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The Best TV Mount That Will Work For Your Patio Setup

Similar to an outdoor television, an outdoor tv mount is meant to be designed for outdoor use. Just using a regular mount that’s usually meant for inside use can cause your mount to rust quickly when exposed to the weather. Outdoor mounts are usually sturdier and specially constructed to handle the weight of outdoor televisions which are usually heavier than their indoor counterparts.

Best Outdoor TV Mount for Your Patio

If you’re thinking of getting an outdoor television mount and you’re not sure where to get started, we’ve gone ahead and listed 5 some of the best outdoor TV mounts below. Before diving into them, let’s get started by talking a little bit about somethings to consider when purchasing an outdoor TV mount.

Things to Consider  when you choose an outdoor TV mount system

The first thing to consider is what size TV mount you require. The weight of your television is also an equally open consideration as outdoor televisions are much heavier than indoor televisions. Hence, the first thing you’d want to do is to check your television’s specifications, so you know exactly what you need to match your outdoor television.

The next thing to do is to figure out the amount of swivel you require. Most outdoor televisions prefer a full-motion mount so that you’re able to tilt and swivel the television towards wherever everyone is gathering. Another thing to figure out is whether you’d like to mount with an arm. While certain mounts may have the outdoor television close to it, others may extend the television out slightly. Decide which method would suit you the best.

Top 5 Best Outdoor TV Mounts 

We’ve taken the liberty of rounding up some of the best outdoor TV mounts and breaking down the details to help you choose one that will work for you.

1. SunBriteTV Outdoor Dual Arm Articulating (Full Motion) Mount for 37 – 80 Inch Large Displays

SunBriteTV Outdoor Dual Arm Articulating (Full Motion) Mount for 37 - 80 Inch Large Displays

This particular outdoor television mount is coated with two layers of material that will ensure that it remains corrosion-resistant through the various weather elements. It’s also made with durable steel so you can be assured that it won’t break easily. It also comes with a smooth motion that will allow you to easily position the television to whichever angle you’d like for the most ideal view.

It can extend out quite a significant distance for an excellent viewing angle and is compatible with a range of outdoor televisions that also have the VESA mounting pattern. This is a great television mount to purchase – especially if you already have a SunBrite Outdoor Television. What’s most important is that your television mount remains sturdy and is able to adequately support your outdoor television.


  • Has two-layers of corrosion material to protect it against the weather
  • Has a smooth articulating motion that will ensure that you’ll get the perfect angle
  • Extends out a significant distance so that you’ll have a great angle


  • Can’t mount televisions smaller than 37 inches

2. SunBriteTV Outdoor Single Arm Wall Mount for 32 – 43 Inch Displays

SunBriteTV Outdoor Single Arm Wall Mount for 32 - 43 Inch Displays

If you need an outdoor television mount, this inexpensive single-arm wall mount might be the perfect option for you. It’s made with durable steel material and has an outdoor-rated coating that protects it from corrosion along with any harsh weather conditions. The stainless steel will also prevent rusting, so you know that it’ll be able to last for a considerable amount of time. On top of that, the wall mount also has a smooth and articulating motion that makes it both easy to install and adjust to your viewing preferences.

It doesn’t extend too far but is good enough for you to view from any angle. On top of that, this outdoor television mount is also compatible with the VESA mounting pattern and hence televisions with that pattern will find that it’s incredibly easy to get all of this setup. While this is catered to smaller televisions, it’s inexpensive and made of sturdy material and is a great investment to any outdoor space.


  • Has two corrosion-resistant material layers so you know that your outdoor television mount will last for a significant amount of time
  • Has smooth articulating motions to ensure flexibility and that you’ll get a great angle of the television
  • Extends up so you’ll have a great viewing angle no matter where you’re located


  • It doesn’t extend up as much as the other models and is catered towards smaller televisions

3. Sealoc Outdoor Tilt Mount for 37 – 90 Inch Displays

Sealoc Outdoor Tilt Mount for 37 - 90 Inch Displays

Similar to the other outdoor television mounts, this particular mount is made of high-quality stainless steel and is also powder-coated to provide optimum protection from the weather elements. On top of that, it also comes with a dual lock that allows the mount to be locked in as well as the television for sturdy support.

What’s great about this television mount however is that it can accommodate a range of television sizes from 37 to 90 inches and can also handle a relatively large amount of weight. It’s also VESA compatible which makes it setup easy for various outdoor televisions. The tilt motion of this television mount also means that you’re able to adjust the angle of the television to the perfect angle for your viewing pleasure.


  • Has dual locks that help with extra support and security
  • The tilt motion means that you’ll be able to get your perfect angle
  • Able to accommodate a wide range of television sizes and can handle a substantial amount of weight


  • It can’t extend up like some of the other television mounts

4. SunBriteTV Outdoor Fixed Mount for 37 – 80 Inch Large Displays

SunBriteTV Outdoor Fixed Mount for 37 - 80 Inch Large Displays

This inexpensive television mount has all the features. You need. First, it’s made with durable steel with a coating that’ll help protect it from all the various weather elements. It’s also easy to install as this television mount comes with leveling screws that allow you to make any last-minute adjustments required to the overall position.

There are also lockable tabs for added security, and it’s able to accommodate a substantial amount of weight and is VESA compatible – making it easy for a wide range of outdoor televisions.


  • Comes with a durable construction
  • Comes with screws for you to easily re-level the mount whenever needed
  • Has a VESA mounting pattern for easy installation with other outdoor televisions


  • You can’t tilt the television

5. Sealoc Outdoor Full Motion Mount for 37 – 70 Inch Displays

How to Mount Outdoor TV Antenna

With this outdoor television full-motion mount, you’ll be able to tilt and pivot your outdoor television to whichever direction you’d like for the most viewing. It’s made of high-quality stainless steel and is also powder-coated to protect it from the elements. From there, it’s coated with a second layer to help protect it against scratches.

The outdoor mount comes with dual locks so that it can be locked in for support and security. This particular television mount is also compatible with all outdoor televisions that have a VESA mounting pattern. With its durable construction as well as being weatherproof, you’re all set for the perfect outdoor television experience.


  • Full motion for optimal viewing and being able to get the perfect angle
  • Has dual locks for additional support as well as security
  • Coated with two layers of material that provides additional protection against corrosion and scratches


  • Doesn’t have the feature of extending up

How to Install an Outdoor TV Mount

To install an outdoor TV, you’re going to need the following:

  • Drill
  • Drill bits
  • Level
  • Tape measure
  • Pencil
  • Mounting bracket
  • Toggle bolts

Installing the Outdoor TV Mount: step by step guide

Step One

Identify the center of the location where your TV is going to be installed. You want to use a tape measure for that and mark the area with a pencil, so you’ll know where to drill.

Step Two

Open the TV arm mount box and install the brackets on the back of the TV.

Step Three

Measure the back of the TV to get an understanding of where the brackets are located. This helps you identify where you want to install the mount on the wall. Taking the right measurements is pretty crucial in this installation process.

Step Four

Before you install the mounting bracket on the wall, make sure that you use the level to make sure the mount is perfectly horizontal.

When you’ve leveled out the wall mount, use the pencil to mark the spots where you’re going to drill the holes.

Note that the drill you have to use depends on the type of wall you want to perforate. For stucco walls, you’re going to need a stucco drill.

Step Six

Place the toggle bolts in the holes.

Take the mounting bracket and align it with the toggle bolts.

Draw screws through the toggle bolts to secure the mounting bracket in place.

NOTE: Whatever bolts, screws, or nuts you use (depending on the exact mounting bracket you’ve purchased), it’s important to verify that everything is super tight before trying to put the TV on the wall.

Make sure that you have a possibility to connect your TV to a power outlet. You’ll either have to call in an electrician to install one outside or use extension cords running all the way outside to power your TV.

Step Seven

Put the TV on the wall mount and connect it to a power source.

How High to Mount Outdoor TV

How High to Mount Outdoor TV

The best height for hanging an outdoor TV depends on the size of the screen. You should consider other factors, such as the TV’s physical size, and adjust the appropriate TV mounting height accordingly. For a 55-inch TV, the ideal TV mounting height is 61 inches. Height increases as screen size increases.

How to Mount Outdoor TV Antenna: a step by step guide

Mounting your outdoor TV antenna can be complicated, so here are the steps to follow to make it happen.

How to Mount Outdoor TV Antenna

Step One

Always strive to set your outside antenna in a way that will ensure a direct line of sight to transmission towers. Best case scenario, the antenna should be installed at least 10 to 20 feet (or more) above ground.

If there is any exterior object that casts a shadow on your antenna, this can negatively impact TV signals, especially if they originate from that direction. For best results, it is recommended that you position the antenna on a tower that is at least 3.5 feet above the roof.

Step Two

Regardless of the type of mount chosen, you want the mast to be positioned vertically. Deviations can cause reception troubles. Use a carpenter’s level tool to make sure you get this right.

To configure the antenna so you get the best reception possible, use your compass and magnetic azimuth directions to find which direction provides the best reception for all of these.

Step Three

Additional care must be used when installing and connecting coaxial cable because it is a source of interference and could often result in loss of signal.

To connect your antenna to your TV or a converter box, you will need a cable of the proper length. Bends and steep curves should be avoided while traversing a route. You want the coaxial cable to take the direct route to your TV (avoiding sharp turns is always a plus).

Step Four

This final stage of this installation process implies that your coaxial cable will ultimately be installed in the TV where you’ll hook it up to the F connector input on your television or converter box. After you’ve attached the coaxial cable, perform a channel scan to locate the received channels.

How to Hide Wires for Wall Mounted TV

There is a few ways to keep your wires out of sight, as cable management outdoor goes way beyond aesthetic reasons (you want the cable to be protected from the weather elements as much as possible):

You can install a panel board to conceal the wires. There are plenty of designs to choose from, but make sure you opt for something that’s waterproof and can resist outdoor exposure.

You can purchase and install a wall cord raceway kit. These products usually have adhesive backing, so they are fairly easy to install. Again, make sure the materials can withstand element exposure.

You can also use outdoor decor elements to hide the wires. Depending on the wall where your outdoor TV is installed, you can use anything from outdoor wall decor to trellises covered in plants. Tall outdoor potted plants can also work.

How to Mount a TV Without Studs

An anchor is a good method for mounting a TV on the wall without using a stud. It is a good thing that they help to keep the screws in their place so they don’t fall out of the holes, or the wall could be damaged.

The flat-screen TV attachment secures your TV in place. Always follow these steps to install the anchor: drill a hole wherever you want to mount the TV, insert the sleeve, and put the anchor piece in place.

You can even use the disposable pull tool to get it as close to the wall as possible. To prevent the anchor from coming free while you’re installing the screw, this holds it in place.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)FAQ

Can regular TV be used outdoors?

Yes, you can, but only with the right precautions and only if you understand the limitations. Even when enclosed in a weather-proof cabinet, regular TVs are not designed for outdoor use because they wouldn’t be able to handle the glare. If possible, purchase a TV designed for outdoor use.

What makes a TV suitable for outdoor use?

When you’re shopping for an outdoor TV, you want to make sure it has features such as IP ratings (to ensure weatherproof housing), a display panel with anti-reflective properties (because you want the screen to be as bright as possible), and ports covered so that no dust can get in.

How long will TV last outside?

Preventing direct rain from getting on the TV is a good start. This type of TV setup typically lives for six to twelve months outside. If shielded from rain, you’ll still get condensation within an awning or gazebo. This is valid if you put a regular TV outside. However, if you opt for an outdoor TV, it can last for years with the right setup.

The Bottom Line

There you have it, some of the best outdoor TV mounts that we’ve found. There are plenty of options to choose from in terms of features and what you feel would suit your needs best. There are different types of outdoor TV mounts from those that can tilt to those that are fixed. What you’ll get with all of them however is a sturdy construction and is made with high-quality materials.