Unique Barn Style House

This house is truly a house out of the ordinary as it features a unique barn style decoration. It might surprise you but this house was originally a mill. The mill was completely renovated into a beautiful barn style house while respecting the original materials and structures employed in the primary structure.

Barn style house 1

The public areas of the house such as the living room, kitchen and the dining area has been distinctly decorated in soft color tones such as white to create a warm and relaxing environment. The bedroom features a true dramatic statement as it boasts prime stone walls and jute mat covering as the flooring.

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This unique barn style decoration has been accentuated with classic vintage style furniture pieces. Carved wooden chairs with white leather seats, unpolished wooden dining table, wooden doors featuring glass panes and curved designs, huge dressers and brass bathtub are few examples of vintage style furniture pieces introduced in the house.

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Another significant portion of the house which has been designed significantly is the outdoor porch area. White barn chairs, classic lamps and small green potted plants have been introduced to design the area around the rectangular shape small open swimming pool.{found on NuevoEstilo}