Bedroom and bathroom 2 in 1 suites – clever combos or risky designs?

Lately, the bathroom and bathroom all in one mix has started to become more and more popular. However, it remains a risky trend as you can either love it or hate it. Some people prefer these two areas to remain separate while others enjoy new designs and unique ideas. We are always supporting inventive designs so we have selected a few bedroom and bathroom 2 in 1 suites that will hopefully change a few opinions.

Both the bedroom and the bathroom are private spaces. Because of that, there should be no reason why these two spaces should remain separate. The element separating this bedroom from the en-suite bathroom is a transparent glass wall. It’s a bold detail designed for open-minded people.

This bedroom also has an en-suite bathroom but this one is semi-opened. There’s a partial separating these two rooms so the level is privacy increases in comparison with the first example presented. Still, the basic designs are very similar.

In the case of this bedroom suite, the bathroom also became an active part of the overall design. It’s a glass-encased space with a strip of frosted glass running from one end to the other. It was designed to offer a little privacy to the users of the bathroom but not enough to allow them to completely hide in there.

This bedroom suite has a very interesting design. The en-suite bathroom shares an open floor plan with the bedroom area. A glass panel is strategically placed in between these spaces. You can slide it between the bed and the tub or you can slide it on the other side, depending on what you’re truing to hide or to reveal.

The design for this suite is very similar to the one presented before. The en-suite bathroom is separated from the bedroom by a sliding door that covers about half of the space between them. You can slide it and place it wherever you want for more privacy.

The design for this suite is coherent and both the bedroom and the bathroom follow a uniform pattern. They both complement each other and form an open space. The bathroom area is separated from the rest of the room by a partial transparent glass wall.

This long and narrow bedroom features a bathroom at one end and the spaces are delimitated by two frosted glass doors. They’re not completely hiding the bathroom but they’re offering a little privacy nonetheless.

This is another very interesting bedroom and bathroom combo. Not only that there’s no wall between these two spaces, but they are both open onto the lower level as well. The suite occupies this portion of the upper floor and becomes a visible part of the lower space as well.

In the case of this contemporary bedroom suite, the bathroom resembles a semi-open white box with a black and white interior. A sliding reflecting panel can be moved from one side to the other in order to strategically hide or reveal portions of the bathroom.

This bedroom suite features another very interesting design. The bathroom is a semi-private space with one wall featuring a large transparent glass panel. This makes the bathroom completely exposed onto the bedroom area, despite the fact that it has four walls.

The barrier between the bedroom and bathroom in the case of this suite is subtle but still strong. Frosted sliding doors are separating these spaces and they can be closed in order to completely hide the bathroom. However, the doors are still partially allowing silhouettes to be observed.

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Published by in Interiors, on November 9th, 2012


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