Dandelion Mobile Wallpaper Storm with Coral

Wallpaper is still very much used in many homes because it is easy to clean, looks great and also protects the walls of your home. If you can find a nice design for your wallpaper this can totally change the general aspect of your home. You may have a very simple home, but if you buy the right wallpaper, it will make it look great. For example this Dandelion Mobile Wallpaper Storm with Coral looks absolutely ravishing.

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The dandelion pattern is so delicate and nice and looks great against the storm grey background. The dandelions are stylized and surrounded in a pinkish coral aura, but that is exactly what makes the whole wallpaper look so fine. This wallpaper is perfect for your living room and even for the kids room, as it can be both modern and youth-like modern and funny. This wallpaper comes in 52 cm × 10 metre standard size rolls and the pattern repeats every 52 cm. If you like it, you can have it for about £59.95/Roll.