Ways to decorate your home with seashells

If you have a collection of sea shells then you must know how exquisite they are. However, these wonderful elements of nature end up being stored in a box after they are picked from the beach. How about using the gorgeous sea shells to decorate your home? It is an expensive way and all it shall cost, is a trip to the ocean.

1) Purchase a large open bowl or jar and fill it up with a variety of sea shells to create an interesting center piece for the table. You may partially fill the bowl with sand and then place the sea shells. You may also add Spanish moss, dried flowers, pinecones or other interesting motifs with the sea shells.

2) Purchase an inexpensive and a plain photo frame crafted out of wood from the market. Paint it in a light shade or may also allow it to flaunt its natural look. Stick sea shells on all sides of the frame with the help of a glue stick. Use the frame to display some of your best pictures.

Seashell wreath is another great way to decorate the home with sea shells. Purchase a simple wreath from the craft store. Stick different types of sea shells in varied designs and patterns with the help of a hot glue stick. You may also add dried flowers or leaves to it. Display the seashell wreath outside your front door or on an idle wall.

Collect sea shells of varied sizes and shapes and string them together. You might require drilling a hole in each sea shell to allow it pass to pass through the string or wire. If you are running short of sea shells then the same effect can be created by using white beads between the sea shells. Hang the garland near the front door or drape it over a mirror.

A simple looking mirror may be transformed into an exquisite piece of art. You simply need to glue clusters of sea shells at the corner of a mirror. Alternatively, you may also glue the sea shells on both the sides of the mirror.

If you have some flat shells, then you may display them as candle holders. Place some sand in the flat bottomed shell and stick a candle.

Published by in How To, Tips, and Advice, on March 8th, 2011


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