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How To Keep Cool On Hot Summer Days – A Guide On High Velocity Fans

Summer can be lovely, but scorching heat and humidity are not. For those moments when you desk fan can’t handle cooling you down, you need to upgrade. A high-velocity fan can be your salvation from melting indoors.

 High Velocity Fans

They help improve the air circulation even in large spaces. If you need more reasons to fully trust such a device, check out our high-velocity fan buying guide. And browse through our list of recommendations to find one that matches your needs. Keep your head cool even in the hottest days with a high-velocity fan.

What Makes High-velocity Fans So Special?

Much like its relatives from the ventilating family, a high-velocity fan circulates air. The main difference between a regular fan and a high-velocity fan comes from their efficiency and durability. In large spaces, high-velocity fans perform far better. From industrial spaces to garages or living rooms, they really handle cooling. Portable cooling fans can improve ventilation even in stables, warehouses or green houses. The outdoor version of these fans is ideal even as a workshop cooling fan. Long story short, high-velocity fans bring industrial strength for better air circulation, anywhere. More than that, as they are feature strong metal blades and a ball bearing motor, they can last longer.

What To Look For In A High-Velocity Fan?

You may not have a greenhouse to cool, but you can still feel tempted to buy a high-velocity fan for your living room. To figure out which model is best for your needs, here are some important features to have in mind.

  • Mounting options

You may plan to install it on a wall or you would prefer to keep it on the floor. High velocity fans come with various installation options. You can choose between a wall mount, pedestal, or floor fan model. Go for a versatile model if you plan to use your high-velocity fan in multiple places.

  • Size

Make sure your chosen fan has enough power to cool down your space. Pick a high-velocity fan based on how big or small the area is that you want to cool.

  • Speed levels

These super-strong fans feature different airflow speeds. For a better control over the amount of air circulated, opt for a model with 3 fan speeds.

  • CFM

To understand better how much ventilation a fan can deliver, check its CFM (cubic feet per minute). This measure reflects the airflow or the amount of air the fan can deliver in a given timeframe. The larger the space is, the more airflow you’ll need for cooling it. You may also want to look at the type of space you’ll be using the fan in. For instance, in your home won’t need an airflow as high as for an industrial space. A strong high-velocity fan really proves its worth in dusty environments or isolated spaces with limited airflow.

  • Airflow angle 

Having your fan directing the air straight ahead is standard. But let’s admit it, sometimes you may need that air to point to a specific area. The airflow direction should meet your needs. An adjustable tilt fan allows you to get the air moving. For instance, on flooded floors or freshly painted walls, 360-degree tilt options are great. These fans let you point the airflow directly to the desired area, to speed up the drying process.

Our Top 9 Recommended High-Velocity Fans

So far, we covered the most important features of a high-velocity fan. And to save you from spending hours on fan research, we also put together this list of cool stuff. You may need a portable industrial fan to cool your barn or a device for your home to face the harsh heat. Check out our top 8 high-velocity fans and get that powerful air circulation you need.

ProductAngle SplitBest FeatureCFMFan DimensionsFan Speeds
XPOWER FC-300 Professional Grade Air Circulator360-degree rotationhigh performance & low energy consumption, great for home210018.6 x 19.2 x 9.4 inches4
Master MAC-12F Floor Fan360-degree rotationpractical design, easy to transport150016.9 x 8.3 x 16 inches3
OEM TOOLS OEM24875 36 Inch Black High-Velocity Barrel Fan180-degree rotationvery powerful airflow, adaptable to many spaces11,28041.5 x 11 x 43 inches2
MaxxAir High Velocity Industrial Belt Drive Barrel Fan180-degree rotationthe best choice for industrial spaces19,00045.75 x 44 x 19 inches2
B-Air FIRTANA-20X High Velocity Electric Industrial and Home Floor Fan360-degree rotationwhite noise machine & excellent power for cooling; versatile installation options465024 x 22.3 x 6 inches3
Stanley High-Velocity Direct Drive 20" Box Fan360-degree rotationsilent and powerful air circulation480024 x 25 x 10 inches3
OEM TOOLS 30” High-Velocity Oscillating Pedestal Commercial Fan 180-degree rotationhigh ventilation performance on a pedestal950032.75 x 7.25 x 40.5 inches3
Lasko Pro Performance High Velocity Blower Fan315 degree pivotationsturdy rubber feet, a circuit breaker; one of the safest high-velocity fans35014.75 x 14.5 x 11.5 inches3

1. XPOWER FC-300 Professional Grade Air Circulator

Pro Performance High Velocity Blower Fan

The XPOWER FC-300 Professional Grade Air Circulator is perfect to handle heavy-duty ventilation. Rely on its 1/4 horsepower motor to improve air circulation or assist you in rapid drying for a large surface. And if you fear this ventilating beast is dangerous, know it is ETL  / CETL certified for safety. Enjoy a cool atmosphere with this advanced manufacturing technology. The FC-300 high-velocity fan features 4 speeds and has a 2100 CFM output.

This XPOWER fan handles rugged use like a breeze. With durable housing and a well built stand, it also rotates a full 360 degrees. Point it in any direction you need a high-velocity airflow, from the floor, all the way to the ceiling. Use the timer to set the fan according to your schedule. And enjoy better ventilation without blowing your bills out of proportions. The 10-foot cord and practical handle allow you to use and transport the FC-300 with no sweat.


  • lightweight and compact injection molded housing
  • powerful motor
  • four speeds
  • 360 degree rotation
  • long power cord
  • low energy consumption (drawing only 1.5 amps for 2,100 CFM).


  • high level of noise for maximum speed
  • one-year limited warranty.

2. Master MAC-12F Floor Fan

Pro Performance High Velocity Blower Fan

The Master MAC-12F Floor Fan brings together durability and portability. A compact, powerful floor fan like this will not disappoint you with its 1500 CFM airflow. Cool down your home, your office and even take it with you when travelling. Control the airflow and direct it where you need it most. Thanks to the 3 speed options and 360-degree tilt angle, this high-velocity fan will cool things like a pro. You will have no doubt about this fan’s durability.  Its sturdy construction includes only metal components (blades included). The safety grill is also steel-coated.


  • easy, full 360-degree rotation
  • long-lasting metal components
  • long power cord
  • lightweight and compact design
  • great to use as white noise machine.


  • control buttons behind the fan
  • metal blades can present risk for injury
  • no remote.

3. OEM TOOLS OEM24875 36 Inch Black High-Velocity Barrel Fan

Pro Performance High Velocity Blower Fan

The OEM TOOLS OEM24875 36 Inch Black High-Velocity Barrel Fan takes powerful ventilation to a whole new level. With an airflow of 11,280 CFM and a tilt mechanism of 180 degrees, you know this fan will be a real blast. Get more control over the air circulation in your workspace, warehouse and more. This 36 inch drum fan features aluminium blades and a two-speed motor. Use it to keep your space cool and improve ventilation. A steady airflow contributes in reducing exhaust, fumes, dust.


  • incredible airflow power
  • durable metal construction
  • 6 feet long cord
  • 180-degree rotation.


  • high level of noise at maximum speed
  • only 90 days warranty.

4. MaxxAir High Velocity Industrial Belt Drive Barrel Fan

Pro Performance High Velocity Blower Fan

The MaxxAir High Velocity Industrial Belt Drive Barrel Fan is a safe bet for those in need of industrial power to cool down large spaces such as a factory, warehouse or barn. Keeping a bearable temperature for both people and animals is a breeze with this 42-inch belt-drive fan. It features two speeds and a thermally protected 1/4 horsepower PSC motor. With up to 19,000 CFM, this sturdy high-velocity fan will blow away the competition. The belt drive ensures the noise level is lower, even with prolonged use. The 22-gauge steel powder-coated housing adds to the fan’s durability.


  • high performance – up to 19,000 CFM
  • helps remove stale air and odors from large spaces
  • 2-year warranty
  • thermally protected motor
  • rust resistant grilles
  • convenient handles for easy transportation
  • quiet functioning and increased longevity.


  • only two speeds
  • not recommended for very humid places.

5. High Velocity Electric Industrial and Home Floor Fan

Pro Performance High Velocity Blower Fan

The B-Air FIRTANA-20X High Velocity Electric Industrial and Home Floor Fan is the perfect device for cooling and white noise. Safe to use, with a sturdy construction, this multi-purpose fan is also tilt adjustable. Direct the powerful airflow exactly where you need it, whether you use it in the kitchen or garage. The durable metal housing will ensure your fan will cool your space for many years to come. With a versatile design, this high-velocity fan can be  placed on the floor or hanged on a wall.


  • 360-degree rotation
  • 3 speed settings
  • portable handle
  • safe to use (UL certified)
  • sturdy metal construction
  • versatile design.


  • hard to clean due to small grid spacing
  • only one year warranty.

6. High-Velocity Direct Drive 20″ Box Fan

Pro Performance High Velocity Blower Fan

The Stanley High-Velocity Direct Drive 20″ Box Fan brings a splash of cool air and color to your home or workshop. This powerful yellow fan will brighten up your space and improve air circulation. With three speed options, this versatile and portable fan can fit anywhere. Rotate it up to 360 degrees, to direct the airflow where you need. Enjoy an airflow of up to 4800 CFM at a low level of noise.


  • portable, versatile
  • 360 degree rotation
  • attractive design
  • good performance at a low noise level.


  • only one year warranty
  • control panel placed behind the fan.

8. OEM TOOLS 30 Inch High-Velocity Oscillating Pedestal

Pro Performance High Velocity Blower Fan

The OEM TOOLS 30” High-Velocity Oscillating Pedestal Commercial Fan  delivers its cooling promise. Put your comfort on a pedestal and enjoy the powerful airflow this fan provides. Made from durable steel, this commercial fan features aluminum blades. Enjoy cooler days with the perfect combination of airflow and energy efficiency. This high-velocity fan has a 180-degree oscillating head, letting you control the airflow direction. Talking about power, the 9500 CFM of airflow mean a huge volume of air circulating in a short time. Reduce the odors, fumes or exhaust from your workspace. And refresh the air fresh with no extra-weight on your electricity bills.


  • 180-degree oscillation
  • 3-speed options
  • 6-feet UL listed cord
  • high performance for low consumption.


  • loud at maximum speed
  • limited warranty (90 days)
  • control buttons placed at the back of the fan.

9. Pro Performance High Velocity Blower Fan

Pro Performance High Velocity Blower Fan

The Lasko Pro Performance High Velocity Blower Fan will win your heart and keep it cool and safe. Small-sized, yet sturdy, this turbine-style fan will be a pleasant surprise.  Use its pivoting head to direct the airflow where you need, whether it’s a wet floor or a freshly painted wall. This strong blower fan won’t take too much of your space, thanks to its reduced footprint. Always a great tag-along for your tasks, this little fellow will keep you cool while you work. Whether you change your oil, repaint a room or wash the floor, it will all be home and dry with this high velocity fan.


  • two power outlets
  • safety circuit breaker
  • turbine style fan (no blades)
  • reset button
  • grip handle for easy transport
  • 3-prong, grounded safety plug
  • ETL listed.


  • 1-year limited warranty
  • construction material – plastic
  • high noise level.

Before You Go

For large spaces, where air circulation needs a serious push, high-velocity fans are the answer. Versatile, easy to use and powerful, they increase your comfort by improving airflow. They also contribute to gaining better climate control. In construction sites, warehouses or other large spaces, high-velocity fans help you with:

  • Moisture management
  • Cooling
  • Circulating heat
  • Ventilation

Check out our list of recommended high-velocity fans and put an end to unbearable heat at work. Let us know in the comments which one is your favorite. Enjoy your summer and keep your cool!