Embrace Spring with a Floral Accent Wall

A floral accent wall is the perfect way to invite spring into your home. Not only is this trend easy to implement, but it has a striking and show-stopping affect as well.  A simple change with a colossal impact; just how we like it!

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Accent walls have soared in popularity over the past few years, and this is a trend that is showing no signs of slowing down either. Whether you decide to paint the wall in question or wallpaper it; you will find minimal difficulty in doing so. It only takes a few hours of work for an entire room to be transformed.

Floral bedroom

We’ve established how stylish and striking an accent wall is in itself, and you don’t need me to tell you about how fitting floral patterns are for spring. After all, it is the season that brings colour into our lives. Whether it is through the green grass on the former barren lands or the vibrant flowers on what was a lifeless garden.

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The great thing about floral patterns nowadays is that they have been interpreted into a wealth of different designs. This trend has cemented its place as a style which is always going to be here to stay; it has achieved that elusive timeless quality. Thus, designers have the capacity to experiment as much as they like. From abstract interpretations to geometric designs to classic Anthemion prints; the choices are vast and diverse. Thus, whilst this trend may be popular, you need not worry about having the same accent wall as everyone else.

Nursery room2

Floral dining room

So there you have it; a fantastic way of embracing spring. A floral accent wall is a simple yet highly effective method of completely transforming a room whilst ensuring you are on trend for the months ahead.