Backyard spring cleaning tips

As the wintery and chilly months have gone, and the colorful and vibrant blooms are back, it is the time to think about spring cleaning. While you are cleaning the interiors, scrubbing the walls, dusting the furniture pieces, vacuuming the carpet, washing the windows and checking the various house systems, do not forget to roll your sleeves and spring clean the backyard.

During the winter months, the backyards have a tendency to get junky and piled up. Most of us have the habit to store things that are shed in the winter season in the backyard and not in the right place where they should be stored. Cleaning the backyard will make everything new and fresh, and you will be able to the approaching season to its fullest.

Start the backyard spring cleaning by raking the backyard. While you the clean twigs, leaves and other debris, ensure that the new plants are not disturbed. The raking procedure will also give the opportunity to ascertain if any winter damage has been caused to the yard or not. Look for signs of diseases and pets, and treat them before they turn big.

Clean the gutters thoroughly so that water can freely flow from the backyard or lawn. It is quite common for the gutters to be blocked after the winter season with dried leaves and twigs. If the gutters are blocked, dirty water may flood your backyard.

Aerate the lawn and let the air in. It is very vital to breathe in clean and fresh air into the root system as soil tends to become compact with the heavy use during the year. Loosen the soil, add water and fertilizer to the root system of the plants. If you have a small yard, you can handle the task with a manual aerating machine. However, if you have a large yard, you should use an aerating machine.

Go after the weeds before they develop their network so that you get to cultivate a healthy garden. If the weeds are few in number, you can remove them manually, or else you may use a weed removing tool.

Spare few minutes in the backyard shed and check, whether your tools and equipments are in working condition or not. It is always advised to have the machine and tools serviced before you use them for the first time in the year.

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