Your Complete Guide To Bahama Shutters

Bahama shutters are a smart home investment. They offer much more than a beach vibe. Join us as we provide your complete guide to Bahama shutters.

Bahama Shutters
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Today, we’ll review the materials used to make Bahama shutters. We’ll also talk about the pros and cons the decorative outdoor window shutters.

Make sure to read to the end because you just may be surprised at your own conclusion. 

What Are Bahama Shutters?

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Even if you’ve never heard of Bahama shutters, if you live near a beach, you’ve seen them. The shutters open vertically and have slats on top of each other. Its chief characteristic is how the shutter hinges at the top of a window, like an awning.

In Southwest Florida, for example, they serve many purposes. The shutters are decorative, provide shade, and can withstand winds up to 120 mph. The shutters complement Cape Cod, Ranch, Cottage style homes.

Beach houses rely on the shutters. They offer protection against strong winds and hot weather. They’re for indoor and outdoor purposes and cover windows to help a home’s exterior.

Gazebos, verandas, and residential homes throughout Florida will have these shutters.

Where Did Bahama Shutters Originate? 

Bahama Shutters
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Bahama shutters, also known as Bermuda shutters, get their name from their place of origin. They originated in the Caribbean and Bahamas in the late 1800s. The shutters offer protection from tropical storms, bad weather, and heavy sunlight. They are also known as “storm shutters” and “hurricane coverings.” 

Note: “Hurricane covering” is a broad term and includes many types of window coverings.

Types Of Bahama Shutters

Bahama Shutters
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There are many different types of Bahama shutters. Some designs are faux shutters and look like washboards. Faux Bahama shutters will have flat slats and don’t overlap. This reduces the protection they offer. Some people will also use ornamental shutters.

Let’s review the various things used to make Bahama shutters.


Wood shutters are not as strong and require maintenance. The shutters are ideal in calm climate regions. They are popular among those who prefer wood over other materials.

Wood is easy to replace. Many people like the “idea” of wood. If you have hardwood floors and wood furniture, then wooden shutters will complement your home.  

Handmade wooden shutters are available according to your tastes and preferences.  


Plastic is the cheapest option. The style isn’t durable, and they don’t offer storm protection. If you have something else supporting the shutters, and appearance is your main concern, this style will be fine.

If you’re on a budget and want a beach house look, then this option is for you. Remember, plastic shutters are not effective if you live near a beach. 


Bahama Shutters
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Composite shutters are more durable than wooden versions. They come in a variety of colors and styles. The catch is how “composite” can mean anything as they’re made with various materials. As decorative metal shutters for windows, they are a nice option.

Don’t buy low-quality shutters. Learn as much as you can about each design before purchasing. Review the materials and consult with a professional. 


Fiberglass is for insulation, the inside of bathtubs, and showers. The material has more pros and cons and is fire and water-resistant.

However, fiberglass isn’t as durable and will break when impacted. If you have asthma, you’ll want to avoid fiberglass shutters. Plus, the material needs re-coating every few years. 

Fiberglass Bahama shutters offer a smooth finish and a 20-year warranty. Plus, it doesn’t corrode like aluminum.


These shutters feature heavy extruded aluminum. It is the most popular type of material used for these shutters. It’s cheaper than wood, stronger than composite, and not as artificial, like fiberglass. Aluminum Bahama shutters exterior provides a nice outside view. All things considered aluminum shutters might be your best option.

Aluminum is a top window covering option in the southeastern American hurricane belt. Don’t exclude specific shutter styles until you know which is best for you.  

Different Shapes Of Bahama Shutters And “Mock” Shutters 

Bahama Shutters
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Some companies classify Bahama shutters differently. If the shutter is rectangular in shape and opens vertically, it is often considered a Bahama shutter. There’s nothing wrong with this classification. 

This means that “shutters” that look like windows are sometimes tagged with the word “Bahama.” The same goes for shutters that simply have screens. However, most companies won’t call it a Bahama shutter unless it has overlapping slats. 

Why Get Bahama Shutters?

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These shutters offer more pros than cons. You might be thinking, why get Bahama shutters when you can have something else? Before deciding, let’s look at why you should get them.


The shutters offer versatility. They may scream “beach house,” but other options are available. They’re available in any color you desire.

Many people who have a farmhouse will use them for their rustic look and washboard design.

The shape adds to their dynamic. While most shutters are similar in shape, circle and diamond ones are easy to find. Your contractor can help you with the available options. 

Sunlight Control

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People like the shutters because they control the sunlight entering their homes. Like window blinds, shutters are adjustable. Shutter slats control how much light can enter a room.


Full privacy is another reason why the shutters are popular. They prevent strangers from looking inside your home. Not many options have the same feature on the inside. Having control over your privacy is a bonus.

The can be propped open, left partially open, or closed for privacy.

Save Money

The shutters are cost-efficient in multiple ways. First, they’re cheaper than other options. Second, they reduce electricity usage from air conditioners and fans. 

Storm Protection

Storm protection is the number one reason the shutters are popular. High temperatures and heavy rainfall conditions can damage your home in the long term. Shutters also offer protection from debris and strong winds. 

When a hurricane is approaching, the average preparation time is less than a few minutes per window.

Buying And Installing Bahama Shutters

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Buying and installing Bahama shutters are easy. Home improvement companies carry the shutters. If they don’t have them in stock, order and have them delivered. You can do this at no extra cost.

If you want something that’s not in stock, do your research. When buying online, your options are unlimited. You won’t have a problem finding companies that specialize in what you need.

DIY Bahama Shutters

Installing DIY Bahama shutters is a cheap and easy option. Most designs have hardware kits that make installation simple. If you don’t have construction experience, hire a professional.

Cost Of Bahama Shutters

The cost of Bahama shutters varies depending on style and material. Set a budget at $50 per square foot. This is less for plastic shutters and more for expensive materials. 

You can get the shutters custom-made, but that will also cost more. If you shopped until you found what you wanted, the shutters would be cheaper than window blinds. 

With labor costs, the shutters do not require many hours to install. It will depend on your windows. The job also doesn’t require more than two people.

When Not To Get Bahama Shutters

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Knowing when not to get shutters is just as important as knowing when you should get them. The choice is yours. 

Softer climates wouldn’t require window shutter protection. But their benefits would still apply. The shutters make your home look appealing. They are cost-efficient and offer better privacy. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)FAQ

Do Bahama shutters keep rain out?

The shutters protect homes and windows against bad weather, including rain. When installing shutters, put them at the top against the wall. Due to their hard qualities, shutters can withstand strong winds and flooding. Not only can they prevent rain from entering your home, but they reduce the wear and tear from natural sunlight.

Do Bahama shutters add value to your home?

The shutters add value to your home. They make your home more appealing to buyers. The shutters also give a good first impression. Energy efficiency is a quality that homebuyers like as shutters help lower electricity expenses.

Are Bahama shutters expensive?

They’re both expensive and cheap. Decide what you want and how much you’re willing to spend. You won’t have a problem finding cheaper shutters. Installation prices are cheaper for smaller homes.

Bahama Shutters Conclusion

The shutters offer protection and help save money. They might not be everyone, so consider if you need them. If the shutters don’t complement your home and you don’t live close to a beach, they’re not for you. As a method for home protection, the shutters are a cheap option. Remember, though, Bahama shutters are fixed to your windows, so they can’t be removed whenever you want.