21 Fun Crafts For A Great 4th Of July Celebration

Once again, it’s time to get ready for the 4th of July celebration and that means taking all the festive decorations out of the storage area. It might also be a good idea to get some new ones or to make something yourself. It’s pretty easy to come up with something chic that features the red, white and blue colors. It’s doesn’t necessarily have to be a flag. There are lots of other fun and quirky 4th of July decorations you can create and we’ll have a look at some of them in the hopes to offer you the inspiration you need to get you started.

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This is something simple you could make for your fireplace mantel or for one of the shelves in your home. We found this idea on Thegoldensycamore. The nice thing about this project is that you don’t need a lot of things to get it done. You can just cut a strip a fabric from a pair of old blue and white jeans and wrap some white and red ribbon around a wooden spool. Tie the jeans strip to a white-painted mason jar and put a small flag inside. You can complete the whole ensemble with a framed chalkboard with a festive message written on it.

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If you want something colorful and festive for your lawn or deck, how about an old shutter painted with the colors of the American flag? here’s how you make one. First you need to go find yourself an old plastic shutter which you can use for this project we found on Hossierhomemade. Then get some primer paint and red, white and blue spray paint. You’ll also need some tape if you want to also want to paint a star on the shutter. It looks a little bit like Captain America’s shield so that’s also fun.

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For your entryway, a simple patriotic street or house number could look nice. You could make a nice banner and paint it with the colors of the American flag. If you want to replicate the look featured on Justalittlecreativity you’ll need some canvas, blue tape, chevron frog tape, red, white and blue craft paint, two wooden dowels, four end caps, rope and a stencil for the numbers. If you want you can come up with your own design inspired by the same idea.

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A patriotic wreath could also look beautiful and you can hang it on your front door. You can make a wreath like the one on Homecraftsbyali using a wire frame, some wood star-shaped decorations, acrylic paint in red, white and blue, a glue gun and plenty of clothespins. The most time-consuming part would probably be having to hand paint all the clothespins. If you can find some that already have the right colors that would be perfect. After you paint these, it’s time to also paint the stars. Make these white. Then start attaching the clothespins to the wreath and, at the end, glue the stars on the blue ones.

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If you’re also planning a festive 4th of July dinner, you might as well decorate the table accordingly. It’s pretty simple actually. You could use a blue tablecloth and put a white runner on it. Add some red flower centerpieces and you’re all set. Now let’s focus a little bit on the table runner. Basically it can just be a piece of white fabric but to give it a festive look you could use some colored marker pens to draw some fireworks. Check out Letsmingleblog for more inspiration with this design.

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Three pineapples can become your centerpiece for this special day. Of course, you’ll need to decorate them a little bit. We found an interesting idea in this sense on Freutcake. It would have to be one of the most tropical 4th of July crafts we came across. Each of the pineapples was spray painted red, white and respectively blue. This includes the leaves too. Then sparkles was added to each one. Put them all on a tray or just place them on the table or on the mantel.

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Some cute tassels can become the perfect decorations for this year’s 4th of July celebration. You can put them all in a garland and hang them on a wall, from the mantel or in front of your window. But first let’s see how you can make that garland. You can find a tutorial on Sisterssuitcaseblog. You can only use red and blue yarn and dip some in bleach to make it white. You can get different intensities of the color using this method and even create an ombre effect for the garland. it’s a cute idea regardless of whether you’re making the tassels from scratch or buying ready-made ones.

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Turn a Mason jar into a vase and give it festive look by decorating with some old book pages. It may not sound very 4th of July-ish but wait until you see the final result. Check out Viewfromthefridge for a full tutorial. It all starts with some old book pages, red and blue dye or paint, a foam brush, wood stars, twine and a drill. Paint the book pages red and let them dry. Then rip them into strips and adhere them to the white jar using glue. The goal is to get a few white and red stripes. Then drill holes in the stars, cover them with blue-painted book pages and hang them with twine.

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A simple and fun project for the kids can be a set of painted jars with pinwheels in them. Painting the jars is easy and there’s no need to offer instructions for this part. Making the pinwheels, on the other hand, can be tricky so make sure to check out the instructions on Craft-e-corner. Start with a square piece of double-sided scrapbook paper. Cut in from each corner toward the center. Curl every other edge with a pen and then glue this to the center. At the end, glue the pinwheel to a wooden dowel.

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The star is a great symbol you can use in your 4th of July crafts so let’s see how you can make a 3D star garland. First you should print out some stars on a piece of paper and cut them out. You can print them or red, white and blue paper. After you have all the stars, score a straight line down from each point and then fold each star to make it 3D. With a hole punch, make a small hole at the top of one of the points on each star and string them all onto some twine.{found on hawthorneandmain}.

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Considering how versatile Mason jars are and how many things you can do with them, we decided you can never have too many jar crafts in an article so here’s another one. We found this one on Afloral. The supplies needed include jars, red, white and blue acrylic or spray paint, some clear coat paint, brushes and tape. Paint the jars white and then tape off the areas you want to paint over. You can make stripes or a star design. After that, paint those areas with either red or blue. Wrap some twine around the mouth of each jar. If you want to turn the jars into vases, put some floral foam inside and then stick the flower stems in.

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Since flags are the most popular 4th of July decoration, let’s see how you can one that’s a little bit more unconventional. We’re talking about a flag make of tree branches or sticks. All you need is some sticks or twigs, red, white and blue paint and a hot glue gun. Break or cut all the sticks so they roughly have the same length. Them paint them to make them look like the American flag when put together. Glue two unpainted sticks to the back so keep them all in position. You can then hang the flag with a piece of twine anywhere you want. {found on nontoygifts}.

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Another flag craft was featured on Themagicbrushinc. This time the flag is considerably larger and also made from a wooden pallet. When you think about it, a pallet has the ideal structure for such a project. All you have to do is paint it to give it the right look. You need paint in the three colors we keep mentioning and a stencil to make the stars. There are various variations of the design you can try so feel free to improvise.

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A wreath design that’s both cute and festive can be found on Flamingotoes. It’s a wreath made of pom-poms and, as you can imagine, crafting one just like it shouldn’t be too difficult. It might take a while to make all the pom-poms but you can save time by buying ready-made ones. Use only red and white pom-poms and add some blue star ornaments or play with the colors in any way you want. Check out the tutorial to find a list of supplies and the steps you need to take for a successful outcome.

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We don’t really know what to call the object we found described on Landeeseelandeedo. What’s certain is that it would be fairly easy to make and has a bold and festive look. You need a small metal bucket, red and white straws, blue ribbon and glue or elastic strips to hold them all in place. Use the straws to completely cover the exterior of the bucket and then tie a bow around them.

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How about some framed decorations for this year’s 4th of July? You can make something simple and chic. You can use some printable designs like the ones on Organizeyourstuffnow. Print them out and add some washi tape to complete the look. Then just frame these using simple white frames. They’d look lovely on a wall or even on the front door.

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The festive bunting featured on Overthebigmoon is also something you could easily craft. You can use pages from an old book for the project. You’ll also need some patriotic star decorations which you can craft yourself or buy. Cut the book pages to give them the pointy shape and then glue a star on each one. After they’re all lined up, glue them all to a long piece of twine and fold the top over.

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On Homanathome we found this cute idea for making firecracker centerpieces using empty toilet paper rolls and colored yarn. Basically you paint each roll with three colors: blue, white and red. Then you wrap matching yarn around respecting the sections. Use glue to secure the ends. After that, put a crumpled tissue inside each roll.

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Since it’s summer, some refreshing cold drinks would be welcomed on the 4th of July. You can serve them in festive sippy cups made of mason jars with decorated lids. It’s really simple actually. You can use patriotic scrapbook paper to decorate the lids and them complement them with matching straws. The project is described with more details on Twoshadesofpink.

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There’s also one more wreath we want to show you here. It’s the one we found on Vickybarone. To make it you’ll need a wreath form, white felt flowers, red and white baker’s twine, mini clothespins, red and blue felt, scissors and red ribbon. Wrap twine around the wreath and then start making the decorations. Arrange the white felt flowers across the bottom of the wreath in a cluster and then make bunting using red and blue felt triangles and tiny clothespins attached to some red and white twine. Hang the wreath with red ribbon.

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We’ll finish the list with another flag decoration. It’s similar to the pallet flag described earlier but this one is actually made of reclaimed wood. You can put your leftover scrap wood to good use with this project. Put the boards together to create a sign which you then paint to make it look like the American flag. Use a stencil for all the stars or freehand them. You can find the full description of the project on myfrugaladventures.