How To Choose The Window Style That’s Best For Your Home

Choosing the right windows for your home is a complex and difficult process that has to do with a lot of different things. The windows have to reflect the home’s architectural style, to help with the ventilation, to either let the sun in or block it and to complement the interior. You also need to take into consideration the purpose that the windows will serve as well as the impact you want them to have on the interior design.

Double hung windows

Kitchen Double hung windows

This type of windows is not among the popular styles but it definitely has defining characteristics that make them unique. They open and close without protruding and this makes them suitable for rooms that are directly linked to terraces, patios or walkways. They are also a good option for small spaces.{found on smithandvansant}.

Awning windows

Awning Windows above the fireplace mantel

These windows are typically smaller than double hungs and other types and their design is easy to recognize. The windows are hinged on top and they open outward. This allows them to help with the ventilation without letting the rain in and makes them suitable for basements.

Casement windows

Casement windows for bathroom

These windows are hinged at the side and they open outwards, similarly to doors. They are operated with hand cranks and some can simply be pushed open. They are practical and very versatile. The fact that they have no rails distinguishes them from other similar types.{found on elizabethvallino}.

Single hung windows

Corner single Hung Window

In the case of single hung windows, the bottom sash moves up while the top sash is fixed. This type of window is space-efficient and very popular in some regions of the globe. Similarly to double hung windows, they are suitable for rooms that are facing porches, patios are other similar spaces.

Horizontal sliders

Horiontal window slider

Just like their name suggests, these windows slide left or right and this system makes them user-friendly and space-efficient. The style is popular in contemporary interiors. Double sliders are great for maximizing air circulation.

Bay and bow windows

Bay and bow windows

Bay windows are a combination of three window partitions of varying widths. They extend from the house and let in more light while also accentuating the views. Bow windows are composed of three or more windows joined at equal angles. This allows them to form an even curve. Both these types can be combined with a variety of operating styles such as single hung or casement.{found on kathycorbetinteriors}.

Radius windows

Radius window style for home

They are also known as arch windows and have a unique shape. The bottom half of a radius window is a rectangle and the top is an arch or a half-circle. They can be fixed or operable, depending on the location, requirements and a variety of other aspects. Arch windows often feature grids that divide the glass into smaller panels for aesthetic purposes.{found on margaretdonaldsoninteriors}.

Picture windows

Picture windows style

These windows are fixed and they do not open. They let in light and offer unobstructed views. They can be used in difficult to reach places or in areas where the views play a key role and where ventilation is not an issue.{found on auhaus}.


Skylight window style

Skylights are installed on the ceiling and they let in light and offer views of the sky. They are suitable for spaces such as bathrooms where they offer light windows minimizing privacy or in bedrooms where they can be installed above the bed for views of the night sky. They’re also a good option anywhere you want to add some natural light.{found on kitcheninteriorsinc}.

Jalousie windows

Jalousie Window Style

They are also known as louvered windows and feature multiple slats of glass. They are commonly used in rooms facing porches or in sunrooms. The louvers open easily, close tight and help with the natural ventilation of the room.{found on bmid}.

Window treatments

Choosing a type of window treatment can be just as difficult as choosing the window type. There are many different options to choose from and they each suit a purpose and a style. Selecting one type has to do with a lot of elements such as the level of privacy, the looks, the interior design, the views, etc.

Bamboo shades

Bamboo window shades

Bamboo shades are a good option if you want to add a little bit of warmth and texture to a room or if you want your interior design to be eco-friendly. These blinds can be folded like Roman shades or rolled.


High bedroom design

Draperies or fabric curtains are elegant and sophisticated but, at the same time, they can make a room feel very cozy and welcoming. A variety of types of rods can be used in combination with these curtains and they too play a role in determining the final look and style.

Drapery tie backs

Drapery tie back

These draperies are different from the ones described above through the fact that they are designed to remain tied back and to only be for display. They don’t provide privacy or protection from the sun.

Cafe curtains

Cafe curtains

These curtains only cover the bottom part of the window. They can be used individually, one for each window or they can be displayed on a long rod that covers multiple windows. Their role is mostly aesthetic but they also provide shade and some privacy.

Roman shades

Roman shades window treatment

Roman shades are similar to rollers, the difference being that they fold instead of being rolled tightly. They’re a classy but also casual option and they suit a variety of styles. Use them in traditional, rustic or contemporary homes.{found on amoroso}.


Dining room window valances

Valances are short decorative draperies. They are hung above the windows and their role is to hide the curtain fittings and rods. They can be used in combination with various types of window blinds.{found on khwindowfashions}.


tie up window curtain

These curtains offer rooms a casual and relaxed look while also being stylish and chic. They are attached to the window frame and tied up casually. Depending on the length of the window, the number of ties varies.

Cafe shutters

Caffe interior shutters

Similar to cafe curtains, these shutters only cover the bottom half of a window. They suit almost any type of window but tend to have a rather rustic or traditional look. They are installed inside and are for display.

Full shutters

Full bedroom window shutters

Unlike cafe shutters, these ones cover the entire window and are operable. They are very similar to exterior shutters and they are used for privacy and, in some cases, for insulation. Their design and style can vary dramatically.[found on alandesignstudio}.

Sliding screens

Sliding panels for windows

Sliding screens are preferred in rooms such as the bathroom where privacy is a must. They are easy to operate and they suit a variety of types of windows. Because they slide horizontally, they are also space-efficient.

Vertical venetian blinds

Venetian blinds for windows

Venetian blinds are practical, versatile are easy to operate. Maintenance is not as easy as in the case of simple rollers but this style is often preferred because of the elegance is adds to a space. They are suitable for offices and living rooms.


Roller window shades

These are perhaps the most common and most versatile. They suit a large variety of styles, they’re really simple and they can be customized in a lot of different ways.