15 Big Modern Houses With Impressive Designs And Proportions

Every house is special and amazing in it own way but inevitably there are some that stand out. They bring new features to the table, they’re impressive in size or overall design and they’re the kind of houses that a lot of us aspire towards.

Big Modern Houses

There are plenty to choose from and they’re spread all over the world. Let’s check out a few and see what makes these big modern houses special. 

15 Big Modern House Architecture Design Ideas

The Tangga House – Singapore

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The inspiration for the Tangga House came from traditional courtyard houses which are typically spacious and centered around a green area that gives them a nice view and plenty of privacy. It was designed and built by Guz Architects in 2007 and has an L-shaped floor plan. There’s lots of lush greenery around which creates a border around the property and a lovely natural backdrop for the pool and garden. There’s also more greenery up on the roof which really helps to soften the minimalist architectural lines of the building as a whole. 

The Clifton 2A House – South Africa

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This amazing house is a project completed by studio SAOTA back in 2014. It occupies a corner site on a steep hillside exposed to the winds but which gives it a cool 270 degree view of the Atlantic Ocean. The design is heavily influenced by the site and the unique topography of the land. In order to maximize the floor space the architects elevated the main level and built the ground floor partially into the hill. As a result the living area gets a great view and sits above road level. Large windows and double glazing reveal the magnificent views but at the same time ensure good insulation and a comfortable interior. 

The Table Mountain House – South Africa

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This is a house with a great story. It’s located below Table Mountain in Cape Town and was originally built in 1969. It was initially modeled after two existing houses with iconic designs and went though a series of design changes and remodels until 2017 when studios SAOTA and ARRCC came in and decided to restore it and update it but at the same time to uncover the original features that were implemented back in 1969 but have been covered up later. They transformed the house inside and out and updated with a simple and modern aesthetic in sync with the original architecture. It ended up looking magnificent.

The Cove 3 House – South Africa

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South Africa has an amazing landscape and, as a result, a lot of beautiful houses that take advantage of it. This is yet another gorgeous structure found here. It designed by SAOTA in 2010 and the intent was for it to initially serve as a holiday home with plans to eventually be turned into a permanent residence. The site has spectacular views which the architects took advantage of. They included full-height windows and large openings which expose the beautiful interior to the outdoors and they made sure to give the house a breezy look on the inside but to also make it very welcoming. 

The Sky Garden House – Singapore

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There are always limitations with every type of project. In this case, the house is placed on a shite of relatively small dimensions with other structures being built close to it. This meant privacy was an issue and to solve that Guz Architects used solid walls to close off the sides of the house exposed to the neighbors and placed large windows and skylights strategically in order to open up the interior to the beautiful views and to let the sea breeze in. Furthermore, they managed to create a very strong relationship between architecture and nature by including roof gardens and interior courtyards into their design. This lets the house blend in and be in sync with the site. 

The Ficus House – Singapore

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When Guz Architects designed this amazing house they had to carefully plan it so it could be used as an extended family home. In other words, it had to combine 2 households under one roof and the way to do that was by giving the building an L-shaped floor plan. That way two volumes could be distinguished and they would be separated from one another but also connected at the same time. They also both have access to the courtyard which brings them together in a really nice and harmonious way. Like they did with other projects, the architects took inspiration from nature and included a series of roof gardens and water features that add a lot of character and beauty to the house as a whole. 

The Logie Point Houses – Jersey UK

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The beautiful Jersey island is situated between England and France and is known for its amazing cliffs and beaches. It’s where studio Guz Architects built these two spectacular houses in 2018. The strategy was to integrate them into the landscape and to allow them to blend in seamlessly when viewed from above, making it seem as if the houses are part of the land itself. That was achieved by creating gardens on the curved sloping roofs and giving the buildings an organic and earthy overall look and feel. The fact that the island is too windy and exposed for any trees to grow on it meant that a smooth green lawn up on the rooftops could look very natural. 

The Botanica House – Singapore

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The design process for this house was quite different than usual. Guz Architects worked closely with the client to develop a very organic process where rooms were being added as the design progressed in an organic way. The end goal was to create a dynamic house that would be able to take advantage of the views offered by this steep slope. Some design elements were also influenced by the art of Feng Shui and in the end this turned into a really cool project with a unique and feel to it. The house overlooks a botanical garden which brought along a variety of nature-inspired design features and lots of greenery. 

The Kloof 151 House – South Africa

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This beautiful modern house is located in Cape Town and was designed by SAOTA. The idea behind it was to create an inviting family home that would also include a guest area and a work-from-home space. These along with all the regular areas had to be spread out over 3 floors. Additionally, the site on which the house stands has a great view over the beach so architects made sure to take advantage of them. The main social areas are placed on the ground floor which them access to the covered terraces and the areas on the upper floor feature cantilevered balconies so they too can enjoy the views and a connection to the outdoors. The terraces are framed by plant life and a big infinite edge pool that looks as if it seamlessly transitions into the ocean. 

St. Tropez House – France

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Large houses can sometimes give off an opulent vibe or can look really robust and over the top. This one however doesn’t It’s a really beautiful residence designed by the architects at SAOTA and it’s surrounded by lots of trees which helps it to maintain a nice scale and to fit into the context without looking massive. It also has a big garden that slopes down and has a very open feel to it. The front of the house is mostly solid and closed off which allows the interior to maintain its privacy and puts the emphasis on the back section of the building that’s beautifully open to the outdoors. Large frameless windows allow the panoramas to be admired in their full splendor and let in lots of light.

The Bora Headquarters – Spain

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This project is the result of a collaboration between studios SAOTA, ARRCC and RyS Architects. Together they creates this impressive house which is a hybrid between a home and a resort. The design is a contemporary interpretation of local traditional architects influenced by the architects’ own style. The landscape and the views played an important role in the design process, shaping the house into a structure that blends indoor and outdoor seamlessly and naturally. There’s also a really nice balance of open and closed spaces throughout the house as well as plenty of spots that extend the living areas outdoors and invite the inhabitants to take a moment and enjoy the scenery. 

Pringle Bay House – South Africa

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Coming up with a plan and a design for a house can take lots of time. For the owners of this lovely holiday home in South Africa that meant living on the site for 5 years in order to figure out all the details to study the topography and figure out exactly what they wanted. They then worked with studio SAOTA to build their dream house. The design takes advantage of the natural sunlight and the views and is simple and clean which gives it a modest look but also makes it feel very inviting. The materials used throughout were chosen for their versatility and timelessness and the house was designed to enjoy a strong connection to the outdoors through covered terraces, roof extensions and large windows. 

Clifton House – South Africa

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The talented team of architects and designers at SAOTA also worked on another beautiful project in Clifton, Cape Town. This time it was a house with great views of the beaches, the mountains and the Atlantic Ocean so, naturally, the design and overall structure had to be shaped around them. The fact that the site had a very steep slope made this quite challenging but also meant that the panorama was amazing from up here. The house ended up being a collection of staggered, overlapping volumes. The lower section features gabion walls and serves as a sort of separate apartment. There’s also a mezzanine with a private study, a spacious living area and the uppermost section which houses the private areas. 

The Cool Blue Villa – Spain

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The idea of this project was to build a Mediterranean-style beach house with a great view and a breezy and open feel throughout. However, the site s not actually directly adjacent to the beach so the architects had to find a way around that. The house is located in Marbella, Spain and was designed by studio 123DV. To make up for the distance between the site and the sea, they placed an emphasis on the swimming pool, designing it with a see-through glass corner and turning it into the focal point of the outdoor area. The back section of the house was also opened up, with full-height windows that expose the interior to the courtyard and allow the sea to be admired from the upper floor. 

The Jellyfish House – Spain

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This is one of the truly spectacular houses out there, a wonderful statement building with a memorable design. It was a project by Wiel Arets Architects and it’s located in Marbella, Spain. The whole house is built out of white concrete but doesn’t look too simple and that’s because of its sculptural and unique geometry. Because the site is surrounded by lots of tall trees, the architects decided to place the terrace and the pool not on the ground floor but instead on the rooftop, where the panorama is magnificent. Moreover, the infinity edge pool has a glass bottom and goes down into the lower areas of the house, like a huge aquarium that can be seen and accessed from various sections of the house.