Different Types of Wood

By Stefan Gheorghe, June 23, 2023

for Woodworking or Construction Projects

Each type of wood has its pros and cons and specific qualities that make it good for certain uses.

This type of wood is highly insect and rot-resistant. Douglas fir is also considerably less expensive compared to other types of wood.


Cedar is resilient and lightweight, and you’ll find it in a variety of indoor projects but also for exterior use.


Birch is widely used and is an economical hardwood. Birch wood is good for flooring applications but also works well for making toys.


Mahogany is a premium wood, the best wood when it comes to hard wood types for opulent projects and finishes.


Walnut is particularly resistant to decay, but has poor resistance to insects. It’s dimensionally stable, with very little shrinkage and warping as it cures.


Even if oak is a tough wood variety overall, it’s also quite flexible. This makes it a great choice for making whiskey or wine barrels.


Bamboo is not classified as a wood, but rather as a type of grass. Its hardness and density mean that you can use it in a lot of different projects.


What Is Hardwood?

A hardwood tree has broad leaves and not needle-shaped ones.  They yield nuts or fruits, and in the winter, they often fall dormant. These are typically harder than softwoods, though there are some exceptions.

What Is Softwood?

Softwood trees have needle-like leaves that mostly stay in place throughout the year. As a result, these are sometimes called evergreens. A common misconception is that these are always softer compared to hard types, which isn’t always the case.

What is the best type of wood for furniture?

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