7 Useful Tips for Decorating a Studio Apartment

Decorating a studio apartment can prove to be very challenging as all the things are a part of a single undivided space. All the different parts of a house such as sleeping area, cooking area, dining area, study area, and the living area coexists together and hence the decoration of the apartment is a difficult job.

1. Space saving furniture.

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Studio apartments are known to have limited space, so in order to have efficient storage space, try to purchase furniture that performs a double duty. You can easily find ottomans and chairs with storage space. You just need to lift the top to access the storage area. You can use this space for storing your pillows, blankets and other items.

2. High Ceilings.

If your studio apartment has sufficient height, then create a loft and make it accessible by stairs. You can use this as a storage area or evolve it as a hobby or study area.

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3. Create specific areas for varied activities.

For instance, a bed along with the dresser can be placed at one end, and the other end can be used as kitchen and dining area and the living area can be created somewhere in the mid way. Moreover, if you are really short of space then try to use a sofa cum bed. Instead of a dresser, just mount a mirror and a shelf on a wall.

4. Try to use dividers to demarcate space but limit them to just one or two.

Thin glass with slight etching or frosting is the perfect material for the divider. However, you may also select wood if you desire to create completely separate areas.

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5. Make use of mirrors to reflect light.

Several small mirrors or a large mirror located strategically is known to make a small space appear larger and lighter.

6. Avoid blocking the source of light.

Restricting natural light to travel in by the use of draperies and blinds will make the room look crowded and small. Leave the windows completely bare or at the most dress them with sheer fabric to allow the light to come in.

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7. Studio apartments should always be painted in lighter colors, unless they are really large.

It is not mandatory to stick with whites and creams but using light colors such as soothing pink, yellow, blue, shall expand the space and make it look large.