Backyard Spring Cleaning Tips

The warmer it gets outside and the more winter starts to look like a distant memory, the more it becomes obvious that our backyards are in bad need of some attention. It’s time for spring cleaning so how do yo start and what’s your plan? We have a bunch of tips that might help.

Get the yard cleaned

Start by raking away all the twigs, old leaves and debris in your backyard. This way everything will be neat and prepared for when the spring growth begins and you won’t have to worry about anything later on.

Check your tools and equipment

Soon you’ll need to start irrigating the yard and making the garden pretty again so check all your tools and equipment to make sure everything is in good shape. Make sure there aren’t any leaks in your garden hose.

Replace the dead plants and add new ones

Some of your plants may have died during winter so replace them with new ones so they all grow up together. You could also plant summer bulbs once the temperatures are high enough.

Time to take the pots outside

Add color and visual interest to your backyard with a bunch of flower pots. Take out the ones you kept inside for the winter and add some new ones if you find it necessary.

Freshen up your outdoor furniture

You’ll want to get out as soon as possible to enjoy the beautiful weather so inspect your outdoor furniture to make sure it’s all in good shape. You might need to do a few touch-ups like add a fresh coat of paint or get some new pillow covers.

Light up the yard

Nobody likes to sit in the dark so decorate your backyard with beautiful outdoor lighting. You can use lamps, fairy lights, sconces, etc.

Get ready for barbecue fun

Clean your grill and check your barbecue tools to see if everything is in order. You’ll want to celebrate the beautiful weather with an outdoor party so make sure there won’t be any disappointing problems awaiting you.

Hang some bird feeders

Spring is here and the birds are back to enchant us with their beautiful trills. Invite them in your backyard and offer them something to eat. Hang some bird feeders in the trees or on your patio.

Make some cool new planters and decorations

Add a cool planter to your backyard and make it yourself by repurposing old things. For example, you can recycle an old chair, a basket or even an old bike.

Clean and organize your storage shed

Surely that outdoor storage shed must be very messy and cluttered. It’s time for spring cleaning so take everything out and reorganize all your garden tools. Reduce the clutter by storing away all the winter equipment.

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One Response to “Backyard Spring Cleaning Tips”

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