DIY Painted Doormat

Doormats tend to get a little worn out after awhile. But you don’t have to just let your mat fade over time. Instead, you can actually use some colorful spray paint and even incorporate some stencils to give your doormat a bit of a facelift. And since it’s one of the first things people see when they come to your home, it’s worth a little bit of extra work to keep it looking nice.

Polka dot doormat

DIY Painted Doormat Supplies:

  • old doormat
  • at least two colors of spray paint
  • cardboard
  • scissors

Step 1: Add a Base Coat

Polka dot doormat

The first step in this project is to paint your doormat one solid color. I’d recommend first adding a light color of spray paint to use as a sort of primer, and then adding the color you want to show up. You will likely need to use multiple coats. Continue to shake the can and let dry in between coats. Of course, you’ll want to do this outdoors on a surface where you wouldn’t mind getting a little of spray paint on the ground.

Step 2: Create Stencil

Polka dot doormat

While you’re waiting for the base coat to dry, create a stencil that you will use to help you paint a design on your doormat. For this project, I just cut out a simple circle so that I could paint polka dots onto the doormat. But you could also create other geometric shapes, a chevron pattern, or even words by just cutting it out of cardboard.

Step 3: Paint Design

Polka dot doormat

When the base coat is completely dry and your stencil is ready to go, hold the stencil up over your doormat and begin painting. Add multiple coats until your paint has reached the color you want.

Step 4: Dry and Repeat

Polka dot doormat

You will then need to let that paint dry. And if your stencil is one that uses repeat shapes or designs such as the polka dot one shown, you will need to repeat the design multiple times. Carefully measure the space in between the shapes so that the finished product looks how you want it to. Wait for all of the paint to dry and then put it in front of your door and enjoy your new mat!