UP-Incredible Floor Lamps by Lucente

Decorating a place takes a lot of time, professionalism, imagination and good taste. The person who is engaged in such a business needs to take into account many details that refer to the owner’s preferences, the dimensions of the space, its location. The result of the work needs to be a wonderful and comfortable living space filled with the perfect light that will create a great atmosphere.

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The Italian company Lucente came with an incredible design for some floor lamps called UP.Actually UP represents an oversized floor lamp that can create an outstanding décor for indoor or outdoor area too. These giant floor lamps are made of polyethylene and use rotational molding technology.

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They are available in white or ivory nuances and can be dressed up with cute beige or red stitch wool pieces made to cover the shade. This accessory and its embossed random spiral pattern make them become funnier and more adorable.

UP is also very practical because it helps to get the amount of light that you need due to the fact that you can illuminate the base and the shade simultaneously or separately.Now you need to think of your space and the atmosphere you would like to get and maybe UP is the perfect item that you need for your interior design.