Pony Walls – What They Are And How They Can Transform Your Home

Did you know those dividers that sort of look like walls but don’t go all the way up to the ceiling or even up to eye level are called pony walls? It sounds really cute and that makes these structures that much more adorable. Add to that the fact that pony walls are also very practical and you’ll see why we love them so much. Pony walls are most often used at the top of staircases where they serve as safety rails. Now that you know what a pony wall is, we’re going to show you a few of the ways in which you can use them as space dividers but also as storage and display structures around the house.

Pony wall for dining area -room dividerView in gallery

Here’s a pony wall which serves as a safety rail at the top of the staircase but also as a storage module. It has open shelves which are very practical for organizing and displaying books, toys, dishes and lots of other things on. What’s great here is the fact that the pony wall frames and delineates this dining area without closing it off.{found on kurtbaumassociates}.

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Pony walls can be useful in every room of the house. In the bathroom, for instance, a pony wall can serve as a divider between two sections of the space. Here, for instance, the wall sits between the toilet and the tub, separating these areas in a very practical and stylish manner.{found on traceystephens}.

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This pony wall also frames the toilet area, offering a bit of privacy but also acting as an extra shelf. It’s the perfect surface to keep a planter or a flower vase on and its placement is also very practical because it encloses the vanity and allows for a continuous backsplash trim on all three sides.

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Pony walls are also commonly used in bedrooms. They’re particularly great in here because they can double as headboards, much like in this particular case. A pony wall basically allows you to place your bed anywhere you want, including at the center of the room.{found on wundergroundnyc}.

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Unless you specifically want your pony wall to remain as simple as possible, we suggest also using it as an extra storage module. Perhaps you’d like to turn it into a bookcase. That’s exactly the role it serves here. Of course, its primary function is that of divider between the lounge space and the hallway.

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The main reason why we like pony walls so much is because they let you divide spaces within a room without blocking the views and the light and without interfering with the room’s open and airy look. They’re very useful in small homes but they’re not that great when it comes to privacy.{found on shallsdesignstudio}.

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Pony walls can also be perfect when dealing with different floor heights within the same large open plan space. Such a divider can ensure a smooth and seamless transition without closing off the rooms or blocking the view across the space.{found on padstudio}.

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A pony wall can solve a big layout problem when it comes to bedrooms. Consider this scenario: your bedroom door is positioned directly across from the windows which means if you want to truly enjoy the view from your bed you’d have to place the bed in the middle of the room. A pony wall can make this placement less awkward and less impractical.{found on blueskybuildingcompany}.

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The entryway is another space that could greatly benefit from the presence of a pony wall. The divider can replace a full wall and can partially open up the entryway to the living room or whatever space it leads into.{found on blueskybuildingcompany}.

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Closing off the entryway and turning it into its own separate room is something we’re sort of used with but that doesn’t mean we can’t change it. Consider delineating the entryway using a pony wall. You can install some open shelves or hooks on it for extra storage.{found on zeroenergy}.

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The division of functions in an open plan living area is usually done through furniture or with the help of area rugs and other accessories. The kitchen island is a very practical divider but if you want more privacy plus a bar you can use a pony wall.{found on risinger}.

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Another interesting idea is to use a pony wall as a frame for an entire living room entertainment center. You can see it exemplified in this family room which is also positioned lower than the dining space, hence the perfect combo of functions.{found on ras-a}.

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The island usually doubles as a divider between the kitchen and the rest of the open space but what about the living room and the dining area? These two spaces are rarely treated as two separate areas. They usually just blend seamlessly. If you’d like a clear separation between them,  a pony wall can definitely help you achieve that without interfering with the layout in an obvious way.{found on fbphotography}.

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Sometimes a pony wall just makes perfect sense. It can be the answer to all your problems related to layout and interior design, furniture placement and organization. Check out this lovely farmhouse living area. A pony wall is the only thing standing between the lounge space and the kitchen and somehow it just makes sense for it to be there.

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Pony walls can be of different types or styles, can be made of various different materials and can have different proportions. They can also double as a lot of things and can be decorated in all sorts of cool ways. For example, you can hang artwork or install light fixtures on them.