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Protect Your Holiday Decor Investment with Christmas Tree Storage Bags

It’s such fun to put up the Christmas tree and decorate it with your family. But the take-down the end of the holidays? Not so much… You might have escaped the mess of tree needles by opting for an artificial tree, but with these, you face the dreaded issue of storage. It is possible to make the process of stowing away your artificial tree easier and hassle-free with the right Christmas tree bag.

Protect Your Holiday Decor Investment with Christmas Tree Storage Bags

Lots of people take down the tree and try to cram it back into the original box, but good luck getting it to fit. Besides, all the time spent fluffing the tree branches and getting them to look just right is wasted when you mash it back into an impossibly small box. To make storage more efficient and protective — and make set-up easier too — it’s time to invest in a Christmas tree bag. These can be a godsend and come in a range of sizes and price points to fit not only any tree but also any budget. Christmas tree bags also have some distinct advantages.

Safe and secure

No matter where you store your artificial tree, a good Christmas tree bag will protect it from dust, dirt, moisture and even unwelcome critters. In fact, using the original box from the tree isn’t a good idea because it doesn’t offer any protection from light, moisture or other damage. While experts recommend that you stash it away in a spot that’s dry, dark and temperature-controlled, that’s not always possible, making the right bag a necessity if you want your tree to last.

Super Convenient

So many types of bags are available that you can find one to make life much easier. If you have a large tree, certain types of bags come with wheels and let you roll it away for storage. Some types will cover a fully assembled tree making next year’s holiday chores a breeze. Of course, you must have a place to store a fully assembled tree in the off-season if you opt for this type of Christmas tree bag

The Right Size

It’s really important to know the size of your tree so that you buy the proper size Christmas tree bag. This is true whether you choose an upright style that allows you to leave the tree assembled or one that stores a disassembled tree. For upright bags, you’ll need to check the diameter of the bag as well.

The Best Quality

You’ll want to choose the most durable bag that you can afford. It’s also important to consider where you will be storing the tree.  If you’re stashing it in a closet or a finished, temperature-controlled basement, you can go with a lighter bag if you prefer. However, if you have to store your tree and décor in an unheated attic, damp basement or outdoor storage shed, you’ll want to choose something that closes very securely and is water-resistant.

Take a look at these great options for Christmas tree bags as well as a few other holiday storage products:

GreensKeeper Tree Storage

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If you’re looking for the Cadillac version of Christmas tree bags, you’ll want to check out this Greenskeeper Tree Storage. This actually offers up 27 cubic feet of storage space, which can hold up to a 15-foot Christmas tree. If yours isn’t that big, you can store a smaller tree combined with other decor items like garlands and wreaths. It’s also a great size for stowing away larger, bulky outdoor decorations. There’s also a separate zipped compartment inside at the top for more delicate items.

This bag is self-standing thanks to the metal frame inside, and, it comes with oversized wheels, making it easy to move around. It also has reinforced carrying handles that give you a good hold. The green polyester material that makes up the Greenskeeper is easily wiped clean with a damp rag. Reviewers say that the container is made of good quality material, but it can be a bit tricky to extend the arms inside to keep its rectangular shape. The only other assembly required is adding the wheels.

Deluxe Craft Station Gift Wrap Storage

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This might not be for decor but the Deluxe Craft Station Gift Wrap Storage corrals those hard to contain rolls of Christmas wrapping paper and accessories in one neat unit. The rolling bag has a zipper opening and can hold up to 14 rolls of wrapping paper and as many as six extra-large spools of ribbon. The protective rigid outer shell keeps everything in shape and organized.

Green poly-blend fabric is easy to wipe clean with a damp cloth. Inside the storage unit, there are dividers and pockets that keep everything from bows, scissors, tape and other accessories in good order. Buyers praise the functional design and how much room there is for all the necessities, with most reviewers saying they absolutely love this wrapping paper storage unit.

Heavy Duty Christmas Tree Storage Bag

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For a Christmas tree bag that just might outlast your artificial tree, have a look at this Heavy Duty Christmas Tree Storage Bag. Stashing everything away. after the holidays is easy because this bag zips all the way open, so there’s no need to try and stuff the tree sections in through a small opening. It’s also made from heavy-duty canvas and has straps with buckles to keep everything secure until next season.

The canvas used for this bag is moisture resistant and easy care because it can be easily wiped clean with a damp cloth. Putting your decor inside is simple too: Fully unzip the bag and lay it open. Plop in your tree parts, flip up the flap and zip it all up. There’s even a smaller zippered interior section for storing the tree topper or other smaller accessories. Happy buyers love how easy this is to use and how the exterior straps help hold everything in place.

Christmas Tree Storage Bag (Set of 2)

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Fans of having multiple Christmas trees or those who have lots of holiday decor accessories will love this set of two Christmas tree storage bags. Zip them open and pop in whatever you need to store away until next holiday season in wither the large bag — which measures 25” H x 52” W x 15” D — or the small bag, which is 20” H x 48” W x 15” D. Both bags protect their contents from dust, moisture and other damage. The high-impact tear-proof polypropylene also keeps pests at bay — perfect for an attic, storage shed or garage. It can be cleaned with just the swipe of a damp cloth too.

The design of these bags makes them easy to handle because they have sturdy, reinforced handles for carrying your tree. Buyers love these roomy bags made of a thick and durable material that they expect will last through many holiday seasons. 

Gift Wrapping Supplies Organizer and Storage Bag 12″ H x 6″ W x 36″ D Christmas

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Even if your storage space isn’t that plentiful, you still want to keep your gift wrapping supplies organized and in good shape from year to year. That’s where this Gift Wrapping Supplies Organizer comes in because it holds your essentials but is still slim enough to slip into a closet or slide under the bed. This organizer features a very functional interior because it has a removable center divider along with elastic straps to secure paper rolls, bows, ribbons or other supplies.

With a capacity of five rolls of paper and up to 60 ornaments – if you choose to store those in there. It also features a see-through window, dual zippers and a reinforced base. Inside there’s protective padding and outside, the convenient carrying handles are padded for comfort. Made from polyester with a laminated polyvinyl chloride backing, the organizers resists moisture. For cleaning, it can be hand washed with soap and water.

Large Heavy Duty Christmas Tree Storage Bag

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Sometimes a basic style is what you need and this duffel-shaped Heavy Duty Christmas Tree Storage Bag gets the job done. Big enough to accommodate a nine-foot tree, the bag features heavy-duty zippers that run the full length of the bag, making it easy to insert your tree or decorations. Once closed, there are convenient carrying handles so you can move it to your storage area.

This Christmas Tree Storage Bag is made from polyurethane for durability. Happy buyers say that using this bag is a huge improvement over trying to push a tree back into its original box, especially because you probably don’t need to mash all the branches down completely. Some customers note that depending on what you put inside, the soft duffel shape can flop while you move it.

Storage and Organization Christmas Tree Bag

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Another duffel-style option is this Storage and Organization Christmas Tree Bag from the Holiday Aisle. Large and roomy, the bag can hold a seven-foot tree after it has been disassembled. Made from a polyethylene tamp material, it is moisture-resistant to help protect your tree and decorations while a double zipper makes it super convenient. Sturdy carrying handles make it easy to move.

Happy buyers say that this bag holds a gigantic tree, so if the tree is smaller, you can fit other decor items like garlands in the bag as well. They also note that the material is strong and did not puncture while being stowed away in the attic. This Storage and Organization Christmas Tree Bag is covered by a one-year warranty.

Christmas Wreath Storage Bag

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Stashing away the holiday wreaths is very convenient when you have this Christmas Wreath Storage Bag. According to happy buyers, this roomy storage bag can hold up to three full-sized wreaths. It is designed to protect your decor and sure it’s in good shape for the next holiday season. Inside, an internal strap and buckle hold the wreath securely. There’s also enough room in the center storage pouch to stash lights, bulbs or other decor elements.

The bag itself is made from a high-impact, tear-proof polyester material that is made of a strong, water-resistant oxford canvas. A zipper closure makes putting the wreaths in or taking them out very convenient. Reinforced handles ensure that you can safely carry this to your storage area. With regard to product care, the bag can be hand-washed if it gets dirty. Customers love the quality and value and say that it can easily be used to store other items as well.

2 Piece Deluxe Green Christmas Tree Storage Bag Set

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No matter what type of holiday decor you need to pack away, this 2 Piece Deluxe Green Christmas Tree Storage Bag Set will be able to handle it. The large bag can accommodate a Christmas tree up to nine feet tall and the smaller bag can hold several full-size wreaths. Both are made from high-impact tear-proof polypropylene that will protect your holiday decor investment from moisture, dust and pests. It also features sturdy vinyl carrying handles for ease of use.

A heavy-duty zipper runs the length of the bag, making it simple to use. Buyers report that the bag is huge and very easily holds a nine-foot tree and that the material would be difficult to tear or rip. Other note that while the bag is very large, it is a bag and does not have a rigid structure for support.

Elf Stor Premium Christmas Tree Cover Holiday Red XL Size for For 9 Ft Tree

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For the epitome of convenience,  choose a vertical Christmas tree cover like the Elf Stor Premium Christmas Tree Cover in Holiday Red. If assembling and disassembling the tree is your least favorite part of holiday decorating, this kind of Christmas tree bag eliminates the hassle. Just slide it over the top of the tree, cinch it at the bottom and tote it off to storage. Big enough to accommodate a nine-foot tree, the tear-resistant polypropylene cover will protect it from moisture, dust and pests.

Reinforced nylon handles make it easy to carry and a heavy-duty zipper makes maneuvering the cover simple.  And, if your tree isn’t quite that big, other sizes available are designed for trees that are 6 or 7.5 feet tall. Buyers say this cover exceeded expectations and is are definitely worth the price. They also note that the cover does not unnecessarily compress the tree but holds it securely.

Tiny Tim Totes Premium Upright Christmas Tree Canvas Storage 

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This is another option for strong your Christmas tree if you want to avoid the headache of assembling and disassembling it every year. The Tiny Tim Totes Premium Upright Christmas Tree Canvas Storage Cover Bag comes in three sizes for threes that are 6, 7.5 or 9 feet tall. In each case, you can leave the tree standing  –without the decorations — cover it and store it away.

This thick canvas cover has a heavy-duty zipper that runs nearly the entire length making it super simple to use. There’s also a cinch cord at the bottom to help protect it from dust, moisture and pests. Happy reviewers say that this is a superb product that is easy to use and protects the tree very well. It also comes with a one-year warranty.

So, no matter what size your tree or budget — banish the box and opt for a more protective Christmas tree bag. An artificial tree is an investment and can last for many holidays to come if you properly care for it, which means storing it properly.