Contemporary Essex Sofa

The Essex Sofa is the most versatile piece of furniture that perfectly enhances and compliments your contemporary living space. Stylish and inviting, the Essex Sofa it’s available for 1300$ featuring feminine lines lend dramatic impact to any décor.

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However, it has a vintage look, and that’s not a very popular style these days. This means that not a lot of people would choose to have it in their home, but it also means that not a lot of designers create vintage pieces anymore. So if you are looking for a vintage sofa, it must be pretty hard to find one. In this case, take a look at this sofa. It’s very comfortable and it has an elegant look. However, it’s not colorful at all, but this comes with the style.

It has an interesting print, a little feminine if you ask me, so it’s a good choice for a family home. I usually prefer simple sofas, with no printing or additional details, so this is not my type at all, but I have to admit it has something that makes it appealing and quite beautiful. It looks very inviting and cozy. In the right environment, it could look really good. It would be a nice addition to a home that shares the same interior décor in terms of style. Give it a chance.