Beautiful interiors featuring wall-mounted TVs

Wall-mounted TVs are a great way of clearing up some space. They no longer occupy your media console, table, desk, etc. and they also allow you more flexibility. This way you can hang your TV anywhere you want and place it somewhere where it could even be more pleasant for the eyes. Also, a wall-mounted TV serves as a wall decoration. We have selected a few examples of interiors featuring wall-mounted TVs to prove that.

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Anyone can just take a TV and put it on a wall. But making it look beautiful at the same time is not that easy. You also have to find a way to make the TV integrate into the décor and this often means using more than just the TV itself. In this case a series of panels have been placed on the wall to create a sort of background for the TV. They are simple and stylish and they provide the focal point the décor needs.

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Another simple and elegant way of making the TV stand out is to use LED lighting. This particular bedroom features a very simple and neutral interior décor so the LED lights behind the TV look beautiful since they’re subtle but bold enough to stand out. They create a very nice mood. All the light fixtures in the room can be dimmed and this also includes the TV backlights.

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Singularizing the TV can be a strategy for creating a minimalist and contrasting décor. But if you would rather make the TV blend in and if you want to make in a part of the décor without being necessarily the focal point, you can also decorate the area around it with framed photos or artwork. This way the whole wall would look like a gallery and the TV would be a part of it.

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This study/media room also has a wall-mounted TV. In this case the TV is nicely framed by a bookcase on one side and a series of storage shelves on the other. They create a symmetric look and they create a formal but still casual and relaxing atmosphere. It’s a nice example of how you can functionally utilize all the space in a room and how you can clear up some floor space by using wall-mounted elements.

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A proper media room or any living room as a matter of fact needs more than just a TV if you want to have great movie experiences. So if you want the focus to be on the electronic part you can make the TV and the speakers the start of your décor. This way you won’t need other accessories. This living room features a wall-mounted TV framed by built-in speakers. The image they create is simple and modern and it matches the rest of the décor.

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