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How To Choose An Electric Mower for Your Lawn?

Back in the past, gas-powered mowers (even the old-fashioned push mowers) were the only way your lawn could be cut.  It was time-consuming and you used a lot of gas. Fast forward to today, we have electric mowers.

 Electric Mowers

The best electric mowers are powered in two ways. Either by battery or by using a cord.  There are many forms of electric mowers, which we will discuss today.

Top Picks

Best Self-Propelled Lawn Mower: Greenworks PRO 21-Inch 80V Self-Propelled Cordless Lawn Mower

“Greenworks offers the right tools for every job.”

 Best Cordless Electric Lawn Mower: Snapper XD 82V MAX Cordless Electric 19″ Push Lawn Mower

“First off, everything about this mower SCREAMS quality, and durability” *customer review*

WORX WG751 40V Power Share 5.0 Ah 20″ Lawn Mower

“The mower is lightweight, but powerful and easy to operate.” *customer review*

Greenworks 19-Inch 40V Cordless Lawn Mower

“To my UTTER ASTONISHMENT and PURE DELIGHT, I was not only able give it a “test push,” but, steering my power wheelchair with my right hand on the joystick and the mower with my weakened left hand and arm, I was able to mow my entire front lawn!”  *customer review*

Yard Force YOLMX225300 120V 2.5Ah x 2 Lithium-Ion 22” SP 3-in-1 Mower

“The first time I got this, the grass was pretty long and wet in the morning – this thing just plowed through it all.” *customer review*


“Not a power house but a light, easy to push grass mower. grass bag easy to get off and on.” *customer review*

MakitaCordless 18V X2 18″ Self-Propelled Lawn Mower

“I like the power drive, the maneuverability and the cutting swath” * customer review*

How to Choose an Electric Lawn Mower?

If you are in the market for a new lawnmower, you have probably considered an electric mower at some point. You’ve done some window shopping online to see which ones you want to buy.  Perhaps you are one of those people who want to reduce their carbon print on Earth (which is always a good thing) so you definitely want to explore some options.

As you know, battery-powered mowers have been extremely popular in recent years because they’re electric and you’re not tripping over the cord while mowing your lawn.  These types of mowers certainly have their advantages such as being quiet, they don’t smell, and literally just push the button to start. Those advantages, of course, get you excited but you should consider the disadvantages so that you are well informed when it comes to choosing an electric mower.  As you are mowing, it takes energy from the battery. That means, if it’s low, it won’t perform at its best. Electric mowers are simply not powerful enough for difficult mowing situations that their gas counterparts are made for. However, the electric lawn mower does a good enough job for any normal-sized lawn.

If you are still considering an electric mower, that’s great! But you should base your decision on these factors:

Size of your yard

As we previously talked about, an electric mower is amazing for a small-medium yard.  The battery on an electric mower will die out as you use it, so that’s why it is recommended that you are buying it for smaller to medium-sized yards. (up to max of half acres).  Imagine waiting for your battery to recharge and you want to do another chore, that’s no fun at all. So, the size of your yard matters when it comes to these mowers. If you have a large property, it’s probably best if you consider a gas powered or ride-on mower.

Terrain matters

For an electric mower, it’s extremely important that it’s on a FLAT terrain.  A lot of electric mowers have a ton of power, but do you really want to waste it trying to push it up a hilly terrain? It’ll probably be low performing by then. Leave that to the more powerful gas mowers and stick with flat areas.

No tall grass or weeds

As amazing as electric mowers are, none of them have the strength that the gas mowers have. If you’re the kind of person who mows their yard every 2 weeks or so, an electric mower is perfect for you. But if you let it grow for say a month or two, you’ll have to resort to a gas mower.

An electric lawnmower is perfect if you have a small, maintained yard. If you like the low noise and ease of you, it’s definitely for you.

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Rotary mowers: One very high-speed spinning cutting blade, which cuts the grass on contact, characterizes rotary mowers. These types of mowers are very common as they allow rapid cutting and depositing of medium to high cut grass in a rear-mounted grass box. For maneuvering, these mowers usually have four fixed wheels.

Cylinder mowers: These types of mowers have blades that tend to be exposed in a cylindrical drum structure that you see in front of the mower.  They cut grass by slicing against a fixed bottom plate with the smaller blades doing all the work for the mower.

Hover mowers: These types of mowers are similar to the rotary mowers where they have a rotating cutting disc but that’s where the similarity ends.  A hover mower doesn’t have wheels so for them to move they created a downward force of air that makes them move like a hovercraft.

How to choose an electric mower

Facts about electric mowers

Electric mowers run on the cord and batteries.  Some people like the cord one, some don’t.  Here are some facts about the electric mowers you should know about:

How to care for your electric mower

The electric mower is quieter and less messy than their gas counterparts, but they will still require some maintenance. One of the most important things about them is they need to be kept clean. Things like muck and thick grass will be on the blades and if not wiped off, can affect the function of the mower.  For this, all you simply need to do is take a moist rag, remove any muck and grass that you see on the blades, undercarriages, and vents.  When you are cleaning your mower, make sure you are wearing gloves to prevent being cut from the blades and such.

After you’ve cleaned the parts, you’ll want to make sure that all the bolts and nuts are still on the mower because sometimes one or two can be loose, or worse missing somewhere on your lawn. This is usually done before you actually use the mower.  When that is all said and done, most importantly, you’ll want to make sure the blades are sharp. If the blade isn’t, you’ll have to get it sharpened before use, otherwise, it won’t cut grass.

How much power the electric mower consumes

It really depends on which model you have. A corded electric mower can run endlessly, but have little maneuvering and can’t do a large lawn. A battery mower has more flexibility, but it dies down faster.

A corded electric mower uses between 700 and 1800 watts of electricity per hour. A battery-operated one, which is weaker than the corded ones, typically uses 600 to 1400 watts, depending on the battery amps.

How to store your electric mower

Just like their gas counterparts, you can store in the garage or shed if you have one.  Some electric models have the ability to fold up so they can fit in even smaller spaces which is a benefit of owning an electric one vs a gas one.

What is The Best Time to Mow Your Lawn

Most people just mow the lawn whenever in the daytime that they have free time. However, there is an optimal time to mow your lawn.  Why is there an optimal time? Unless you’re an expert landscaper, you probably didn’t even know there’s an optimal time to mow your lawn. Let’s look into the times of the day:

Early Morning

A lot of people like to get up early and start mowing their lawns. This is actually not a good time. The morning mildew makes the grass very wet, and especially for an electric mower, will bog down the mower’s performance and you won’t get that nice, manicured lawn you were looking for.


By now, the mildew is gone, and your lawn is finally dry enough (if it’s not raining). It’s also not too hot for yourself or the lawn itself.  This time of day also gives the lawn a chance to heal during the day after it’s been mowed.


This is usually the hottest part of the day, so it’s usually not optimal for yourself or the lawn. Why? The lawn can get extremely stressed. But if your lawn is not too bad, you can give it a normal cut. But if it’s like the jungle, you’ll probably burn the lawn, giving them that brown look that you do not want.


This is another good time to mow your lawn, especially in the late afternoon.  If you didn’t get up in the morning, this is another good time because the chances of burning your lawn is less now.


After work, people like to mow their lawns because they want to get it done for the day. But mowing in the evening means you’re likely to get your lawn sick. Dew sets in at night, and when you’re attempting to mow, the lawn will be exposed to fungus and infections.

The Verdict

Mid-morning and afternoons (especially late afternoons) are the most optimal times to mow your lawn and keep it in good condition.

Best Electric Mowers of 2021

Greenworks PRO 21-Inch 80V Self-Propelled Cordless Lawn Mower

Best Electric Mowers

The Greenworks PRO Self-Propelled Electric Mower is one of the best self-propelled mowers that you can get on the market. It is designed to make your life easier by being lightweight. It is 21” high, with a weight of 73 pounds. The material is made out of steel. This model also takes an 80-volt battery which means that it should last for at least 30 minutes of mowing time.  You do have to buy the battery and charger separately.


  • Cordless, runs on battery
  • Self-propelled lawn mower
  • Lightweight
  • Quiet


  • Doesn’t come with a battery or charger, have to purchase separately

Snapper XD 82V MAX Cordless Electric 19″ Push Lawn Mower

Best Electric Mowers

The Snapper Cordless Electric Mower includes a kit of 2 batteries and a charger. That’s already a plus with many buyers who want it included.  There is a 19” and a 21” with a weight of 59.5 pounds. It has a 90-minute run time which means you can probably do a full small yard and possibly medium yard before it dies.  The Snapper also has a load sensing technology that helps adjust the blades as you are cutting your lawn.  It also has a push-button start, which makes everyone’s lives easier so they can just push and go.


  • 90-minute run time, great for huge backyards
  • Come with batteries
  • Cordless electric mower
  • Folds up to save space in sheds/garage


  • Bad customer service

WORX WG751 40V Power Share 5.0 Ah 20″ Lawn Mower

Best Electric Mowers

The WORX Electric Mower is a 20” mowerweighing in at 66.1 pounds.  It has more capabilities than the first 2 mowers we’ve talked about. This model in particular has a mulching capability because it was built with steel. What that means is, when grass and dirt get inside, it will come out on the lawn, instead of being stuck inside the mower.  You’ll also make fewer passes on the grass because of the 20” steel.


  • Powerful
  • Electric mower
  • Compact
  • Mulching capabilities
  • Comes with 2 batteries


  • Buyers reported poor quality

Greenworks 19-Inch 40V Cordless Lawn Mower

Best Electric Mowers

Yes, we have another Greenworks model in this roundup. The Greenworks 19” Cordless mower is obviously 19” and weighs in at 53.1 pounds.  This model includes the battery and charger, which will make buyers happy.  It has a 19” inch cutting steel that helps give you an efficient cut on your lawn. It also has large 10” wheels which makes maneuvering easy, and with the light weight, even better.

This model has a 3 in 1 feature, which includes mulching, rear bagging and side discharge capabilities. Like most electric mowers, you can push with a touch of a button. The mower runs on 2 40V batteries which should give you enough time to mow your lawn.


  • Lightweight
  • 2 batteries
  • 3 in 1 feature


  • Some buyers reported the mower stopped working

Yard Force YOLMX225300 120V 2.5Ah x 2 Lithium-Ion 22” SP 3-in-1 Mower Torque-Sense

Best Electric Mowers

This Yard Force 22” SP 3-in-1 Mower has a lot going for it. It has a 22” steel deck to make mulching easy. It weighs in at 108.8 pounds, which is heavier than the previous mowers we’ve talked about.  It also runs on a 120-volt battery which means you can mow your lawn without the fear of it dying on you. This battery fully recharges in 30 minutes.

This model has a 3 in 1 feature which includes the mulching, a vortex tunnel to help make dispensing clippings easier, and the side-discharge capability.  This particular model also has a torque sense technology where it senses if it needs more power (if cutting thicker grass).  It’s also a self-propeller which is always nice.


  • Torque sense technology
  • Self-propelled mower
  • 3 in 1
  • Comes with batteries


  • Buyers have reported it dies after first use or on arrival.
  • Bad customer service


Best Electric Mowers

The BLACK DECKER Corded Lawn Mower is one of the best-corded mowers on the market. While it’s corded, it means you can get your lawn mowed without the fear of it dying. It has a 20” mower deck, and a 13-amp motor.  It also has a 6 setting so you can adjust the height if needed. It is one of the most affordable electric mowers on the market.


  • Affordable
  • Electric mower
  • Easy to handle
  • Folds easily to put away


  • Some buyers does not like the cord, due to the danger over tripping

Makita XML06PT1 (36V) LXT

Best Electric Mowers

The Makita 18” Self-Propeller is a best seller on Amazon for a reason.  This model runs on 18V batteries, and there’s 2 extra batteries to give it even more power. This mower can mow up to 2 miles without it dying.  It’s also weather resistant which is a plus if you are mowing wet grass or mowing in the rain.


  • Weather-resistant
  • Durable
  • Runs on 4 batteries
  • Self-propelled mower


  • Price


 Is an electric lawn mower worth it?

Besides being environmentally friendly, they are worth it if you don’t let your yard go out of control. While not as powerful as their gas counterparts, technology is getting better with the electric mowers. For example, Greenworks now have a 80-volt battery lawn mower, which can last 30-40 minutes before needing to charge.  It’s worth it if you have small normally maintained lawns should you decide to get an electric mower.

Are electric mowers powerful enough?

There are newer models out there on the market that claim to have torque power, but simply put they will never be as powerful as the gas mowers. However, electric mowers have 1-3 “horsepower” which is strong enough to cut through a normal-sized lawn that has been maintained.

Are battery mowers any good?

If you hate lugging around the heavy gas mower and constantly getting gas for it, then yes this is where battery mowers may be beneficial for you.  A battery mower is lightweight and environmentally friendly. This means you can maneuver the battery operated one much easier and quicker.

Bottom Line

Electric mowers are all the rage now. So, if you’re in the market looking for one, make sure it’s suitable to your yard. If you live out in the country, it may not be suitable. But if you live with a small to medium yard, as you saw in this article, there are many options you can choose from.