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Temperature-Sensitive Faucets For Modern Homes

You know those small dots on the faucets that show you which way to move it for cold or hot water? Those are there simply for practical reasons. But now a new generation of faucets has appeared and they no longer need those indicatives because they operate with different technology. These are temperature-sensitive faucets which simply change the color according to the temperature of the water.

Temperature sensitive LED faucet.

This futuristic LED faucet is a great upgrade for any bathroom. It has a solid brass construction and chrome finish on a simple, modern design with geometric shapes. It’s very useful for the children’s bathroom but also for older people that have trouble seeing the little colored dots that indicate the temperature on the traditional faucets.Available for 50$.


Simple Axor Starck Bathroom Faucet Collection

The ‘Axor Starck’ has a nice modern look, it is uncompromisingly minimalistic. The collection is simple, with a simple design, simple lines, no disruptive elements, unnecessary decorations. But the simpler it is, the more sophisticated and modern it is.The manufacturer, Hansgrohe , exists since 1901 and it is a preeminent manufacturer and global pioneer in the kitchen and bath industry.The beautiful colors of the material from which the tap is made and the speed with which you can turn the water on and off, gives a modern touch to your bathroom.

The ‘Axor Starck’ is the best way to resolve your renovation problems, because you don’t have to search anymore a tap to fit in. This one is so great that fits on any design! The unique design is made for you and it will delight you every time you enter the bathroom. The exclusive chrome color gives a contemporary touch.


The Axor Massaud for your bathroom

The bathroom is the place from our house where we enter to relax and forget about all the stressful day we passed. Our life is more and more distant from nature and closer to the artificiality of the urban environment. We have forgotten about the beauty of an untouched corner of nature, about the whisper of a running water or about the sensual and harmonious shape of a thread of grass. The ones that haven’t yet forgotten about the beauty of nature, can’t afford to escape every day from the crowed and nosy city. This is why the French designer Jean-Marie Massaud created the new Axor Massaud, a new bathroom facility for classy houses and for the ones that want to relax in a place that copies the elegance of nature.

The Axor Massaud imitated the natural falling of the water and it is designed in a way that hides the technology lies, for a more authentic look. The product can be installed on your sink, bathtub, shower or bidet. The Axor Massaud has a chrome design which makes it even more elegant. Its color reflects the light which gives an amazing sensation to the viewer. Falling water and sparkling light, these are the main elements that recreate the impression of a forest source during a spring time.


The Axor Cittierio bathroom faucet

Nowadays simpler usually means better. Overwhelming details and complicated designs are no longer a symbol of quality or beauty. We tend to opt for simple solutions that focus on functionality rather than on the form or the looks. This way the accents stays on the basic elements and our attention is not caught by decorations and accessories that only have decorative purposes.

Simplicity is something to take into consideration all the time, even when decorating or designing your bathroom. It’s important to focus on the basics. The Axor Cittierio faucet makes all that easier. It’s important for the product to reflect its significance and function. This simple bathroom faucet has a clear shape and it’s rich in details but still manages to have a clean and functional design. The Exor Citterio faucet has a design that focuses on optimizing the richness of water. The faucet comes in several different models and they are each adapted for a variety of uses.


One handle mixer for washbasin from Zucchetti

Zucchetti’s success story began in 1929 when Alfredo Zucchetti started to produce chromed tapware. Not until the seventies the company began its journey through the world of design with the first Italian made range of ceramic disks single lever mixers. Since then they participated  to numerous fairs and design exhibition and their name quickly became a trademark. In their recently collections many objects represented a benchmark for other companies in matters like quality and design.

This particularly item is from the “wind” collection.This collection consists only from  single lever mixers characterized by aesthetic and simple basic lines, perfect for any kind of bathroom designed by Zucchetti. This one hole, one handle mixer makes no exception. We can easily spot the straight simple lines and the cool, classic design. Depending on your washbasin this can fit perfectly if the main idea is to achieve a quality setting. Of course , style isn’t forgotten and this can  be the a very strong element in your bathroom.


Practical Faucet Natura by Newform

The look of a space will always depend on the details that complete the whole image and ambiance. There are pieces like a simple lamp, coffee table or armchair which will create a total different atmosphere when they are used for a certain interior. Most of the times, the choice of these elements are a matter of taste, needs and preferences. There are people that prefer a spectacular lamp, a practical coffee table or a comfortable and simple armchair which can make their life more beautiful and easier.

For spaces like kitchens or bathrooms the choice of faucets is very important. They may add simplicity, elegance, glamour or practicality to these spaces. Newform is a firm that preferred to combine a modern design with the practical use of the faucet Natura which actually represents a faucet and a container in one piece.


Elegant Luna Faucet Collection

Celestial bodies have always fascinated us. Moon and stars are among the most frequent celestial bodies which inspired all sorts of artists and creators. Their glow, subtle and elegant shape with which they seem to dominate the immensity of the sky make you think of them as grandiose and incredible precious things. There even people who believe that their presence may also affect our daily life and influence our mood and behavior.

Perhaps you will have the same feelings or not if you are interested in this elegant Luna Faucet Collection.Luna Faucet Collection was also inspired by the shape and image of moon and stars and was designed by Graff. It is a collection which represents a set a elegant and modern bathroom faucets which are available in different shapes and various sizes meant to satisfy any wish and need of the person who might become interested in them.


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