6 Stylish Ways To Stencil!

Everyone needs to learn some stylish ways to stencil. Wallpaper and paint don’t always cut it. Sometimes you need something more stylish and different to get your home in a more fashionable shape. Stenciling could be your way to a better designed home. Whether you do-it-yourself or grab someone that has the know-how, there are a variety of stencils and stenciling techniques to use in your home. There are so many different ways to make your walls pop or blend. But there are also ways to make other parts of your home pop and blend with a little stenciling work.

Take a look at all these stylish ways to stencil in your home!!

1. Patterns.

Frame stencil

Choosing to create a patterned wall is a great idea if you want something that looks a bit fancier and richer than wallpaper And unlike wallpaper, you choose your own colors and can add your own touch at any time. A signature, an extra dot or a hidden flower or heart … you have the reigns in the creativity department.

2. Pillows.

Frame stencil

Again, stenciling isn’t just for your walls. You can stencils pillows to give an edgier feel to a space. It’ll definitely jazz up plainer pillows and you can add any type of appliques to create a mix media feel as well.

3. Dresser drawers.

Frame stencil

Yes, you can even stencil your dresser drawers to add a bit of style. Have fun with colors and have fun with design. And it’s so easy! Grab a spray can or do it by hand … the stencil does all the work.

4. Carpets.

Frame stencil

This is where it gets fun to experiment! Grab a plain, inexpensive rug from the store … some paint and see what happens! Create a pattern, design or even a phrase like, “Welcome.”{found on site}.

5. Design.

Frame stencil

Now this may be considered a “pattern” if repeated, but I tend to this it has more of a design element. You can repeat the stencil to create a patterned wall but you can also place one or two on a wall and have a surprise area too.{found on younghouselove}.

6. Frame it.

Frame stencil

Use stencils to create a smaller (or bigger) design on the wall and then frame it! It’s such a creative, cool idea. And it’s just another easy way to bring some style to your home!