Sweet Christmas Centerpieces Fun To Make And Great To Display

Every year around Christmas we start to get joyful and inspired and we just can’t wait to start decorating the tree and the house and, of course, the beautiful Christmas table. So what type of centerpiece did you prepare for this year? If you didn’t have time to think about this just yet then you’ll appreciate our collection of Christmas centerpiece ideas.

Edible centerpieces

Macarons Christmas Tree

Let’s start with something sweet and delicious. We found this great tutorial on Thirstyfortea which shows how to make a macaron Christmas tree centerpiece. It may look small but it holds around 60 mini macarons. If you want to make something similarly delicious you’ll need green macarons, tea buttercream, wrapping paper, a hot glue gun, a small styrofoam cone, toothpicks, royal icing, a cake stand, mini tassels, ribbon, coconut and a cloche.

Orange Clove Holiday Topiary with lights

We’ll stay in the sphere of edible centerpieces for now and we’ll show you this orange and clove Christmas topiary. You can make it using a styrofoam cone, wooden skewers, mandarin oranges, cloves and some pine clippings. Stud the mandarins with cloves (only one half since he rest is hidden) and then to insert them into the cone with skewers. Cover the whole cone with mandarins and finish the project by also placing one at the top. Then insert some greenery in between them. {found on freutcake}.

Floral centerpieces

Floral Centerpiece For Christmas

Flower vases re always great as centerpieces but it just feels a bit boring to display them just like that so perhaps you’d like to add some sparkle to your design. Check out the gold confetti glitter vase featured on thesweetestoccasion. To make one just like it you’ll need a clear glass fishbowl vase, metallic gold glitter in two sizes, spray glue, clear glossy spray sealer, assorted flowers, scissors and floral tape.

Christmas Table Centerpieces

This centerpiece on Designimprovised surely looks cute but those flowers aren’t real. In fact, they’re not even flowers. They’re repurposed Christmas ornaments. To make something similar, you’ll need hollow ornaments, floral wire, floral foam, fresh greenery, scissors and a vase. The vase should be opaque to hide the foam.

Real flowers and fresh for Christmas table centerpiece

If you want to use real flowers then you should consider also using aquafoam so they last longer. You can find some inspiration in the tutorial provided on Gratefulprayerthankfulheart. Here’s what you’ll need: a vase, floral foam, a bowl, flowers, greens, berries, ribbon, floral tape, and wood floral picks.

Holiday decor, Rustic centerpiece, Wood box

If you like the idea of a flower vase but you’d also like to try something just a little bit different, check out these centerpieces we found on Etsy. They’re handmade and they use painted mason jars and flowers, berry branches and greens. You can make something similar and customize the design however you want.

Candle centerpieces

Ombre candles for Table Centerpiece

There’s no doubt that candles are such popular and common decorations because they actually make our homes feel inviting and cozy. So why not try something candle-base for this year’s Christmas centerpiece? You could take a candle, paint it ombre and then put it in a mason jar or some other glass container. You can decorate the jar with ribbon, twine, foliage and plenty of other things. {found on one-o}.

Holiday Wood Centerpiece

The candles are actually only a small part of the centerpiece featured on Thesweetescape. They’re used here in combination with some lovely wooden logs and tiny glittery Christmas trees. You can also add some branches, greenery and some woodland figurines if you have any.

Bottle Candle Holder

We really like how simple the table setting featured on Monsterscircus is. A few simple candleholders evenly spread across the table are complemented by some decorative Christmas ornaments and some handing string lights. The candle holders are actually repurposed bottles and they look really pretty.

Classic candle holders for Table

If you’d rather try something a bit more classical and traditional, perhaps you’d like to put together some green conifer branches, some fruits like oranges or pomegranates and some candles. First arrange the candles and then add the green stems around them. At the end, place the fruits to complete the table setting. {found on julieblanner}.

Christmas Candle Holder Basket

An easy way to turn simple candles into decorations is to just wrap some yarn around them. It’s an idea that comes from Designimprovised. You can combine some white and red yarn to create some really beautiful patterns. Use some hot glue to attach the ends of the yarn to the candle.

Tree Stump Christmas Table Centerpiece

You can also just let the candles simple, as they are and just display them in a beautiful and interesting manner. For example, you could cluster them all on a tree stump. Obviously, you’re going to need a stump for this centerpiece so go find yourself a fallen tree or buy one from somewhere. {found on lizmarieblog}.

Stylish white christmas table decor

If you’re a fan of all things simple then perhaps you can find some inspiration on Vickys. Here we found a few really stylish Christmas centerpiece ideas which use candles and a few other accent touches. Check out the cute cranberry bowls or the minimalistic candle decors. They’re excellent if you want to add a Scandinavian touch to your décor this winter.

Wooden candle holder for Christmas table

The wooden candle centerpiece featured on Thesweetestoccasion is really simple too. To make something like this you first need to make the wooden platform out of some reclaimed lumber. You’ll also need a drill, a hammer and some stain. Cut the lumber and mark the spots where the candles will be placed. Then drill the holes and make sure that the candles can fit in. At the end, stain the wood.

DIY Christmas Centerpiece recipe

Candles can be the focal point of your centerpiece even if they’re not the only things included in the design. For instance, you can also add a few oranges or mandarins and some small green branches. Put them all on a tray and alternate the height of the candles for a more dynamic look. Check out the full project on Julieblanner.

Natural Christmas Table Decor

A natural Christmas centerpiece could include things like wood logs, greenery, berries and some lovely candles with fake snow around them. You can find some inspiration for such a project on Sweetsomethingdesign. You can take the idea further and also use matching napkin rings and other accessories.

Pinecone centerpieces

Mini pinecones glamour

Pinecones are plenty during this time of the year so you might as well use some to make something beautiful for your home, like these mini pinecone trees that we found on Evermine. All you need for the project is a hot glue gun, long-stemmed glass candle holders and pine cone ornaments. You can decorate the pinecones with some greenery and then glue them in place inside the candle holders. You can also add labels or tags.

Christmas Pinecones Centerpiece

If you’re going for a richer look, try the centerpiece idea suggested by Julieblanner. All you need for this project is a tray, some pinecones and some red berries and greenery. Add greens to the sides of the tray and then place pinecones on top, filling the tray. Then place the berries on top and that’s about it.

Dip paint pine cones

How about some pinecone firestarters. You can dip them in wax and turn them into centerpieces or decorations. Here’s what you need for the project: wax flakes, red crayons, pinecones and cinnamon essential oil. Melt the wax and crayons and then dip the pinecones in and let the wax dry. Repeat until you’re happy with the look. Then put them all in a bowl or on a tray. Find out more about this on Helloglow.

Wooden box with pinecones

Pinecones are excellent for creating rustic centerpieces. A very good example is the wooden box filled with golden pinecones featured on Boxcolonial. If you like the idea, first you’ll need to spray paint the pinecones. So take them out on a cardboard box or a sheet of paper and start painting. Then let them dry and put them all in a vintage wooden box.

Snow covered pinecones

Make snowy pinecones and display them in garlands, in your Christmas tree or simply in a box or on a tray. All you need for the project is some pinecones, glue, fake now and paper plates. Put some glue on a plate and then some snow on the other plate,. Dip the pinecones in glue and then roll them in snow. It’s all right here on Ellaclaireinspired.

Green centerpieces

Mini topiary trees

Aren’t these mini evergreen trees just lovely? They’re really easy to make too. You just need some foam cones and green garlands. You can first paint the cones green if you want so no white spots can be seen. Then snip off the branches from a faux evergreen garland and start inserting them in the foam starting from the bottom. You can dip the branches in white paint if you want. Find out more on Rosyscription.

Green centerpiece ideas

Add a little bit of red to your green centerpiece and play with contrasts to get a fresh and vibrant look. Grab some clear containers and pour salt in them. Then add a layer of cranberries and then top them with greens. You’ll get this really cute and beautiful trio of colors and this beautiful combination of textures. {found on rosyscription}.

Christmas Table Runner

Similarly, you can make a green table runner out of seasonal evergreen branches and you can complement these with some fruit such as pomegranates or oranges. it’s really a very simple project for which you can find a tutorial on Julieblanner. In this case eucalyptus was used although other options can be just as great.

Evergreen Table Centerpiece

Evergreen centerpieces like the one on HGTV are easy to make and they’re also pretty inexpensive. In fact, for this one you only need a baking dish, a large candle, some evergreen branches and a few pinecones. You can improvise if you don’t have all the items.

Small Wooden Box Filled With Small Trees

If you have a wooden box similar to this one, you could use it as a container for a beautiful Christmas centerpiece. You could fill it with miniature fir trees or with tree branches and berries and put some candles in between. Just make sure the arrangement is fireproof. {found on thenorthendloft}.

Green centerpiece for Holiday Table

Not only is this Christmas centerpiece on HGTV green but it also looks really cute and chic. To make something like this you need a rectangular container, green moss, some flocked green pinecones, frosted green mini glass ball clusters, floral foam and a hot glue gun. Put the foam inside the container and also attach some to the sides. Cover the foam with moss and then arrange the pinecones on the moss and glue them in place. Fill the gaps with the ball clusters.

Snow Globe DIY

In case these projects made you nostalgic, we have a great idea: make a snow globe. You can use a mason jar, salt instead of snow and bottlebrush trees as decorations. Feel free to add any other decorations that you find suitable. You could also add some figurines or a toy car if you want. {found on acasarella}.

Bunting Christmas Tree in Pot

Large Christmas trees can turn out to be a bit too big for some homes. If you’re only interested in the symbolism of this ornament and don’t really care much about size or ornaments, then you can get a mini tree. It doesn’t even have to be a fir tree. It can a potted rosemary bush or something else and you can decorate it with some burlap bunting. {found on baysidebride}.

Diverse designs

Gift box centerpiece

Plenty of Christmas centerpiece designs don’t necessarily involve candles, pinecones or the things already mentioned. A cool idea, for example, is the one on HGTV. It looks like a stack of presents and to make it you need sheet moss, a hot glue gun, ribbon, brown kraft paper, a holiday floral pick, floral foam and a pen.

Modern Christmas Table Decor

In case you have some leftover ball ornaments from your Christmas tree, you can turn them into lovely little centerpieces. Just remove the top cap and wire and glue some tiny branches and berries. Basically you’re using the balls as vases. You can also add some small flowers or other things you might have lying around. {found on mammapapera}.

Pop Centerpiece for Christmas Table Decor

Planning to take some fun pictures during the holidays? Then craft some cardboard masks and props and put them all in a vase or a container which you can then use as a centerpiece. The idea comes from Aloandbeholdlife so feel free to check out the full description for more ideas.

Silver chic Christmas Table Decor

We also found this Christmas centerpiece idea on HGTV. It’s made using dried eucalyptus branches, silver spray paint, glass ball ornaments, a glass container, string lights, spray glue, silver glitter and faux snow. You can also use faux eucalyptus if you’d rather reuse the centerpiece with some other occasion.

Layered Centerpiece for Christmas

We’ve looked at centerpieces that revolved around candles or around pinecones but the one featured on HGTV actually uses both these symbols as well as some other stylish details. Here’s what you need to make something similar: a large oval-shaped tray, a grapevine wreath, a pedestal candle holder, faux berries, evergreen and pinecone picks and faux flower stems.

Modern Geometric Centerpiece DIY

The project featured on Shanty-2-chic is quite unusual, unlike anything described so far. If you like the idea and want to replicate the design, you’ll need some wood boards, glue, nails and some ornaments that you want to put on display. You can complete the design with some pinecones or greens.

Narrow Box for Christmas Table

If you want to try something vintage this year, you could make something similar to the centerpiece featured on Anitafaraboverubies. Basically what you need for this project is a long and narrow box which can be made out of wood or concrete. Fill it with greens, pinecones, Christmas tree ornaments and votive candles.

Miniature Christmas Table Centerpiece

Speaking of mini trees, you can make a fancy Christmas centerpiece out of some fir tree branches gathered in a bouquet and wrapped in a burlap sack. You can then place the sack inside a planter and put some pinecones on top to cover up the burlap. Find more details about this on Thegoldensycamore.

Coffee table christmas Decor ideas

Of course, you can always stay traditional and put up a Christmas tree and then decorate it with tinsel, garlands, globe ornaments and other things. Don’t forget to put presents underneath. In case you’re lacking inspiration, have a look at the décor featured on Thefancyshack.