Lovely DIY Turquoise Paint Dipped Bud Vases

It is the last month of spring and perhaps the nicest period when we can enjoy the beautiful flowers that appear and the tree in blossom.Daffodils, lilac or lilies of the valley are just some examples of flowers that enchant us this month.I remember the time when my pupils used to bring me almost every day flowers and all the time I was in search for vases. The flowers were so many that my vases were not enough for them.

A nice DIY project like this perhaps would have helped me. It refers to the dipped paint method using Martha Stewart Crafts Paint by Plaid.You may choose the color that you want and using some materials like: Martha Stewart satin paint, Martha Stewart pearl paint, Martha Stewart glaze medium, some bud vases, a zip lock bag and a small cup you may create some lovely DIY paint dipped bud vases.The process is easy, the materials are high quality and the result is wonderful. They can create a natural, fresh and rustic ambiance that will make you think of the wonderful fields or gardens full of flowers.

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These nice paint dipped bud vases can also represent a beautiful gift for someone that you love and who may also love flowers. They can be placed anywhere in the house and will definitely bring inside the freshness and beauty of nature.Think of the enchanting sights of your guests who will admire these lovely bud vases and the beautiful flowers you can put inside them! They will definitely become interested in finding out your secret of creating them!{found on whipperberry}.

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Posted in DIY Projects on May 6, 2012

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