Ecological Furniture for Kids Bedroom by Hiromatsu

As you can read in title the products look very natural and easily could help to create fashionable Zen ambience in your house. The furniture pieces are made by Hiromantsu which is a Japanese company. Useful and very funny, there are different storage systems available. I really like the chair which looks like a rabbit.


It’s difficult to choose the right furniture for the kids room. They are very hard to please and they demand a lot of things. For example it has to be cute, to fit their size, to be comfortable, to be colored, fun, practical, easy to clean and so on and so forth. The best way to make a decision would be to include them in the process, because if you choose something that they don’t like you’re going to have a really hard time after that.

This furniture collection for kids is a very good choice. It satisfies the kids, because it’s small, fun and colorful, and the parents as well, because it’s safe, easy to clean and more than that, it’s ecological.