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Choosing the Best Ego Lawn Mower To Keep The Garden Well-Manicured

Nobody is ever truly a fan of mowing the lawn, yet it’s something that has to be done because everyone likes to enjoy a healthy lawn and a beautiful landscape. However, there are certain lawn mowers that make the job easier, faster, and aren’t that difficult to push around.

Ego Lawn Mower

They are durable and don’t require a lot of maintenance, plus they offer cordless technology for more mobility and less chances of tripping over a wire. The Ego lawn mowers are part of that category, so let’s take a closer look at what this brand has to offer.

Top 3 Best Ego Lawn Mowers

Best Overall: EGO Power+ LM2130SP Lawn Mower

With adjustable self-propulsion, 3-in-1 function, 60 minutes of runtime, and a highly efficient brushless motor, there’s no way you can go wrong when purchasing the LM2130SP.

Best Value: EGO LM2102SP Lawn Mower

“This mover cuts evenly with ease. My lawn looks like velvet and mowing was a breeze. Love it!” (Customer review)

Best Bargain: EGO Power+ LM2100 Lawn Mower

Powerful, yet cost-effective, this unit is clearly designed for those of you looking forward to owning an Ego mower but without having to spend too much money on their higher-end models.

What Is an Ego Lawn Mower?

Ego lawn mowers are made by the brand name Ego, a brand that we’ll be talking about in the next section of the article. Their lawn mowers are regular powerhouses that provide you with the right means to care for your lawn while allowing this piece of equipment to do most of the work. They are lawn mowers that offer specific branded technologies, such as Touch Drive or self-propulsion.

The Ego lawn mowers are designed to be compatible with any ARC Ego battery of compatible voltage. What this means is that having a battery from another Ego power tool might allow you to use it on the battery operated lawn mower in case it runs out of power while you’re still not done with mowing the lawn.

These lawn mowers are designed with powerful brushless motors which makes them comparable with gas-powered units in terms of performance. They use razor-sharp MicroCut blades for precision lawn cutting, making them superior to some of the gas-powered options that are currently available on the market.

About Ego

Ego is a brand that’s made quite a name for itself amongst people that take care of their own yard. One of the things that EGO takes most pride in is the fact that they pushed the cordless boundaries ever since the company was founded. Today, the company sells in more than 65 countries in all corners of the world, producing more than 10 million units for their customers each year.

EGO Power LM2142SPView in gallery

Ego is a strong believer in the fact that innovation is all about adopting cordless technology and reducing the use of fossil fuels, the company developed the ARC Lithium™ 56V battery, a unit compatible with all of EGO’s chargers.

While today’s article is focused on lawn mowers, Ego is definitely a power tool brand that can deliver so much more. If you’re on the market for hedge trimmers, edgers, multi-head systems, chainsaws, and even slow blowers, Ego is a brand that’s worth checking out.

ego electric lawn mower

Choosing the Right Ego Mower for You

Before choosing an Ego mower that’s right for your needs, you need to know the basic lawn mower-related information that a buyer needs to be aware of before choosing any product pertaining to this category. That being said, whether you’re shopping for an Ego product or some other lawn mower, you need to take a look into:

  • You first have to determine if you want a push power or a riding mower. Since Ego only makes push mowers, we are going to focus this buying guide on that specific type of product.
  • Determine what lawn mower is best suited for you based on the surface that you have to work with. Small lawns are compatible with electric models, while Ego’s battery-powered options are best suited from surfaces between ¼ and 1 acre.
  • A self-propelled mower, like the models sold by Ego, is great if you have a lawn bigger than ½ acre or if you have uneven terrain with a lot of bumps. RWD models are good for bagging, while FWD models are much better suited for leveled terrain.
  • The voltage on a lawn mower will determine its power. That being said, the higher the voltage is, the more powerful the lawn mower in question will be.
  • Take a look at the engine torque, as this will tell you the force that the unit uses to make the blades spin. If you have a lawn mower with a lot of torque, it will be more efficient at cutting through tall or thick grass.
  • Engine displacement is a measurement described in cubic centimeters. When dealing with high cc, it means that the lawn mower has a powerful engine that can handle heavier cutting.
  • The cut width of your future Ego lawn mower will tell you the width of the patch of grass it can cut in a single pass.
  • Another very important thing to keep in mind is how the mower can handle grass clipping. This is related to the product’s cutting deck design, and the three options you have at your disposal include side-discharging (which leaves the clipping on the ground and is a feature useful for tall or coarse grass), mowers equipped with bagging systems (which literally have a bag that collects the trimmings and prevents the spread of weed seeds), and mulching mowers (equipped with deck that contain the clippings, cut them, and redistribute them on the lawn to serve as mulch).
  • Maintenance is another thing to consider when choosing an Ego or some other lawn mower. You will have to clean and care for the blades if you want to get the best performance out of your mower and even increase its lifespan. Depending on the model in question, you might have to do a little more than that, but that’s something related to the specific type of mower you’re thinking of buying. For instance, Ego makes and sells cordless mowers, which means that caring for the battery of the mower is another maintenance-related task to consider.

Best Ego Mowers To Keep Your Lawn Trim

EGO Power+ LM2130SP Lawn Mower

EGO Power+ LM2130SP Lawn MowerView in gallery

One of the best lawn mowers that EGO made is this model right here. It comes with a multi-blade cutting system that offers excellent performance each time you’re using it. It also uses a technology called Touch Drive Self-Propelled which grants the user more control over this piece of machinery, so you can feel comfortable when mowing the lawn without having to put in too much effort to do it.

You can adjust the height to seven different positions, between 1.5 and 4 inches. The unit is powered by a 56V 7.5 Ah ARC Lithium battery that can provide a runtime of 60 minutes on a full charge. With the LM2130SP, you can mulch, bag, and side discharge. Other features of interest include a high-efficiency brushless motor and adjustable self-propel speed.


  • 7-position height adjustment.
  • Powerful brushless motor.
  • Sharp blade system.


  • Not a good choice for small lawns.

EGO LM2102SP Lawn Mower

EGO LM2102SP Lawn MowerView in gallery

The LM2102SP is a model similar to the LM2130SP in many ways. It draws its power from a 7.5Ah ARC Lithium battery which, much like in the previous example, can run for about a full hour before it requires a recharge. It has a variable speed feature for customization when it comes to adapting to the needs of your own lawn. It has a cutting width of 21 inches and weighs 165 pounds, so it’s definitely not a lightweight model.


  • Variable speed.
  • Battery compatible with other EGO Power+ products.
  • Rapid charger included.


  • Suction could be more powerful.

EGO 21Volt Cordless Battery Push Mower

EGO 21Volt Cordless Battery Push MowerView in gallery

This 21-inch Ego lawnmower offers plenty of the features and perks that you could get from some of the other models, with some differences that are worth mentioning. First, you have the battery power. The unit comes with 5.0 aH ARC Lithium-Ion batteries that offer about 45 minutes of runtime, making this mower a better candidate for smaller yards that don’t really need that much battery juice to get the job done on a single charge. The mower comes with MicroCut Twin blades that offer precision cutting with the goal of keeping your lawn healthy. It also includes LED headlight and easy start with a single push of a button.


  • LED headlights.
  • Push-button ignition.
  • Lightweight design.


  • Comes with less features compared to the other Ego models.

EGO Power+ LM2100 Lawn Mower

EGO Power+ LM2100 Lawn MowerView in gallery

The EGO Power+ LM2100 lawn mower is not a self-propelled unit, but it is one that can deliver great performance in certain circumstances. It has a 21-inch deck that should be able to deliver the performance needed, but the perks of owning and using this Ego don’t stop there. Housing a 56V 5.0 aH ARC Lithium-Ion battery, this unit can provide about 45 minutes of runtime before you need to recharge it or replace it with a charged battery. It comes with nine-inch wheels located on the rear side, six height adjustments, and a long-lasting construction.


  • 6 height settings.
  • Fast push-button ignition.
  • Long-lasting construction.


  • Is not a self-propelled unit.

EGO Power+ LM2142SP

EGO Power+ LM2142SPView in gallery

If you want a self-propelled unit, the LM2142SP is one of the best Ego mowers out there. It comes with a bunch of cool features that make mowing the lawn less exhausting and tedious, so you’re bound to find yourself wanting an excuse to use this baby time and time again. The 5.0 aH ARC Lithium-Ion battery can provide you with no less than 80 minutes of runtime, which is pretty impressive considering that the numbers don’t really hint at this being a product with a highly-efficient battery. The 3-in-1 design allows you to cut, bag, and mulch using this very same product.


  • 3-in-1 product.
  • 80 minutes runtime.
  • Includes 2 batteries.


  • Not made entirely from steel.


Ego is quite a powerful brand when it comes to making cordless lawn mowers. With plenty of distinctive features that users can benefit from, these lawn mowers are perfect for people looking for durable and easy-to-maneuver products, but also batteries they can rely on. Almost everything about Ego’s mowers reaches the superlative, with powerful blades powered by rough engines, and a design that makes it easy for anyone to push the mowers around.