DIY Customized Storage Jars

When it comes to decorating your home, there are three options: you can buy new items, repurpose or DIY. Guess what would be my favourite? That’s right! I always try to use things I can find at home first, if possible.  Jars are one of those items, we all have and we all use, simply because they are functional. They are great storage accessories, however usually they are plain and most of the time kept hidden in the cabinets or basements. Yes, speaking about those few jars you are hiding there too!

DIY Customized Jars
DIY Customized Jars
DIY Jars

Sometimes with a little bit of effort and very low cost, we can make those handy accessories look great too,  so I want to show you a very easy trick how you can customize plain jars, old metal cans or any other containers you own. At the end of this project you will have a set of hot, design-items, you can’t wait to display on your shelves, I can guarantee you that! Ready to make some changes ? Let the fun begin!

DIY Customized Jars - supplies

You will need:

  • old jars and metal boxes (I have used a coffee box)
  • wooden beads
  • a piece of strong string
  • spray paints in your preferred colors (I used white and gold)
  • nail and hammer / drill


1. Before starting this project, wash well all the jars and containers you want to transform, then wait for them to dry well.

2. Spray paint the lids with a golden paint and the base of the cans with white paint – depending on the material your containers are made of, you might find it difficult to cover the design with the first coat of white paint, so spray paint it several times. The coffee can I used needed three coats of paint to become fully covered.

DIY Customized Jars - step 1

4. Using a nail and hammer (or a drill if you prefer) make little holes in the containers leads.

DIY Customized Jars - step 2

5. Pass the bead through the string, then make a knot to keep it in place.

DIY Customized Jars - step 3

6. At the end pass the string through the lid and make a knot underneath to secure it.

DIY Design jars

Ta da! Now the new containers are ready to move to your shelves. How do you like this idea? Have you ever customized jars before?

DIY Customized Jars