11 DIY Necklace Storage Ideas

Jewelry boxes are nice and beautiful, both for storage and for display. However, they don’t work particularly well for necklaces. For these lovely pieces of jewelry you need something else. They have to seat tidy and neat so you can easily choose and take the one that better suits you that particular moment. There are lots of DIY projects that can help with that. Here are a few ideas:

One idea that easy to implement would be to have a simple pole mounted on a wall, maybe somewhere in a corner or a space you don’t usually use for something else. Add a few hooks and every one of them will hold a necklace. Your jewelry will be nicely displayed and won’t be hidden in boxes anymore.{found on Engineered Style}.

And since we were talking about displaying jewelry, you might as well frame it. You should first start by measuring the length of the necklaces and decide how many hooks you’re going to need for them all. Your earrings can be displayed the same way. Then make a box, like a painting without the artwork. You can paint it white or any other color you want. Add the little hooks and you’re done.{found on Monaluna}.

Your necklaces will definitely look good hanging from a shelf. To make the necklace shelf you’re going to need some spray paint, wood glue, clamps, cup hooks, wood screws and, of course, lumber. Cut the lumber after you have decided on the dimensions. Glue the pieces together before you add the screws. Clamp the shelf together and let it sit for a day. Sand it down and then spray paint it. Then find a place for it in your home and the little hooks will do the rest.{found on wickedcheapboston}.

If you prefer something simpler, a project that you don’t have to leave the house for, this is it. It’s a jewelry display made from a coat hanger and some fabric. First find a hanger that you like and then cut fabric into strips. Cover the hanger in fabric to make it pretty and hang it on the wall. It doesn’t really get simpler than this.{found on site}.

If you want, you can also find a corner or a space in your closet where you can store and display all your jewelry. For the necklaces, all you have to do is add some small hooks or any other similar items that can hold the jewelry. On the bottom, if you have a shelf, you can display your bracelets, watches and everything else. It would be like a little boutique.{found on honeywerehome}.

Here’s another idea: take a frame that you like and turn it into a beautiful display for your necklaces. You can either use a frame that you already have in your home or buy one from a store. Remove the glass and the picture and then add a foam board wrapped in burlap to the back of the frame. You can use glue for this. Then find some hooks and twist them through.{found on chrisanderinkeith}.

Here’s another very simple and creative project. For this one you’ll need some artwork, a binder, cardstock, a hole punch, and a pencil. First choose a graphic and print it onto the cardstock. Line up the binder with the base of the cardstock and punch holes to pass the binder through. Then all you have to do is add your beautiful necklaces, stand back and admire your creation.{found on obstinatepursuit}.

Believe it or not, a spoon rack can become a beautiful necklace holder if you take the time to give it a makeover. You would first have to clean it, sand it and spray paint it to give it a fresh new look. You can choose any color you want and you can even combine several shades. Then all you have to do is basically hang it on the wall.{found on justbellablog}.

And speaking about extremely simple projects, here’s another one. This interesting necklace holder is made from a tree branch. So all you have to do is go out and start searching for a branch that has the shape and look that you want. Bring it home, take some twine and hang it somewhere. Then hang the necklace wherever you can.

An old piece of wood would also be a nice thing to use for a similar project. So find yourself a flat board and some knobs and get to work. The knobs don’t have to match. In fact, your necklace hanger would look even more interesting if they were all different. Measure and drill the holes for the knobs, attach them and then hand the piece on the wall.{found on visiblymoved}.

And for those that have more necklaces than all these solutions presented so far can handle, we have a special project. How about a necklace holder with several levels, that goes all the way down to the floor? You can make one from an old frame that has the right dimensions or you can combine several pieces to get the desired result.{found on sugarbeecrafts}.

Published by in DIY Projects, on January 21st, 2013


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