10 Ideas to Outfit Your Front Porch for Fall

I think Fall is my favorite season to decorate for, especially outdoors. While summer was made for stripes and ferns on the front porch, Fall is made for orange pumpkins and throw pillows. But sometime’s it’s easy to get in a decorating rut so your front porch looks like the rest of the front porches on your block. To avoid the repetition and create a Fall porch that is uniquely yours, take a look at these 10 ideas to outfit your front porch for Fall.

plaid blanketView in gallery

One of the easiest ways to change up a room is to change up the textiles. You’ve probably already got a throw pillow or a blanket on your front porch if you have a chair or a swing, right? So switch out your pillow covers or your blanket for something plaid. I mean full on tartan patterned glory. (via Stone Gable)

porch chalkboardView in gallery

Everybody loves a nice welcome when they arrive on your front porch. Use a chalkboard to say “Hello” or scrawl out a Fall quote or let the kids color it up. You’ll love the versatility and the friendly look. (via Cottage In The Oaks)

Front porch pumpkin numberView in gallery

If you’re going to have pumpkins on your front porch, you might as well make them work for your decorating good. Grab yourself some plastic house numbers the next time you’re at the hardware store and make a Fall pumpkin tower that will make even the mailman smile. (via Our Feathered Nest)

porch corn stalksView in gallery

It’s always wise to use the nature around you to decorate if you can. If you’re friends with a farmer, see if you can have a couple of his dried corn stalks to stand up on your front porch. All you need is a Jack-O-Lantern to complete the Fall picture. (via Thrifty Decor Chick)

wooden pumpkinsView in gallery

Maybe you’re looking for some decor that won’t rot away as quickly as pumpkins will. Make these wooden pumpkins from scrap wood and paint and they can stay beautiful on your porch all the way through Thanksgiving! (via Creative Me Inspired You)

porch lanternsView in gallery

As it gets dark earlier in the evening, it’s nice to have a little light on your porch for guests who are coming or going. While you could always just flip on the porch light, you could also display some glowing candles in glass lanterns. They’ll stay put unlike luminaries but have a more romantic feel than your front porch light. (via Crafting Chicks)

porch wreathView in gallery

Nothing says welcome more than a wreath on your front door. In the Autumn season, you have so many different wreath styles to choose from! Will you go for pumpkins or burlap or leaves or pinecones? (via Worthing Court)

burlap pillowView in gallery

Did I say burlap? I couldn’t help but include this lovely DIY burlap pillow that would be so perfect on your front porch. You can stencil this saying or “Welcome” or “Give Thanks” or “Gather”… or whatever words speak the most Fall to you. (via Opulent Cottage)

pumpkin flower potView in gallery

No, that’s not a real pumpkin. Collect one or two fake plastic pumpkins and cut a hole in the middle. Your potted mums will be more than happy to decorate their new space on your front porch. It’s definitely one of the ultimate Fall decor tips. (via I Heart Naptime)

scrap wood signView in gallery

Here’s another sweet way to put a greeting on your front porch! Hijack a pretty piece of scrap wood (brownie points if you got it from an old barn) and screw some letters on the front. Not only will it complete your Fall front porch decor, it will look great with your sparkly porch Christmas trees. But we won’t think about that yet… (via The Wood Grain Cottage)