Colorful tapestry wall hanging art

I don’t know if you’re familiar with the item that we’re going to present next, but in some regions it used to be very popular and it was almost as common as a regular rug. This is a tapestry wall hanging, the type of ornamental art that you can have on your wall. It’s an unusual item but in the right décor it can make a really beautiful addition.

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This eye-catching item would look wonderful in a home with a southwest décor but you can also play with styles and patterns and create a more modern home for it. It’s made of 100% cotton and it’s fully backed with a sewn rod pocket that makes it easier to hang on the wall. The rod and tassels are not included. This is a jacquard wove and hand finished product and it features a very interesting pattern.

Because it’s a hand-made product and because it involves lots of colors and materials such as cotton, the actual product after weaving may have more subtle colors and details and it could also slightly differ from the one shown in the picture. This is an Indian-style item but it’s manufactured in the USA, not by Indians. The dimensions of the product are 41″W x 53″H. It weights 3,2 lbs and it costs $170.00.