How You Can Turn Your Bedroom Into A Luxury Retreat

Given our hectic and busy lives, the bedroom is often the only place where we can find some peace and quiet. It’s where we go to relax and unwind after a long day. This is one more reason for you to turn your bedroom into a luxury retreat, the perfect relaxation spot. And don’t necessarily assume that the project will burn a hole in your pocket. There are plenty of ways to do it on a budget.

Solid wood furniture.

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Bedroom furniture made of solid wood gives the room a more relaxing and intimate feel. Quality does matter so it’s best to invest in something like this as the advantages are numerous.

A floor-to-ceiling headboard.

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Perhaps you’ve seen luxury residences, retreats and hotels that have these huge headboards that cover an entire wall. They do look imposing and awesome so get one for your own bedroom.

A beautiful chandelier.

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Don’t underestimate the importance of lighting fixtures in the bedroom. A beautiful chandelier can totally change the décor and the ambiance in the room. Get something eye-catching and interesting but make it doesn’t overpower the room.

Hanging light fixtures over the nightstands.

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Task lighting is very important in the bedroom but table lamps don’t exactly scream luxury. If you want something glamorous, opt for hanging pendant lights over the nightstands. They are sure to make a statement.

A stone fireplace.

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What better way to make a bedroom feel cozy and relaxing than with a fireplace. A stone fireplace wall would be an exquisite accent feature which will make the room feel like a luxury mountain retreat.

Mirrored accent details.

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Use mirrors and mirrored accessories to add dimension and glamor to your bedroom. Combine them with a purple-based color palette to really make them pop. And if your bedroom allows it, get a large sofa for the sitting area.

Long and elegant curtains.

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Bedroom curtains are a wonderful accessory for two reasons: they offer you privacy and they have a big impact on the overall décor. Get long, heavy curtains if you want an elegant and luxurious look for the room. Breezy curtains are excellent during summer.

A round bed.

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Round beds are controversial in terms of practicality but one thing is certain: they look stunning. And since the bed is the focal point of any bedroom, one with an unusual shape would definitely stand out.

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  • Laurie Ames says:

    Another decorator item you may consider are tapestries. They come in many beautiful sizes and styles. They can warm up a room, or send you to a different place and time!