5 bedroom interior décor ideas

The bedroom is one of the most important rooms of the house and it influences your day to day life. So it’s important to choose the right décor. Here are 5 ideas that might help you make up your mind.

1. The romantic bedroom

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This is one of the most popular décor ideas. In order to create a romantic décor in your bedroom you need to opt for furniture with curved and feminine lines that in the same time inspires elegance. The nightstands with curved legs are a very common choice. As for the bed, you can opt for a forged steel version that will offer you the opportunity to add more romantic elements. Also, the headboard would be a very nice choice. Don’t forget the curved lines. Use floral patterns for the bedding and pastel colors for the walls.

2. The glamour bedroom

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The best word to describe this style would be opulence. In order to obtain such a look you need to use luxurious materials and bright accents. An easy choice would be to adopt the baroque style that already has a busy look, with a lot of decorations and elegant curved lines. The furniture needs to look massive, oversized. Use decorative pillows on the bed and opt for metallic colors and bright finishes. As for the lighting system, use a chandelier. The colors need to be dramatic: black, grey, gold and silver.

3. The contemporary bedroom

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Such a décor allows you to opt for furniture with playful and nonconformist looks. Use bright colors and organic shapes. The lighting fixtures need to be abstract and the prints should be vibrant, since they are the one that set the tone and atmosphere. Use multiple decorative pillows, in different colors and combine them. The key is to get out of the ordinary. If you have the space, use a chaise-lounge.

4. The classical bedroom

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If you like simple but elegant lines and décor this is the perfect choice for you. Such a décor is created using natural, refined and equilibrated elements. The furniture needs to be, first of all, simple and made of massive wood, with curved lines and dark finishes. You also need a chandelier and some imposing lamps. You can also opt for a big mirror, with a wide frame and floral motifs. The colors used in general are tones of brown, accentuated by golden tones.

5. The rustic bedroom

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In order to obtain such a bedroom you just need to follow a few rules. First of all, use a lot of wood. Use wooden floors, covered by a rustic rug with traditional motifs or a fur skin rug. For the bed, use floral or checkers patterns. Add decorative elements such as vases filled with flowers or pine cones. If you have the space you can also add a swing and a cozy blanket.