TOOT Modern Leather Sofa by Cassina

Today I found a similar leather sofa like mine, this one comes from Cassina an Italian furniture company. Called TOOT Sofa this comfortable leather seating features a polished-aluminum frame that’s barely visible beneath the sofa’s supple, comfortable leather-clad cushions. The sofa comes in brown color and like the arm and back rests and cushions, which also come in two styles – firm for support, and a softer style that promotes relaxation and invokes sweet dreams.

It’s simple and modern, plus it has a nice elegant look. It comes in two different colors: a soft tone of grey and a tone of brown that resembles chocolate. You can choose to match it with the rest of your furniture of with the interior design of the room, or you can choose to create a nice color contrast. But since it’s the sofa I guess you can choose whatever color you want and start the decoration from there.

It has a leather finish, which makes it a little more sophisticated than the fabric covered one. It has a simple design and it’s durable and resilient. Furthermore it’s also very comfortable, and you tell that just by looking at the pictures. One thing I don’t like about leather sofas in general is the fact that the cushions are also covered in leather and that’s not very comfortable or pleasant. But other than that I find this sofa quite attractive.

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Posted in Sofa and Chair on July 5, 2010

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