Elegant Rolf Benz Corner Sofa

Robert Neck designed a very elegant and sensual sofa. That luxurious and spacious seat surface, not to mention the very soft appearance , generates a desire to sit on it and the perfect invitation to relax. This high quality item is superbly crafted with the best existing materials.The seat structure is made of wood, filled with polyurethane foam inside.  This marvelous item is covered in leather available in multiple colors. Graphite metallic metal legs ( 6 or 8 cm high) are a basic element with a specific function which have been transformed into a design element .

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Everything has been transformed to take part from this great looking sitting element. The MIO seat is designed for a large room , with a modern theme, but comfortable as well. The desired mixture is destined to complement any living room with a touch of elegancy and finesse. The color palette leaves you with the option of implementing  the couch in  the right setting .

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The added value to your space is way more higher than the price. This is a perfect example of a thing that worth more that its price. Of course this comes with the important condition of choosing the right spot to put it. Because it’s as easy to ruin an interior as is to enhance it,  you must keep an eye on the overall  theme.