The black and white magic design

The world is leaded by some essential principles. One of them, and probably the most known and loved one, is what Latins called ‘coincidentia oppositorum’, or, in English, the attraction of the opposites principle. This is also the fund of Asian philosophy concept Yin and Yang. Visual, this attraction between day and night, light and darkness, good and bad, Sun and Moon was expressed by the juxtaposition of two simple colors: white and black. Since Ancient times this combination was a very loved one, not only for the contrastive chromatic effect, but also for its meaning. You will be amazed if you’ll take your time and analyze the simple objects around you. You’ll see that many things around you are black and white. A good example is the chessboard.

Besides its deep meaning, this combination is one of a very good and fine taste. Almost all visual arts play with this meaningful combination. Interior design is one of them. Designers use these colors together to create some refined spaces. If the pure color is too strong for you, you can choose different shades of white and black, every variant offering a new effect. Any space of your house can be painted in black and white and the effect will always be amazing, without fearing a failure. There’ no way you’ll make a mistake with white and black!

This combination creates a sober elegant place that fits also a traditional and a modern design, a girlish or a manly one. If you opt for this chromatic combination for your furniture and wall painting, you should also consider to keep the theme also on the floor for a totally effect.

For more creativity you can use some black and white geometrical themes, such as squares, circles, stripes or any king of irregular shapes. To complete this design you may add a black and white or colored painting, depending on what effect you pursue.  For a little glitter, try to insert in the room some sparkling accessories, such as chandeliers or crystal jewels.{found on decorati}.

Published by in How To, Tips, and Advice, on April 4th, 2012


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