101 Headboard Ideas That Will Rock Your Bedroom

101 headboard ideas might sound like a lot but we’ve actually only begun to analyze the options. The headboard is a crucial element in any bedroom. Of course, it’s not imperative to have one but it’s a detail that can complete or change the decor in a variety of ways. When there are so many different options, designs and styles to choose from, it can be difficult to make a decision.

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Hopefully, our huge list of headboard ideas can offer you some inspiration. We have prepared examples for each type as well as numerous options for you to choose from.

Wood/reclaimed wood/pallet headboards.

Reclaimed wood headboards are really easy to make and very versatile
The wood can be stained, painted or kept as such for a worn look
You can also customize your reclaimed wood headboard with shelves
Or add sconces to the headboard and pick the ideal height and angle
The shape and size of the headboard are also determined by you since you’re building the thing
For a rustic, worn look, you can reuse the original nails or use old ones instead of new ones
Make the headboard big enough to reach the ceiling to make a statement
Add a reclaimed wood headboard to a bedroom decorated with cool colors
Mix and match different pieces of wood from various locations and projects
Or attach the boards to the wall for an interesting visual effect
Instead of sconces, decorate with Christmas lights for a funky look

Wooden pallets are popular because they add warmth to the room thanks to the material’s natural qualities. A wooden pallet can be made from reclaimed pieces if you want to add character to the design or to preserve the story behind the material or it can be made from pallets, very efficient and very cheap. Such headboards can add a rustic or vintage touch to the room and they’re also great for contemporary decors.

Books turned into headboards.

Don’t have enough books to make a headboard? Just use wallpaper instead
And if you do have old unused books, stack them for an original look
An interesting idea is to open them and display them on the wall in this way

If you prefer a more unusual type of design for your headboard, you could try using unconventional materials. For example, maybe you have a bunch of old books you no longer need. You can stack them and create a complex structure to use as a headboard. Of course, it would be simply decorative. You could also opt for a large bookcase or you can attach open books to a wooden board.

Headboards painted on the wall.

Sometimes the headboard is just a visual accessory so it doesn’t have to physically be there

You can simply paint a rectangle on the wall and that will be your headboard
Pick a color that suits the room. Given the positioning of the wall, you can use strong colors
Feel free to come up with your own design, trim, and shape
If you’re not confident you can freehand a design, use a stencil
You can even pick a style for your painted headboard

In most cases, the headboard is nothing more than just a purely decorative element. This eliminates its functional side and only leaves the visual impact. As a result, you could try painting your headboard directly onto the wall. It will simply be an illusion of having a headboard without wasting space with a real one.

Headboard decals.

Similarly to painted headboards, these ones are really easy to add to a room
There are numerous different designs and styles to choose from
Some are classical while others are visually intriguing
You can choose to make a statement with your decal headboard through color
Or you can personalize it with your initials or monogram
Another option is to pick a pattern that you like and go with it
A simple-looking headboard can use color or small details to stand out
And there are tons of cute ideas for the kids’ bedrooms as well
Want something classy and simple? How about a black and white chevron pattern?

A similar idea would be to opt for a decal instead. You simply adhere it to the wall and there’s your headboard. It’s the image that counts in this case and not any of the other features that come with an actual headboard. When you choose a decal you can also think out of the box and opt for a more unusual design.

Chalkboard headboards.

The great thing about chalkboard headboards is that they stimulate creativity
In addition, they’re really versatile, fun for both kids and adults
And you can modify it and redesign it how often you wish
You can also add other elements to it, such as an actual frame
Or a playful detail kids can pick themselves
You don’t necessarily have to draw on write anything on it
Although it’s really hard to resist the temptation

Chalkboard headboards can be very fun because they allow you to personalize them as you want. You get to write funny or inspirational messages on them or you can paint all sorts of designs on them. They can be a very nice choice for the children’s room. Instead of an actual headboard you could also just apply a few coats of chalkboard paint to the wall.

Mirrored headboards.

A mirrored headboard is useful for making a small bedroom seem larger
You can add mirrors to an existing frame and turn this into a DIY project
Such a headboard can also make a bedroom look glamorous
A tall headboard can also make your ceiling seem higher

Mirror headboards are very interesting. They can be very fancy and they add elegance to the room, not to mention that they can make the room seem more spacious. In addition, they give you the possibility to choose a very interesting frame. Of course, I don’t even have to tell you how fun they can be for couples in their private time.

Old doors turned into headboards.

Turning an old door into a headboard is one of the simplest projects you can do
You can make the door headboard fit in naturally through small details
Use a vintage door with a worn finish for an authentic look
Add curtains to your headboard for a quirky touch
Stain or paint the door(s) to match the rest of the room’s décor
If you find the right door size, you don’t even need to alter anything
Pick a door style that matches your own. For example a barn door can look interesting
You can either remove all the hardware or leave it right there
And you can even use two or three doors if you want a large headboard
A door headboard is simple enough to blend in and quirky enough to stand out
And this idea suits pretty much any kind of bedroom

We now return to the DIY projects. If you want to add a vintage touch to your bedroom or you prefer recycled elements instead of new ones, a very nice idea would be to use your old doors as a headboard. Depending on the type of door, you could have a rustic, modern, elegant or colorful headboard.

Geometric designs.

Geometric designs are often used in modern interior designs
And you can come up with your own design to personalize the room
Mix and match shapes, colors and patterns to create something unique
If you like symmetry, this is a simple way to achieve it
But there’s also room for other creative combinations
Geometric designs can also be featured by classical headboards
And they fit well in eclectic bedroom decors

Modern and contemporary headboards, just like any other elements designed in these styles, often focus on clean, straight lines and geometric patterns. You could opt for a headboard that features an abstract design or for something simple. You can also use color to make them stand out.

Tufted headboards.

A perfect way to make a bedroom feel inviting and comfortable
Tufted headboards are casual but also elegant
They come in a variety of styles, designs and materials
And they can make a statement in a lot of different ways
They’re popular in both traditional and modern bedrooms
And some designs have become classical
Set a casual and welcoming mood with a tufted headboard in a warm color
Or pick a color that matches the walls to make the headboard blend in
Let the headboard’s form and proportions do the talking
Or play with proportion, color, shape and texture

As opposed to decals or painted headboards, these ones are focusing more on the functional side of this piece. The tufted headboard is very popular because it beautifully combined comfort with style. It’s elegant and it has a nice and cozy look, perfect for the bedroom. In addition, it can be very comfortable.

Headboards as artwork.

Since the headboard had surpassed its purely practical use, all sorts of designs have come up
Using the headboard as a piece of artwork for the bedroom is actually a really clever idea
It offers a lot of room for creative thinking and personalization
And there are so many ways in which you can interpret this concept
The headboard can be a painting hanging on the wall at the right height
And it can be an expression of your style
The headboard can also take numerous other artistic forms

In the case of a bedroom that needs a focal point you could forget about the traditional headboard designs and go instead with something a little more artistic. You could paint the wall or you could choose a headboard that beautifully combines art with comfort and functionality.

Flag headboards.

This is a funky way to show your patriotism or interest for a particular country
And it can be materialized in various different ways
You can turn this concept into a DIY project for the weekend
And you can use reclaimed wood or pallets to get it done
Use an actual flag, paint one or make one using wood and other materials

If you’re the patriotic type or if you simply like a certain flag, not necessarily that of your country, then you can use the flag as your headboard. Flag carry a lot of symbolism so the visual impact will be strong. You can use an actual flag and attach it to the wall or to the headboard or you could paint it on a wooden board.

Add curtains for headboard.

Your headboard can actually be a curtain hanging on a rod
But you can also add a canopy and curtains to an existing headboard
Put fairy lights behind the curtain to get a whimsical look at night
Use the curtains to get a certain look, specific to a particular style
Or use them to add color and texture to the room
This is how the string lights would look like with black curtains
You can also use a pattern on the curtain and match it to other accessories
A curtain headboard is a simple way to add a sophisticated touch to a bedroom

Instead of a headboard you can opt for curtains. This is a good idea especially if you also have curtains for your windows. Then you can use the same type or something similar. The curtains will add a nice intimate feel and they will also add coziness to the room with their texture. This is also a nice opportunity to personalize the headboard.

Tall headboards.

Tall headboard usually stand out because of their size, although colors can help them blend in
And they can become the focal point of the room without much effort
The visual effect is stronger when there are two tall headboards
A tall headboard can take any form. This wooden one is a beautiful example

The headboard is a very important element for any bedroom but if you want to emphasize its importance or if you want it to look more dramatic, you can opt for a tall design. Tall headboards can be very impressive and sumptuous.

Wingback headboards.

The intrinsic elegance of wingback headboards makes them timeless
They usually look lovely in traditional bedrooms, although that’s not a rule
Use a wingback headboard in a small room to give it character
The simplicity of the design makes it really versatile and adaptable
There are numerous variations of the design and they’re all charming
But usually it’s better to keep things simple

Classical and always elegant, wingback headboards are the perfect choice for large bedrooms. They can be modern although they always carry a dose of classicism in them. Usually seen in traditional bedrooms, these headboards have an imposing design that’s also delicate thanks to the soft lines.