Capri Sofa from Rowe Furniture

Beds are made for sleep – no doubt about that. When you go to bed you are tired and just want to close your eyes and sleep. I, for one, prefer the sofa for many reasons. First of all the sofa is made for action. It is made to stay in the living room, where you have all the fun. You use it when you chat with friends, when talking next to the morning coffee, where you read an interesting book or watch a movie. The sofa has is fun and that is why I think it is important to have a nice-looking sofa. I found this Capri Sofa from Rowe Furniture and I loved it on the spot.

D170 1It is simple in design, but very practical, having only one colour, but when combined with the right accessories it can give a “home” feeling to the whole room. It is sturdy and comfortable and seems perfect if you are single and partying or married with kids. It has four short legs that support it and allow it to move it around the room without too much effort. The soft cushions offer the perfect “nest” for a relaxing afternoon. And everything about it makes you dream of the island of Capri and a tropical paradise.Just visit the manufacturer web site and you will find the nearest store and also the price for it.