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Renovated Victorian house in Melbourne Featuring A Backyard Pool

This residence is located is located in South Yarra, a suburb in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. It’s an early Victorian family residence and it has been recently renovated and extended. Even though the changes were mostly contemporary, the house didn’t lose its charm. It still features many of the original details and it’s still the elegant and stylish home it sued to be. The difference is that it’s now bigger and more modern.

The residence has beautiful balconies on the top level and it seems to have a sort of stylish and sleek structure that frames its façade. It has intricate details on the balconies and it’s a very beautiful detail. The same principle was used for the extension that was built. But this time the design is minimalist and modern. However, there is symmetry between the two structures, especially when it comes to materials, finishes and colors.


Two-story stone house with sea views in Turkey

Somewhere in Turkey, more exactly on a hill on the Bodrum Peninsula, sits a very beautiful property. It features an amazing stone house that would be enough to impress anyone who sees it. But on top of that it also benefits from a wonderful location that provides expansive views of the surrounding hills and the sea. You can see some of the Greek island on a clear day.

The property also has a series of terraces overlooking the sea and a beautiful back garden with a pool. It incorporates a charming 5,000 square foot house that its owner built in 2010. He used stone from demolished old houses from the nearby villages and from the property itself and used it to create this amazing residence that, even though is contemporary, has a timeless, classical look. The interior of the house is beautiful as well.


Sophisticated penthouse apartment in Melbourne

Located in Queensbridge Square (Freshwater Place), Southbank, Melbourne, this beautiful penthouse features a very stylish interior design with many sophisticated details. The apartment is currently listed on the market. It has a total of 3 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms, as well as a spacious living area that shares an open floor plan with the dining room and the kitchen. But the most interesting and amazing detail about this penthouse is the fact that it offers breathtaking views of the surrounding area, the city, the bay and beyond.

The apartment is located on the 41st floor of the building so the panoramic views are indeed amazing. Also, the interior design is truly wonderful. It’s modern and simple but shows sophistication and great style. It’s a luxurious apartment situated in one of Melbourne’s most prestigious apartment buildings.


A historic townhouse turned into a contemporary residence in East Melbourne

Originally an old townhouse with historic value, this structure has been recently transformed and incorporated into a complex project. The historic stables structure is located on Charles Street in East Melbourne and has been recently made a part of a brand new, state-of-the-art residence. The project was ambitious from many points of view.

The architects working at this project did not wish to adapt the original structure to modern architecture. The goal was not to make the two obviously different structures, the old and the new one, blend. They wanted to allow each one to preserve its identity and defining characteristics. Their main goal was preserve the original building’s identity and to air at creating striking but elegant contrasts with the new addition. It’s why one volume is definitely contemporary and one is definitely old.


Discover the elegance and luxury of Milan Residence in a simple appearance

Sometimes simple things can hide amazing items. You can think of a simple flower which can make you dizzy with its extraordinary perfume, a simple house which can offer you spectacular views or a peaceful ambiance and an example more convincing, a simple person who can hide a special soul and wonderful qualities. It depends on us, on our curiosity or intuition to discover all these great features hidden in a simple appearance.

Milan Residence is one of these special things. Its simple exterior design hides a fantastic, extravagant and luxury interior. The house covers a surface of 10,000 square foot and is located in Beverly Hills. One of the amazing things about it, is the fact that you can have access to all its intelligent appliances from an iPad or iPhone. Although it is a luxury home, elegant and modern, its green feature makes it even more attractive. On the roof there are solar panels and an addition solar system is used for electricity and heat.


An amazing place for your summer

This propriety looks just like the big mansions you only see in movies about Hollywood stars. And the most amazing thing is that, from above it looks like a Water Park, just perfect for your holydays. Located at 106 Stone Canyon Ride in Boulder City, this foreclosure has even his own lazy river. Lying on 1.59 landscape acres, this awesome propriety has 9.245 square feet of living space that host 6 bedrooms, 7 bathrooms, large entertaining rooms and a garage for eight cars. The interior it`s very stylish and luxurious, because of the modern furniture and the way the lights are put. So, the lighting system is very important for keeping the lovely atmosphere of the house. The large rooms, a lot of space and little furniture make the place look perfect when you see it.

And the massive wood-made pieces of furniture show that the owners are very pretentious ones. Even if it`s not so tall, the house looks like a little palace with well chosen furniture and interior design.But the most important piece of this propriety is the amazing backyard oasis. It looks like it is painted and not real, a mixture of lovely colors that make feel like you`re not on Earth anymore. So, they didn`t take care only of the interior of the house, because the yard looks like is designed very carefully, piece by piece and is perfect for spending there your entire summer.


A net zero energy house concept in San Francisco

Evan Williams (Twitter co-founder) has an ambitious plan. He wants to build a state-of-the-art net zero energy house in San Francisco. Even if the project itself is inspiring and admirable, some parts made the neighbors really angry. That’s because, in order to build the house, another building has to be torn down. It’s a $3 million residence built in 1911 and designed by architect Louis Christian Mullgart. It’s also a historically-significant building which makes the whole project even more difficult.

The decision of tearing down this beautiful building in order to fulfill Evan Williams’s green dream was not received well by the neighbors who wrote no less than 240 letters explaining their position. The existing residence is a landmark in the neighborhood. It’s a 5,000 square feet structure featuring details from the Arts and Crafts design movement. It also has a series of unique architectural details such as the angular windows.


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