10 Ways To Creatively Add Storage To Your Bathroom

There’s always so much you need to store in the bathroom and there’s rarely space for everything in there. We try to stuff everything under the sink or in the tiny cabinet on the wall but that ends badly pretty much every time. Let us show you a few creative ways in which you can add storage to your bathroom while avoiding getting a cluttered room.

1. A window box-style wall fixture.

Stock up on toilet paper and hand towels and store them where they can be easily reached. A creative idea is to put a window box-style fixture on one of the walls, perhaps above the toilet tank.

2. Wall shelves.

You can either build a custom wall cabinet for your bathroom or maybe find one in a store that has the right shape and size. Open shelves are excellent for storing things like towels and bathroom necessities. You just grab them without having to open and close doors with your wet hands.

3. Tall, vertical cabinets.

Maybe there’s not enough space in the bathroom for a large, horizontal cabinet but a sleek, vertical one should fit easily, even in small bathrooms. You can hide it in a nook, behind the door and anywhere there’s some free space.

4. Above the door.

Ever looked up to that empty space above your bathroom door? It would be a shame to waste it when you could really use an extra shelf for storing extra toilet paper and other things.

5. Hidden shelves.

Maybe you have one of those bathrooms with an odd layout and awkward nooks by the toilet or by the tub. Don’t look at it as an inconvenient. Use that crevice to add some practical storage space for your towels or toilet paper or all the things you usually store by the tub.

6. A nook by the tub.

Some tubs are a bit smaller than the width of your bathroom and there’s a little bit of space left on one side. Don’t waste that space and add some custom open shelves. They may be small but they’re perfect for storing rolled towels.

7. A re-purposed cabinet.

It’s possible to have an old cabinet you no longer need in your living room so how about re-purposing it as bathroom storage? If it has a rustic design then it’s even better. It will add character and charm to the room.

8. Pull-out vertical storage.

You know those pull-put vertical shelves you have in the kitchen for storing things like olive oil and spices? Get one for the bathroom too and use it for shampoo bottles, toilet paper and all sorts of other things.

9. Wall-mounted crates.

Find some empty wooden crates and mount them on the bathroom walls. They’ll make excellent storage cubbies for your liquid soap bottles, conditioner and all the other basic things.

10. Corner storage.

Every bathroom has at least one empty corner which is pretty much wasted space. You can make the most of your corners with clever storage units that include open shelves, pull-out storage and anything else you want.

Published by in How To, Tips, and Advice, on February 4th, 2011


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