Kids room lamps from Murano Due

Kids have different activities than adults and they spend most of the day on the floor playing or doing some other things in the lower half of the room. That is why they need a different lighting system because if you use a very powerful ceiling lamp that might be irritating for their young eyes. So it is recommended that they should use appropriate lamps to light the part of the room they need. For example the desk lamps will light the desk when they do their homework, the floor lamps are perfect for the play area and the wall lamps are perfect for casting light on their areas of interest.

The lamps offered by Murano Due have a very nice design and top quality materials. They have a long time tradition in manufacturing glass and they use their famous glass works in making the perfect lamps for the kids room. The shapes are attractive and funny, perfect for kids: a sun, a little ghosts to scare bad spirits away, a folded sheet of paper and so on. The prices are a bit higher than the average lamps that you can buy in the store, but it is totally worth it, as the Murano glass is mouth blown and manufactured piece by piece by the Italian glass specialists.