Boutique hotels – what they are and what they offer

There are several different types of hotels to choose from when you’re traveling, going on a vacation, going on business, etc. Boutique hotels are a special type and they are usually very appreciated. But what exactly is a boutique hotel? Let’s start with a definition. A boutique hotel can be described as a hotel with luxury facilities, full service accommodations and intimate settings. It is generally non-chain affiliated and may also be referred to as a lifestyle or design hotel.

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Le Prince Maurice – an exquisite boutique hotel

The first boutique hotels appeared in the 1980s and they could be found in major cities such as London or New York. Most boutique hotels are small and have less than 100 rooms, although some boutique hotels from the major cities can have more rooms. The popularity of these hotels comes from the fact that they offer their services in a very comfortable, inviting and intimate setting. The guests feel welcomed and they love the atmosphere.

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W Paris – Opéra Traditional Boutique Hotel

Certain boutique hotels have themed designs which match the goal of offering personalized service and creating an intimate and familiar atmosphere. Boutique hotels are wonderful destinations for family vacations or honeymoons but they can also be perfect for business purposes.

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Boutique Hotel Château Eza on the French Riviera

The rooms of a boutique hotel may offer very different designs and amenities. Some offer the latest in technology while other focus on creating a calm and soothing atmosphere. Some rooms may also offer telephone, Wi-Fi, air-conditioning and cable TV but usually it’s not the case.

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Lovely Boutique Hotel in Sicily

At first, boutique hotels were small properties operated by individuals or small companies. However, the increasing success and popularity of boutique hotels has led to an expansion as multi-national hotel companies also got involved in the business and have created their own brands. This also led to a change of perspective on boutique hotels which are no longer regarded as modest destinations but rather as luxury hotel with a higher level of privacy.

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Monaci delle Terre Nere boutique hotel has a unique personality and an interior design that captivates and inspires.

Even though boutique hotels have originated in North America, they quickly spread throughout the world and can now be found in European countries and East Asian countries as well. They also became a popular concept in cities such as Bangkok, Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong and Taiwan.

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Awonderful retreat located 28 miles from the airport and 22 miles from the capital, Port Louis

There are two main types of boutique hotels to choose from: those in city destinations and those in resort destinations. The first type is found in major cities that we’ve already mentioned while the second one is generally located in hidden area such as islands or mountains, where the level of privacy in very high.