25 Ways of Including Indoor Plants Into Your Home’s Décor

The key to a fresh and colorful interior décor is to use indoor plants. They instantly change the atmosphere and add that kick your décor needs to stand out and to feel complete. There are lots of ways in which you can include plants into your home’s décor and don’t all involve the classical vases and pots.

Any room could use a lovely happy corner. To maximize your space, use corner shelves. Decorate them with fresh plants and also use them to store books and accessories. It will make the room feel more cozy and fresh.{found on walkslowlylivewildly}.

A very interesting way of turning a simple table into a beautiful decoration is to add a little green to it. This green table is made of rough wood and it’s painted and polished. It’s cut in two halves and, in the middle, it features a removable planter. You can either use the planter or not. The cut is irregular and this gives the table a nice natural look.

Here’s another beautiful green table. This one features a steel framework with each leg being hand bent. Each leg features a small pot at the base with climbers and vines. They extend through the bent structures and then over to the part of the frame underneath the tabletop.

Your bathroom could use some freshness as well. You can have an accent wall featuring natural stone or wood. This wall can also be decorated with fresh plants. Use round wall planters and place them at different heights on the wall. You can also integrate them into the wall-s structure and turn them into built-in features. You can fill them with ferns or other resilient plants.{image from here}.

This kitchen also features a very interesting way of integrating plants into the décor. The small wall portion underneath the window was used to display a few small planters. Three rails were attached to the wall and small white pots hanging from them. It’s simple and refreshing.{found on desiretoinspire}.

This entryway shows you how you can cleverly use a tree inside your home. You only need a small rectangle of space filled with soil and topped with small pebbles. The tree should be small enough to fit in that space but big enough to stand out. Add one or two rocks to balance the decor.{found on linebox}.

For the kitchen, a great idea is to have a vertical garden. You can grow fresh kitchen herbs that you can use for cooking. Make sure to place the vertical garden in an area with plenty of light. It takes little space and it’s both beautiful and useful. It allows you to keep your favorite herbs nearby and ready to boost the flavor in your dishes.{found on site}.

To add a plus of originality to your interior décor you can opt for planters that are hanging for the ceiling. And for a unique touch, you can have the planter hanging upside down. Hang them from the ceiling to conserve floor space and allow them to purify the air and to add freshness and color to the décor. They feature a reservoir that gradually feeds water to the roots.{found on inhabitat}.

Classical hanging planters are also a nice way of decorating your home. Hang them from the ceiling or beams and allow them to showcase all their beauty. Use them as unconventional ways of dividing the spaces and opt for climbers or any other plants that you like.{found on site}.

One single beautiful plant can become a wonderful focal point for the living or any other room. It should be, however, a large plant. Place it in a corner to maximize your space and to avoid wasting floor space. Make sure it’s in a space with plenty of light, preferably near the window.{image by amoroso}.

A beautiful plant arrangement can also take the place of artwork. For example, this entryway features a nice vertical garden with beautiful succulents and with planters beautifully arranged in horizontal rows. It’s a beautiful arrangement and a nice alternative for artwork.

This is a two-in-one piece. It’s a lovely pet house and a planter. Your pet can hide and sleep inside this beautiful pet home while the top is a nice planter. It’s like a mini version of a home with a rooftop garden.{found on trendhunter}.

When your counter space is limited, you can always opt for hanging planters. You can also make the planter yourself. You just need some pieces of wood that you can take from a pallet or an old piece of furniture. Make a box and opt for any size you want. Hang it from the ceiling with hooks.{found on remodelista}.

This is something that belongs in a museum. It’s a collection of organically shaped transparent objects that are full of lush and vibrant plants. Each piece’s exterior is made of hand-blown acrylic glass. It’s beautiful artwork that combines beautiful contrasting textures.{found on trendhunter}.

A beautiful living wall can make a wonderful space divider. It’s a nice way of visually separating the spaces without making them feel cold and artificial. It’s fresh, colorful and also a stylish decorative element that, in addition, filters the air and makes the décor feel dynamic.{found on ired}.

If you enjoy unconventional and unexpected twists, you can turn some plain and simple flower pots into facepots. Give them a familiar look by adding a face to the pot. The plants will be the hair and you’ll end up with some very clever and ingenious decorative pieces for your home.{found on trendunter}.

Sleeping in nature, surrounded by plants, grass and freshness can be quite magical. But you can’t really take that feeling to your home. You can try, however, to recreate it and to allow your imagination to do the rest of the work. This flower bed features built-in planters that form a beautiful arcade.

It’s always fun to add a DIY touch to some of your home’s decorative pieces. A nice idea would be to make some colorful flower pots or to give the pots a nice dynamic look. You can, for example, take some empty mason jars and paint them into your favorite colors. Use them as planters. Another idea would be to cover the exterior of the planters with orphaned socks. You could also use chalkboard paint to cover the exterior of the planters and to write the name of the plants on them.{found on staciedwardsblog}.

In the kitchen, try to make the best out of your kitchen island. For example, a cut out space in the center of it can serve as a nice space for depositing fresh plants, wine bottles and all sorts of other items that you want to keep accessible and close at hand.{found on site}.

A vertical plan arrangement is like a piece of artwork. You can hang it anywhere you want and it would change the atmosphere in the room. The planting cells can be hung separately or in groups and you can create all sorts of arrangements. The result will be a beautiful vertical landscape to display in your home.{found on site}.

A beautiful, expansive planter wall can also replace the curtains. It’s a nice way of displaying your beautiful plants for the neighbors to see while also gaining privacy. Your indoor space will be shielded by the plant boxes and you’ll also have a nice green background with sunlight piercing through.{image from dwell}.

Give your balcony or terrace a green makeover. Cover the interior part of the walls with fresh plants. Opt for fresh aromatic herbs that you can also use in the kitchen or for colorful flowers that you can admire. It’s a nice solution for patios, decks, rooftops and for the windows as well.
{found on site}.

Simple, classical planters can also make unexpected decorations if used in an original way. For example, rather than using plain horizontal shelves, have a series of asymmetrical small shelves that you can place on a angled line. Let your plants reach the ceiling and use them to form new and unexpected decors.{found on wall}.

For the kitchen, another clever idea is to use storage crates as a vertical solution for herbs and plants. Hang them vertically near the window and use different sizes. Not all the crates have to be filled with plants. You can alternate and also use some of them for storing utensils, vegetables and all sorts of kitchen supplies.{found on jvw}.

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