Cool British Personalized Furniture

Do not consider me a big fan of the UK, I just really found this interesting , and I want to share with you.From British flag wallpapers to sofas and chairs – you can find the Union Jack everywhere, proving that the Brits are patriots, that they love their country and also that other people admire them , too, since they buy or make furniture with the British flag on as a successful pattern. In the first pictures we have a Cool Britannia Royale wallpaper with a smooth, matt print surface and non-woven backing.

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British sofa

Living room by Mikke Vang

The wallpaper measures 2.80 mtr high x 3.65 mtr wide and is available for £292.64. Then you can see sofas and cushions and armchairs, chairs and even a cooker, all of them having this in common: the most unusual, but really nice design with the flag of UK. It has become a very popular symbol and people want to have it in the house, whether they are British or not. This says a lot about the power and respect of the British monarchy. And, by the way, great design, too.