How to make your own calender wallsticker

Wall calendars are a piece that’s both useful and interesting as a decoration. It’s a very simple and fun way of decoration your wall and it can be very useful and practical as well. However, calender wallstickers are usually expensive and not everyone can afford one. It’s not something to feel sorry about but rather a reason to get organized and make your own.

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Even though they are expensive, such calendars can actually be very easy to make. You can actually do it yourself when you have free time.Here’s how: First delimitate the squares for each day of the month. Use tape for that and make sure the lines are straight. You can decide about the size. Make 7×5 squares. When you’re done start painting. Use the same color as the wall. When the paint is dry use chalk paint and do the same thing one more time. Paint two coats and make sure you stay within the tape. When the chalk paint is dry, strip off the tape.

Here’s how you get a DIY calendar. Now all you have to do is write the number 1-31 to mark each day of the month. Since you used chalk paint, you can write, draw, use post-its on the calendar and change its looks whenever you want. It’s a very fun and practical idea and it’s actually not complicated as well.{found on stylizimo}