Design ideas for Wall Niches

Niches are the smallest parts of your house and need that extra attention for beautifying the interiors. There are several ways to get a niche designed. This hugely depends on your personal taste, occasion and rest of your house interiors. With a little effort, you can earn accolades for using your niches in a classic way.

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Wall niches are the easiest way to induce a style statement in your home. Niches fall under the small areas of your house and are generally not given the adequate attention. Wall niches have spaces that can serve many purposes at a time. They can help in showing some great artefacts or showpieces or even serve as a functional corner of the house.  Wall niches are most common in sittings and drawing rooms and are also found in bedrooms and large halls as well.

Apartament design with wall niches3

Getting the right background

Niches need to be highlighted in some way or the other. While many choose decorative pieces like antiques, vases with flowers and handicrafts as the item to spend thousands of dollars; others with a tight budget spend on the niche body. There are various ways to design the niche. Materials like tiles and stones create a versatile look and have a universal appeal. With a little creativity, you can also use glass and wood as well for your niche base.  Wallpapers are also a popular choice as there is variety of designs available and also save a huge chunk on budget.

Apartament design with wall niches3

Choosing the right decorative article-

Once you have designed the niche, the next step is choosing the decorative article you want to display in the niche. This is where you can create engaging looks for your house. You can use sculptures, artefacts, vases and lot more. A simple sober antique can bring a rusty look to your interiors. Many choose to hang paintings in the niches and minimise things that have the chance to fall off. But on proper teaming, small paintings with few articles give an elegant look. Those who are associated with some form of artistry can use their self-created decorative materials in the niches. This can very personalised way to talk about your style and hobbies.

Apartament design with wall niches3

Apartament design with wall niches3

Saving on the niches-

The spaces in niches are limited which means you don’t have much to buy and spend on. However many art and antique lovers end up spending a lot on the decorative items displayed on niches. The background of the niche is responsible for beautifying the display of the articles. This can be done by adding a stone or tile background to your niche. You can alternatively save on that as well by using a different paint tone for your niche.

Apartament design with wall niches3

Break the rules-

If the bug of regular renovation has bitten you, then you know that there are no rules when it comes to decorating your house. All that is needed is sync and order. The lighting in the niches plays a very important role in highlighting your articles. Choosing a shade lighter than the rest of your interiors may be good idea. You can also use wall niches differently by making it a small book shelf or keeping other usable items. They can serve as perfect platforms to showcase your excellent art collection.{Photos credits : Julien Attard on a 60 sq. meters apartment by h2o architectes}