, that’s even better.

Make a Reading Nook

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A comfy, cozy spot to read is always welcome but autumn and winter are peak seasons to enjoy a ready nook. If you can create one that incorporates some solid fall colors, it will feel snug and warm. Your reading nook can be a spot in the living room or a corner in the master bedroom.

Fluffy Stuff for the Bathroom

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Image from David Hubler Photography

By necessity, the bathroom is full of linear angles hard surfaces, which can feel a little cold. Most don’t include too many earthy colors, so adding accessories in a fall color scheme can bring in a seasonal touch. You’ll also want to add some fluff to counteract the hard surfaces, and in addition to super fluffy towels, toss down a sheepskin for extra visual softness.

Swap Out the Cushions

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Swapping out the cushions: Sure it’s the most basic seasonal refresh but that’s for a good reason. It’s affordable, effective and easy to change. In addition to cushions in nice solid fall colors, add some in a print that echoes the warm shades of autumn. These cute prints are in light and dark versions, both of which have seasonal flair.

Highlight Warm Colors

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If you have elements in the room that already have a fall color scheme, arrange the furniture and add elements that help highlight what’s already there. It’s easier to play up what you already have whenever possible. If not, add warm colors strategically to make the biggest impact.

Add More Lighting

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The arrival of fall means shorter days, so one of the best things you can do to highlight your fall color scheme is to add more lighting. You might not need more functional lighting, but most rooms can stand to have more accent and mood lighting. Add decorative fixtures that warm up the space or highlight seasonal decor. Additional lighting will also make the colder season seem less daunting.

Drape the Bed

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Image from Denise Maloney Interior Design

The more you can make your bed feel like a cocoon the better. You’ll welcome chillier nights when you’re enveloped by a bed draped in solid fall colors like this canopy bed. The bold orange makes a big statement and because the rest of the room is neutral it will be easy to change out the draping for the spring and summer seasons.

Go for Moody Tablescapes

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We’ve been talking about leaf-inspired colors for your fall decor scheme, but you don’t have to feel limited to tradition. Creating a moody tablescape that is dark and dramatic can still incorporate seasonal elements like the acorn squashes on this table. A setting like this is seasonally festive and still sophisticated.

Use Natural Materials

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Incorporating natural materials and dried elements immediately infuses a from with a seasonal vibe. The colors of natural materials echo the fading of the plants outdoors and are a neutral addition. These neutral shades are characteristic of fall decor just as much as leaves and pumpkins are. Us these materials to accent a mantel, console or another focal point.


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Image from UAG Construction

Layering your rugs is a relatively new trend but it’s a fast and fabulous way to add a fall color scheme to a neutral space without changing everything. This room has a completely neutral color palette but the addition of the second rug on top provides the autumnal colors you’re looking for. Plus, when you’re ready for a change, just roll it up.

Focus on the Fireplace

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Image from here.

When you’ve got it, flaunt it and that goes double for the fireplace. Style the mantel and the area around the hearth to draw the eye to this cozy focal point. Be sure to incorporate items that have fall colors or use natural materials like branches or grasses in a vase to highlight autumnal elements.

Showcase the Firewood

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Image from source

Rather than stash firewood in a box or basket, turn it into a display feature that projects a  natural feeling and the colors of raw wood. If you don’t have a built-in space for firewood, get creative: The bottom of a console, open shelves in a built-in or other type of cabinet can turn this fireplace necessity into a charming autumnal decor accent.

Blankets and Throws

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image from For People design

Just as easy as swapping out the cushions, adding throws in solid call colors can transform a space for the season. This elegant seating area uses vibrant orange throws to pick up on the colors in the artwork and create a fall decor scheme that’s fresh and a little different. It’s a handy tactic for any neutral space that needs a dash of seasonal color.

Use Baskets

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Put away whatever you’ve been using to store toys, magazines extra pillows or your knitting and break out the baskets instead.  Whether you go for a woven or rattan basket, a textile bin in a solid fall color, or a nice leather basket like this one, it will add a nice dose of fall color and/or texture.

Bring Out the Copper Pieces

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There’s nothing like gleaming copper to evoke the fall feels, so break out any copper accessories or serving pieces that you might have and put them on display. If you’re up for a little higher level redecorating, look for a copper lighting fixture that can provide a warm accent in a room all year round.

Blankets as Tablecloths

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Mix things up when it comes to setting the table for guests by using your seasonal plaid throws on the table instead of the usual table cloth. The throw may not be big enough to fully cover the table, so angle it over a standard linen as an accent and then coordinate some placement and napkins to complete the look.

Easy Seasonal Centerpieces

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Image from Winkelman Architecture

The word “centerpiece” may strike terror in some people but it shouldn’t because centerpieces don’t have to be complicated or expensive to make a big impact. This lovely dining table has simple vases of colorful fall leaves and a couple of candles. Other options are gourds, apples, a branch down the middle of the table, etc. Spend some of your creativity instead of your money for a great seasonal centerpiece.

Add Warmth to the Bed

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Your bed is already pretty cozy but you can make it more so by adding some warmth to the bedding. Add some pillows in Persian lamb, a plaid throw or flannel sheets in nice solid fall colors. Basically, you want to add anything that will conjure up a feeling of warmth when you enter the room and look at the bed.

Create an Autumn Tableau

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Why not go all out and create an autumn tableau on a side console, cabinet or table?  Pile up the pumpkins and gourds, add fall leaves and vines, pine cones — any natural items that complement the main item you’re using. This can sit out for the entire season as opposed to a centerpiece that you’ll inevitably need to move at some point.

Feature Apples

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Pumpkins and gourds might be the most common autumn decor material but apples are a great season choice too, especially because you can eat them afterward. Go the easy route and use a rustic bowl full of these fruits or create apple votives or apple candle holders. Another option is to use individual apples in a line down the center of the table as a centerpiece.

Have Fun Foraging for Decor

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A fall color scheme can be easy on the budget if you can forage for decor materials. Things like branches, moss, leaves, acorns and pinecones are readily found in the backyard or the woods and all of these make for great decor elements. This earthy fall table decor uses a stump, faded and dried hydrangea blossom, acorns and gourds to make an extravagant fall display.

Use Burlap

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The natural color and texture of burlap are ideal for a fall color scheme. It’s neutral in appearance and has a little texture, so it’s a great pairing for any seasonal colors and materials. Here it has been wrapped around a rustic light fixture but it can also be incorporated in mantel decor, centerpieces or on autumn wreaths.

Mums, Mums and More Mums

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The appearance of mums on front porches across the country signals the start of fall, but these blooms can play a role in your indoor fall color scheme too. Plop them in baskets and place them around the house, or, cut some of different colors and varieties, and display them in a line of similar veseesl. You can do this in bunches or as single blossoms. Either way, it’s a great way to use these affordable autumn flowers.

Twigs and Sticks

Twigs and SticksView in gallery

Decor made from twigs and sticks is also a good addition to your fall decorating. Baskets, accessories, coasters — anything that features these rustic bits will work. For a more lasting addition of twigs and stick to the interior decor in a room, try a chandelier made from branches like this one from Wish Designs. It makes a great statement in the fall and is appropriate all year.

Galvanized Metal

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Galvanized metal is typically found in country or farmhouse decor, but when it comes to creating a fall color scheme, using this material is appropriate in far more interior styles. Whether you use it as a vessel for flowers or branches or just as a tray for some gourds, it has the right vibe and, like copper, pairs very well with autumn colors.

Felt Garlands

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Felt garlands are trending for just about every season and autumn is no exception. A garland of felt leaves or felted balls in solid fall colors is a good way to add some subtle seasonal decor. Hang these from the fireplace, across the kitchen window or simply on a wall — anywhere you want an accent for your fall color scheme.

Use Lanterns

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Transform some lanterns into fall decor pieces by filling the insides with leaves, pine cones, mini pumpkins and/or gourds. You can leave them as is, or include a battery-operated candle or string of remote-controlled fairy lights. (The remote makes it possible to turn the lights on and off without opening the lantern.)

Dress Up the Mantel

Dress Up the MantelView in gallery

As a natural focal point in the room, the mantel is a no-brainer when it comes to creating a fall color scheme. If there’s one location in the house you want to decorate for the season, it’s the mantel. Use a variety of solid fall colors, elements of different types and heights, and some lighted features like candles or fairy lights.


Plenty of ideas here to fuel your creativity on how to create a fall color scheme in all the rooms of your home and make things feel warm and cozy at the same time. In fact, the two feelings go together hand in hand, making for a very welcoming and relaxing interior for your home,.