DIY Metallic Handled Garden Tools

Spring is here, and that means it’s time for many people to spend their weekends outside tending to their gardens. If you love gardening or just have to pull weeds every now and then, there’s no point in using boring garden tools. Here’s a really easy way to transform them into really fancy looking tools that will make yard work 100 times more exciting (well, maybe not, but it will definitely make it at least a little more exciting).

silver and gold garden tools

DIY Metallic Handled Garden Tools Supplies

  • wooden handled garden tools
  • scissors
  • painter’s tape
  • silver and gold spray paint
  • cardboard box
  • black rope or cord

Step 1: Remove handle holder.

customizing garden tools

If your garden tools include a soft handle or rubber holder around the handles, cut and remove them. Cut any string or cord going through the handle and clean it if necessary. Then you should be ready to get started.

Step 2: Secure tools to box.

painting garden tools

You’ll want to use a sizeable empty cardboard box to hold all of your garden tools. Tape each tool to the sides of the box so that the handles point to the middle of the box and make sure they are not covered with any tape.

Step 3: Tape handles.

taped garden tools

Secure a piece of tape all the way around the handle around the halfway point. The rest of the handle will be the painted section, so make sure that the length is correct. Do this for all of the garden tools.

Step 4: Spray handles.

painted garden tools

Once each of the garden tools has tape around the handles, it’s time to apply the paint. Take silver and/or gold spray paint and apply a thick coat to each handle. Turn the tools over if necessary to make sure that the handles are covered all the way around. Allow the paint to dry and add another coat if necessary. When you are satisfied with the colors, remove each piece of tape around the handles and then take the the tools out of the cardboard box.

Step 5: Tie rope or cord.

metallic handle garden tool

Take a short piece of rope or cord in black or another complementary color and loop it through the hole in the handles of each garden tool. About 6 inches should work. Tie them tightly so that they can hang on a hook in your garage or shed.

Step 6: Get to work.

painted garden tool

That’s it! Take all of your fancy new garden tools and get to work planting flowers, pulling weeds, and making the outside of your home as good looking as your garden tools.