10 Tips on How to Arrange Your Furniture

Furniture arrangement is more than just placing pieces where you think they will make the most sense (such as putting the dining table in the center of the room). It can also help to create the right mood in a room, as well as fulfil other functions. Here are ten tips to help you arrange furniture in the best way for your living space.

Focus on Function.

Modern large living room white floor
Think About How You Use the Room

Sometimes you require décor items to be within easy reach for whatever purpose you have in that room. For instance, you want kitchen utensils to be organized so that you can reach for them when you are cooking, and you would want your books to be available when you are studying or working in your home office. Consider what you need and where, so that you can design your furniture accordingly.

Surround the Space.

Modern large living room white floor
Circular Placement Engages People

When it comes to the living room, consider placing your sofa and chairs in the middle of the room in a circular or cozy formation to ensure conversation among people. Then, the remainder of the furniture that goes in the room should form a border around this social setting. For instance, cabinets and shelves can then be placed along the walls.

Design Around a Main Item.

Modern large living room white floor
Choose One Item as Your Décor Starting Point

A good tip to help you organize your furniture appropriately is to focus it on a focal point in the room. This could be the fireplace, piano, or a piece of art, for instance. Doing this helps you to decorate because you can arrange seating around the focal point, or use it as inspiration for color and textures in upholstery. The visual attraction does not have to form contrast in the room; it could be blended in with the rest of the room’s color to create balance and comfort.

Design Around High Traffic.

Modern large living room white floor
Think About How Busy Areas Are

In areas of your home where many people walk every day, ensure that you have enough space between your furniture for this to occur. Aim for approximately 30 inches between items of furniture. Make the space a little larger for areas that have higher traffic, such as the spots in front of sinks and appliances in the kitchen.

Choose Pieces to Match Your Living Space.

Modern large living room white floor
Consider Different Shapes for Tables

Circular tables are great for for small dining spaces or square rooms. However, consider buffet-style table that can run along the walls and don’t take too much space. Rectangular tables work well in many spaces as they come in a variety of lengths. If you have a stunning light fixture, then placing the table directly under it is a great way to accentuate it.

Against the Wall.

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Dressers Usually Look Best Against a Wall

Because of its boxy shape, if you choose to place a dresser in the corner or center of the room it might look awkward. Ground it by giving it a wall – this also opens up the center of the room for the furniture you want to accentuate. You could place the dressers under a mirror for extra effect.

Match Pictures to Furniture.

Modern large living room white floor
Mind the Gap

Try not to hang your pictures too high on the wall as this can give the room a lack of proportion. When you hang a picture over an item of furniture, do so approximately 12 inches above it so that it works visually. You want a small gap between the art and your furniture to prevent a cramped feeling.


Modern large living room white floor
Chairs and Sofas Don’t Always Have to Face Each Other

Get creative with your furniture placement. Two sofas might make more use of your large room by being placed back-to-back instead of facing each other. You could do this with other furniture, too.

Modern large living room white floor
Divide the Room with Décor

Placing furniture back-to-back can also instantly divide the room, which is perfect for large open spaces.

Design by Triangles.

Modern large living room white floor
Balancing Act

Triangulation in interior design refers to the placing of two end-tables alongside a couch with a painting placed on the wall above it. Triangulation is a good way to achieve balance and symmetry in a home, plus it can be handy for tricky areas that leave you stumped as to how to arrange furniture in them.

Don’t Cull, Combine.

Modern large living room white floor
Group the Smaller Items Together

Avoid having bits and pieces of your furniture, such as small tables or ottomans, spread across the room with the result that there is too much space left over. Instead of getting rid of them, though, use them to bulk up your furniture items to create a more unified approach. You could do this by placing ottomans together in the center of the room or placing a colorful ottoman underneath a small table. You want to fill the space with grouped items, not shy away from it.

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